AMC Update Wednesday 1/16/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 1/16/02

By Glynis

Chris is dragging Anna to the beach and she is pissed as ever. He brought her down there so that no one would hear them talking. She hates him ordering her around. She tries to fight him and he stops her and holds her telling her that she has to help him. He lets her go telling her that if she helps him it will be worth her while. She agrees to do that. She was to help him with the Proteus case. He feels that she has been spending time with David and he needs her for another case. She is interested in that. The case that he has for her will send her away but she would like to have something that is a little more local. She would like to be the Chief of Police. She has experience and Chris tells her that request shouldnít be a problem. HE wants her to start an investigation about Frankie. She has been looking at the case from one angle and he canít use his gut yet. The only person that has familiarity with Frankie is Vanessa and he would like Anna to get close to Vanessa. Anna wonders how she can make a bond with Vanessa.

Vanessa comes to talk to David and she isnít sure what she is doing there. Maybe he is mad that his mother had sex with the chauffeur. He is mad because Leo was beat up by the chauffeur. He is shocked to find out that she knew about this and that is all. He is still working for her and David canít understand that. She thinks that she can control him. David tells her that he is going to take care of this. He tells her that she is going to do as he tells her or her life as she knows it is going to be over. She should be worried about her son. There are 2 issues. What happened to Leo and what happened to Davidís research? She is just a pathetic woman trying to stay young. She has ruined his life. He tells her that she is a loser as a mother and a bigger joke as a human being. She is so shallow. Her act used to be entertaining but now it is only embarrassing. She hasnít had a thought for anyone but herself. David has spent his entire life trying to make something meaningful of his life. What can he do to her she thinks. David tells her that it is easy to make people think that she is out of her mind. He threatens to have her committed if she screws up one more time.

Opal is feeling guilty having a good time with hank while Erica sits in jail. Hank finds her smart and beautiful and strong. Just talking to her makes him feel good. Hank seems to be trying to say something to her. He thinks that being loved by her would be the most wonderful thing in the world. That surprises her. She thinks that he is grieving for his wife still. He tries to lighten the mood. Palmer comes up to their table and tells Opal that he has to talk to her now and that it is importantÖOpal goes with him to another table and she answers his questions about Vanessa. He leaves thanking her for talking with him. Hank comes back to sit with Opal. The heart doesnít play by the rules. Hank wants to give her something that he has wanted to give her for a while. It is a song and he is going to sing it right at that moment for her. Palmer is at the bar and hasnít left yet. He watches as Opal and Hank talk quietly between themselves.

Ryan thought that Kendall was being murdered and so he comes over to her room. She says that she is fine and tells him to get out of her room. He could see that she was having a nightmare so maybe her plans to hurt Erica werenít as fun as she thought that they would be. She tells him that this day has been the best day of her life. Chris shows up and Kendall can see that Ryan and Chris as 2 of a kind. She finds them both to be doing their white knight routine. Chris is mysteriously silent. Chris thinks that he is wasting his time there trying to convince Kendall not to hurt her mother so he leaves. Ryan tells her that she is obnoxious and rude. Someone comes in and tells them to hold the noise down. He is the manager of the inn and he delivers a package to Ryan. Who is it from?

David is with Anna in his room. She is not asking a bunch of questions for once. She says that she doesn't want to pry. He tells her that Larry the chauffeur beat up on Leo. Leo found out that Vanessa was sleeping with Larry and he beat up on Leo. David shouldnít have taken that out on her. She wants him to make that up to her. She tells him that she is up for a new job as Chief of Police. Part of her getting that job is because of an assignment that she hasÖVanessa is listening in on Davidís conversation with Anna and she learns that Anna will be investigating Vanessa. Anna tells him that she canít tell him why she is investigating Vanessa. She canít tell him why she is doing that but it seems that there is more to Vanessa than meets the eye. What did Chris say about his mother? Chris said that maybe the air head routine is an act and Vanessa is hiding something.

Chris thinks back to his conversations with Ryan about his father. He remembers Ryan talking to Mia about finding his father and Chrisí surprise at hearing that. He gets on the phone, "It is meÖI want you to run a background check on Ryan Lavery"


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