AMC Update Thursday 1/17/02


All My Children Update Thursday 1/17/02

By Suzanne

Greenlee fusses over Leo, who is in pain from his beating but trying not to show it. She brings him breakfast on a tray.  He suggests that she go get ready for work, but she wants to stay home and take care of him.  Things are a bit uncomfortable as they argue about it.  Greenlee insists on staying and cancels her appointment.

Mateo tells Hayley that he finds out today who Proteus wants to kill.

Chris visits Erica in jail.  She asks him if she's lost him.

Kendall sneaks into Ryan's room wearing nothing but a shirt.  He wakes up and catches her lifting his wallet (didn't this just happen a few months ago with Mia?).  She lies that she knocked and he didn't answer.  She says she was looking for a razor.  He is wearing just his underwear so things are sexually charged between them, even though they don't like each other.  Kendall says then that really she was just going to borrow some money because she hasn't been able to get her ATM card to work.  They argue some more.  He can't figure her out.  She doesn't like owing anyone but asks him for the money anyway.  He says he'll take her on his motorcycle.  She keeps fighting with him.  They argue about her testimony against Erica.  He points out that she should be scared since Chris is going to cross-examine her today.  She denies it.

Chris doesn't want to get into it with Erica about how mad he is.  He just wants to concentrate on her defense.  He makes her promise not to have any more outbursts in the courtroom.  He asks her to looked "pained, saddened" while he goes after Kendall.  She seems surprised that he's going to do that.  He wonders what she thought he would do.  Erica says she's sorry that she made things difficult for him.  She says that she knows now that changing her plea in the middle of the case was bad.  He is left with self-defense now.  She says she likes it when he says "we".  He wants her to tell him everything she knows about Kendall.  She says she is the last person who would know.

Leo keeps trying to get Greenlee to go to the office; he wants to be supportive.  He reminds her that she threw it in his face about how Jake was so supportive of her career.  They get into a minor tiff.  They can't stop fighting so they decide just to sit quietly.  Leo kisses her.

Mateo and Hayley are meeting on the beach.  He says this wasn't a good idea.  They discuss who they think Proteus might want him to kill.  Hayley thinks it might be her.

Greenlee stops Leo from making love to her because he has to rest his pulled groin.  He says that maybe she should go to the office rather than hanging around and tempting him.  She finally agrees to go and reschedules her meeting.

Erica says the things she has to say about Kendall, her own child, make her ill.  She says that Kendall thinks that because Erica put her up for adoption, that she's inhuman.  She doesn't care that Erica was raped and only 14 years old.  She says she knows that Chris can't understand because he doesn't have any children.  Chris remembers Kendall saying that he and Ryan are "two of a kind".  Erica takes his distraction to mean that he's judging Erica for giving Kendall up.  He gets testy and says he thinks about other things besides her.  They get ready to leave for court.

Ryan tells Kendall that he knows she deliberately came in there and made noise to wake him up.  He thinks she purposely wanted to fight with him so she would be all charged up and ready for the trial.  He knows she has plenty of cab fare.  Kendall gets annoyed at his insight and starts calling him names.  He makes fun of her for being nervous before the trial and says that she should be scared because Chris has killed a man.  Kendall is shocked.  Ryan tells her that Chris killed his father.  He regrets saying that and won't tell her more.  He just says that he wanted to let her know that Chris is not "Mr. Warm and Fuzzy".  This is about Chris, not her.  He doesn't like the way Chris treats people.  Kendall gets annoyed and say some more mean things; Ryan tells her that he doesn't like her.  When he brings up Erica's trial, Kendall says, "She's not my mother, ok? She had me, she dumped me, she never wanted me back -- end of story! "  Ryan doesn't care about her hard luck story, so Kendall realizes that Ryan's father wasn't so hot, either.  She is about to leave when he tells her if she waits, he'll give her a ride.  She wonders why he wants to go.  He says he wants to see who cracks first, her or Stamp.

Leo admires Greenlee's corporate outfit.  She leaves and he curses Jake.  He groans loudly and Greenlee comes running back in.  She calls him a liar for trying to fool her.  She asks why he won't let her take care of him.  He doesn't want to burden her.  Greenlee insists that he takes the pain pills that David gave him.  In fact, she forces them down his throat and makes him swallow.  LOL!  Greenlee gets an idea about how she can do both work and take care of him.

Mateo doesn't think Proteus will want him to kill Hayley, since she's the mother of his child.  Hayley isn't so sure.  He tells her to be cool and that everything will okay.  He wants her to be strong for Lorenzo.  She reminds him that Enzo needs both of them.  Mateo promises that they will be together again.  Then he suddenly tells her not to move or say a word.  A man walks by and they say "good morning".  Mateo and Hayley relax again after he's gone.  Hayley tells Mateo that she understands why he's done what he's done.  She finds it hard to leave him.

Later, Greenlee is helping Leo with his tie.  He's babbling a bit but she doesn't seem to notice.  She thinks he's just trying to help her relax.  She is trying to unpacked a catered lunch that she got for when her assistant and the client, Mr. Lacey, get there.  She puts on some music.  She tries to talk to Leo but he starts dancing and kissing the pillow.  She still doesn't realize that he's completely stoned on the drug.  The doorbell rings so she asks Leo to get it while she finishes touching up her makeup.  (They stole this whole scene from an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show, by the way!)  Leo lets them in and acts very silly.  He tells Mr. Lacey, "I used to do your daughter, remember?" and gives him a big hug.  Val, Greenlee's assistant, is shocked, and so is Mr. Lacey.

Bianca stands outside the courtroom with Opal and Myrtle.  They comment on how many people and reporters are there.  Bianca wishes she could see Erica beforehand and tell her that she loves her.  She wishes she could remember more of that night, but Opal tries to distract her.  Kendall enters with reporters following.  Ryan fends off the reporters for her.

Chris talks to a reporter about Kendall, saying that no one wants to her about how no one wants "to hear another sob story about how someone's life was ruined because their childhood wasn't like something out of a sitcom. Talk about not taking personal responsibility for your own bad behavior".  Ryan comes up and says that Chris would know about that.  Chris asks if Ryan has a problem he'd like to discuss.  Ryan says he just wants to see justice in motion.  Ryan says some things about Kendall and Chris.  Erica asks Chris if he spoke with Kendall, just as court is called into session.

Chris starts his cross-examination.  He wants to make sure that Kendall knows what "truth" means.

Rudoph Lacey wants to know if Leo's behavior is some kind of joke.  Greenlee comes out and wants to know why he seems upset.  She is puzzled at first but hears Leo talk about Rudy's daughter in an odd way.  After telling Greenlee that someone stole his knees, Leo collapses.

Hayley tells Mateo that she can't do this.  Mateo promises that this won't drag on much longer (thank goodness!).  After some more assurances, Mateo gets the call from Proteus.  Vanessa/Proteus asks him if he's ready to kill.


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