AMC Update Friday 1/18/02


All My Children Update Friday 1/18/02

By Lori

Mr. Lacey and Val from Enchantment are in Greenlee's apartment while Leo is laying on the floor. Greenlee is very concerned about Leo. Lacey refers to Leo as being drunk, prompting Greenlee to call him a "pompous jerk." Greenlee says Leo was hurt and is on painkillers. Greenlee apologizes to Lacey, but he is angry. He says he regrets resuming his business relationship with Enchantment and will no longer associate with the company until Erica returns. He says he will not do business with irresponsible children.

Chris is sternly cross-examining Kendall on the witness stand. He asks her if taking the oath to tell the truth means anything to her. He calls her a liar who is only interested in ruining Erica. He asks Kendall about her adoption and why she wanted to find Erica. Kendall says she wanted to know who her birth mother was. Chris notes that Kendall's adoptive parents loved her and set aside 10 percent of their income to make sure she could go to college. He says Erica wanted the best for Kendall when she gave her up for adoption. He asks her what horrible thing Erica did to make her hate her so much. He asks Kendall questions about Erica's personal life, like when is her birthday. Kendall does not know. Chris wonders, then, why Erica would trust Kendall with her deepest secret and admit to killing Frankie. He asks her why, if Erica is smart enough to run a business like Enchantment, would she allow the existence of such evidence as a $50,000 check. Kendall does not know how to answer his questions. She simply responds she doesn't know. Jack is objecting to Chris's line of questioning but Chris continues. He asks Kendall where she was on the night Frankie was killed. Kendall says she didn't kill anyone, unlike him, who kills for profit. Chris looks to the back of the courtroom and glares at Ryan, realizing Ryan must have told her he killed Ryan's father. Chris asks that Kendall's comment be stricken from the record and the judge agrees. Jack gets one last crack at questioning Kendall and she repeats that Erica confessed to killing Frankie. She leaves the witness stand and goes into the hall, where she says to herself, "It was worth it."

Chris and Jack give their closing arguments to the jury, with Chris calling Frankie a promiscuous drug dealer. It is too much for Bianca, who walks out of the courtroom clutching her book of sonnets from Frankie. The judge then excuses the jury to begin deliberations.

Mateo tells Proteus he is ready to find out who he is supposed to kill. He says he'll kill whoever Proteus tells him to kill. Vanessa, speaking on her cell phone in a basement warehouse, tells Mateo she is not simply going to tell him over the phone. He is to go to the park by the pay phone at 7 p.m. and wait for a call. Mateo agrees but wants to ask Proteus some questions. He wonders why Proteus selected him. Vanessa starts talking about Mateo's relationship with Hayley, saying they are quite different from each other. Hayley, who is listening, gets out a piece of paper and writes something to Mateo. Mateo sees her note and tells Vanessa he has another question. "How does a woman like you get so good at reading men?" he asks. Vanessa appears startled to hear Mateo refer to Proteus as a woman. She tells him he can play his little games to determine Proteus' gender. She says she may or may not be a man or a woman. Vanessa hangs up her phone. Mateo tells her that was a brilliant question and Hayley says Proteus sounded like a jealous woman. Vanessa seems worried, but she tells herself there is no need to panic. Everything is still under control. She says after tonight, all her problems will be solved. Larry walks into the room and Vanessa tells him he is going to be busy tonight. He kisses her. After having sex, he leaves. Vanessa tells herself that she won't miss Larry that much.

Leo is downtrodden. He is concerned about his mother. He tells Greenlee that his mother's life is completely empty. Before he could laugh at her lifestyle but it's not a joke anymore. Leo wonders what if he is just like her. Greenlee assures him he is not like Vanessa. But Leo is still upset, he thinks he ruined the Lacey's deal for Greenlee. Later, Leo goes to sleep and Greenlee goes to see Vanessa. "What the hell are you trying to do," Greenlee demands as she pushes herself into Vanessa's room.

Leo is awakened by a knock on the door. It is Bianca. She tells Leo she could no longer listen to the trial testimony. She sees Leo is hurt and apologizes for barging in on him. They sit down and Bianca talks about the book of sonnets. She says she keeps holding it thinking it will bring her close to Frankie. She says it is strange to think that Frankie would give her a book from Shakespeare. She opens it and sees that a page has been cut out.

Kendall returns to the Pine Cone Motel, where she is in Ryan's room talking to him. They continue their bickering. Ryan calls her a stinking little brat who was upset her mother didn't love her. He orders her out of his room. She leaves but returns with the package from Ryan's mother. She says at least she is not afraid to open a care package from her mother. Ryan tells Kendall to stay out of his life and she leaves angrily. Ryan tries to ignore the package and read a book, but he ends up throwing the book against the wall and opening the package. Inside are some letters, jewelry and photos. He looks at a photo of two little boys and out of the back of the frame falls another picture. Ryan looks at it.

Mateo goes to the park and waits by the pay phone.

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