AMC Update Tuesday 1/22/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 1/22/02

By Glynis

Opal and Hank go to SOS together. She hasn’t been at her best lately. He doesn’t care. The thing with Erica is getting her down. Hank would like to make her feel better. He wants to tell her something…Mateo and Simone arrive and he tells her that Hayley checked on him in the park to make sure that he was okay. Mateo has had it. Things are really bad now. He follows orders and Proteus calls things off. They don’t know what is going on. Chris shows up hearing that Mateo is tired of being screwed around by Proteus…Opal sees Palmer and thinks that he is stalking her. What is he doing there? He tells her that he came to find her. He is worried about Erica. She doesn’t think that there is anything that he can do about Erica getting in trouble. He loves her, they both do. Vanessa has been taking up all of his attention for a while. Palmer says that is going to stop. He asks about Erica. Hank watches from afar as the two talk…Chris, Mateo and Simone go to a table and Chris is drinking like crazy. Mateo wants to tell him some things. He never trusted Chris from the very start. Chris laughs at that…Opal goes back to Hank and he tells her that he thinks that he is falling in love with her…Mateo lays out the reasons why he never trusted Chris. He has assumed many roles since he has come to town. Chris doesn’t care what he thinks. Mateo wants the real story. This is a good time to get into it. Chris jumps in his face telling him to leave him alone. Mateo wants to see who Chris really is. He likes Mateo and he is sure that Mateo doesn’t really want to know whom Chris really is…Hank wants her to pick up and leave with him. She can’t do that because this is her home. He is going on tour and he will stay if that means being with her. She tells him to stop. It isn’t that she doesn’t feel the same as he does. He guesses that she has unfinished business with her ex-husband. He was a fool to ever let her go…Chris is really drunk now and can barely stand up. He does with Mateo’s help and he leaves the bar. Simone and Mateo have no idea what that was all about. He was talking about some boy. Mateo doesn’t think that Chris is Proteus at all. He only sees someone that is hurting real bad.

Ryan thinks to himself and has figured something out. He remembers talking to Chris about his parents. He gets his coat and leaves his room heading for his bike. He is going to get some answers. Kendall walks up and sees that he is mad as hell. He displays some anger and she stands there shocked at his behaviour. She warns him to keep it under control or he may end up in the same cell as her mother. She finds something of his on the floor and picks it up. He wants it returned immediately, but Kendall wants to play games. She tells him that if he wants it back, he will have to get it from her. With that, she slips it in her cleavage under her top. He snatches the picture from her telling her that the picture is of his mother. He heard Ryan and Chris yelling before. She had nothing better to do so she listened. She wants to know if Chris fessed up to knowing Ryan’s mother. He tells her to mind her own business. She wonders if his mother ever had a thing with Chris Stamp. He ducks that question and turns the tables on Kendall talking about Erica. He thinks that she hasn’t got the guts to put Erica away. She has had a lot of trouble in her life but she has paid for most of it. She turns the tables again on him talking of Chris. He tries to hide his feelings. He is poor angry Ryan who loves being mad. He tells her to go to hell. She tells him that he is every loser that she has ever met but at least she is not a coward.

Anna has risen and leaves the bedroom before David wakes. Once she is gone, David opens his eyes. He is aware of her every move.

Vanessa is over her chauffeur’s body. He had a lethal dose of something and he was supposed to be far away from there before he died. There is a knock on the door and she doesn’t know what to do. Anna is the one that is knocking and she thinks that no one is home. She likes that idea and she gets her tools out trying to jimmy the door open to get in. Inside, Vanessa is panicking thinking that she is going to get found with this dead body on the floor. Anna gets the door open and Vanessa leans against it telling her that she can’t come in. She plays the victim and manages to shut the door. Vanessa has to get this body in storage before anyone else comes in and finds it. She tries to pick up the body but ends up falling on the floor with it on top of her. She screams at the top of her lungs.

Dixie and Tad talk to JR about their separation. Dixie says that they are getting a divorce. Tad is being really cynical. He has found out that she is going to get a divorce with a quick plane ride. Tad thinks that she is the one that is willing not to fight anymore. He thinks that she is going on to a bigger and better life without him. This is not something that they can be done with. This is going to be painful for all of them. JR has to go. He is fine. His mother can do whatever she has to do. Life goes on. He is okay. He is meeting up with friends of his. He leaves and Dixie gets angry that Tad said all those things in front of their son. He likes the screaming and shouting but she doesn’t like that. Their lives together mean something. Tad tells her that she is not going to fly off by herself and end it. He tells her that she is going to stay there and end the marriage there.

Anna returns to David’s room and finds him up and waiting for her. They kiss and remember that they didn’t have dinner the night before. She is always sneaking out without saying where she is going. David was about to follow her. She suggests that he simply asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she went to see his mother. He wants to know more. What is she trying to find out about his mother? He threatens to tell his mother the secrets that she has. Chris thinks that Vanessa has information on Frankie. Seems like he doesn’t quite have all the information that he thinks that he needs. Anna just saw his mother. Anna thinks that Vanessa is cracking.

Anna and David arrive at Vanessa’s room and she tells them to go away. David pushes his way in and sees that the room is in disarray. She tells him that Larry was there and she was trying to end things and he got mad at her. She was afraid she says. She says that he grabbed her and hit her. He was too strong and she fell. She thought that she was bleeding. He ran out. She says that she never meant for any of this to happen and she would appreciate a little affection. Larry is bunched up in the closet behind Vanessa in a sitting position…He wants to go after Larry but Vanessa begs him not to. She gets him to sit with her and Anna and David looks at her head. She is not going to need stitches but she needs the cut in her head disinfected and he does that for her. She asks him to please stop attacking her. Anna sits by and watches this whole scene unfold. Palmer walks in asking what David and Anna are doing there. He heads straight to the closet and starts turning the knob. Vanessa jumps up screaming, "Palmer, don’t!"

David and Anna leave Vanessa’s room and they are happy that Larry has left her life. The crying that Vanessa did when they were there made her look psychotic. She is totally losing it. Anna thinks that Vanessa is in control of everything that she does and says. She is in control but is acting like she isn’t so that she can fool who is watching. She is a good con. She did a brilliant job. When Palmer came in, that was bizarre. She was on the verge of hysteria and all of a sudden, it was gone. Anna is sure that this whole thing was an act and they don’t know why. If she is right, there is something behind this. A good con never lets herself get into that state without a reason. David goes to his phone telling someone that he needs to talk to that person that night about Vanessa.

Palmer is with Vanessa and he is telling her that he is tired and would like to go to sleep. She wants him to stay up with her. She tells him that she is in the mood. Palmer is not feeling perky. He tells her that he is going to see Erica and that she should go to bed and not wait up for him. He leaves and she is glad. She goes into the other room and Palmer returns forgetting that he wanted to bring his scarf with him. He heads to the closet.


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