AMC Update Monday 1/21/02


All My Children Update Monday 1/21/02

By Lori

Vanessa is in her room needing to make a call but Greenlee is there disrupting her plans. Vanessa tries to get rid of Greenlee but she doesn't budge. She wants Vanessa to know how miserable she is making Leo's life. Vanessa tries to call security to get Greenlee thrown out but Greenlee rips the phone out of the wall. Greenlee suspects Vanessa is waiting for her lover chauffeur to arrive, which makes her even more determined to stay. Vanessa is nervous because she has a 7 p.m. deadline to carry out her plans and it is almost 7.

Mateo is still at the park waiting for the pay phone to ring. He is talking on a headset with Simone, who is in a nearby car. Simone is worried that Proteus is going to harm Mateo. A man approaches to use the pay phone. Mateo tells him to get lost and he gives him a $100 bill. Simone suspects that Proteus told Mateo to be there at 7 because the bells from a nearby church would ring at 7 and that would drown out the sound of gunshots. The bells ring and a man comes from behind and puts a gun to Mateo's head. Mateo calls Proteus name but the gunman doesn't know who that is. Mateo looks and sees the man at the pay phone. The man says if Mateo had $100 in his wallet, he surely has more and he wants it. Mateo flips the man and gets the gun, scaring him away.

Greenlee finally leaves Vanessa's room but it is too late for Vanessa to carry out her plans. She calls the pay phone and Mateo hears the voice of Proteus saying, "not tonight." She calls Larry and leaves a message telling him the plans changed and he is not to go to her room. But he doesn't get the message and shows up anyway. Soon Larry is not feeling so well. He bends over and is in pain. He tells Vanessa to call 911. She says it wouldn't do any good because he would be dead before help arrived. She tells him he was to kill Mateo that night then he was to succumb to a fatal heart attack. Larry realized Vanessa was killing him and he drops to the floor, dead.

Mateo is frustrated that nothing happened and he gets into Simone's car. Simone kisses him and tells him he probably wonders where that came from. Before he can say anything Mateo's phone rings and Hayley is calling.

Leo and Bianca are at Leo's apartment talking about the missing page from the book of sonnets. Bianca gets on the Internet and looks up the missing sonnet. She reads it out loud. Leo doesn't understand it but it means something to Bianca. The two spirits mentioned in the sonnet are like Frankie, who she thinks was being pulled in two different directions. She says she thinks Frankie was trying to come to grips with being bisexual or gay and she cut the page from the book because she thought it was too revealing. Greenlee arrives home and Bianca leaves. Greenlee tells Leo that she went to his mother to defend him. He is proud of her. Greenlee says Vanessa was waiting for Larry to arrive and was acting real strange. She thinks Vanessa is losing it.

Bianca is home sleeping now. She dreams about seeing a picture of a butterfly. She then sees the same butterfly on a shirt worn by a dead Frankie. She wakes up and is disturbed.

Chris is in Ryan's room trying to explain why he was so stern in his cross-examination of Kendall. Ryan says he doesn't care about Kendall and wonders why Chris cares how Ryan thinks about him. Ryan wants Chris out of his room, making no secret that he hates him for killing his father. Chris is perplexed because he knew Ryan hated his father, but Ryan says he cares because how his father treated his mother. Chris says Ryan's mother had her own problems, prompting Ryan to ask him if he knew his mother. Chris covers and leaves, telling Ryan he won't be back. Outside, Chris gets a call from the person he asked to get information about Ryan. Chris learns Ryan was born on Jan. 18, 1974. "Damn you woman," he says to himself. Ryan is inside looking at a picture of his mother. On the back is written "Stamp of approval."

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