AMC Update Tuesday 1/15/02


All My Children Update Thursday 1/15/02

By Glynis

Erica is in jail pacing and wearing that ridiculous orange suit they make prisoners wear. She gets a visit from Chris. She tells him that she is sorry. He opens his arms to her and she runs to him. He tells her that she can trust him with her life so she should give it up and tell him what really happened the night that Frankie died. Erica tries to run from him but he holds her and tells her to tell him the truth finally. She tries to hold up her game but he is not falling for it. She used him while he was defending her. She was doing her own little dance. His eyes are open now. He sees things for what they are worth. He tells her to give this up. The night that Frankie died was a long time ago. She wasn’t thinking then. She was very upset. That is what she said anyway. What a performance. He remembers coming there and having her say that Frankie was dead when she got there. She changed her story then saying that she shot her in self-defense. Who is she? Now Kendall says that Erica offered her $50,000 to split the country. Chris demands the truth now. "Did you kill Frankie Stone?" She is crying now. She is so sorry. That is all that she can say. He doesn’t believe that she is sorry at all. He calls for the guard and tells them to get him out of there and lock the door after him. Opal comes in and hears Chris leaving with an attitude. She watches her friend cry and she knows that it finally has happened. Chris has quit on her. He wanted the truth and Erica couldn’t give that to him. She couldn’t betray her daughter. Was she wrong? Opal knows that Erica went to Kendall to make sure that she would be stabbed in the back but Erica feels that she has had no choice in the matter. Her back was up against the wall. She has to be sure that she is the one that suffers for this so that Bianca can get on with her life. That is the only thing that she has to hold on to.

Kendall shows Jack the check that Erica gave her to leave the country. He warns her that she is going to be looked at very carefully. She is no one’s hero. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. Jack is not sure that is true. She says that she is there to see that justice is done. Jack looks tired. This must not be a picnic for him. He doesn’t want to be the one that puts the noose around Erica’s neck. Kendall doesn’t mind being the one that does that. Why does Kendall have that chip on her shoulder still? Kendall just remembers her dumping her the minute that she was born. She didn’t want Kendall and so she was thrown into the reject pile. Jack is sorry that she feels that way. She is pitiful though. Jack knows that Erica doesn’t like spending her time thinking that she may have to go to jail for the rest of her life. Kendall thinks that somehow, Erica is going to find a way to get out of this but this time Kendall is going to try to make sure that her mother doesn’t get away with murder.

Anna is at the hospital and David and Jake go to talk outside her room. Jake has some questions about a folder. The guys in accounting have found some figures to do with his department. David is thousands of dollars over his budget. David says that he knows nothing of this. Jake tells him that he has to give an itemized list of his expenses. Anna comes out of the room and they all hear Greenlee calling for help. She has brought Leo in for an examination. David takes him into the room and Greenlee goes to Jake. Anna listens to them talk hearing that Leo was beaten. It looks like the work of a professional…David looks at his brother in the examination room and Leo tells him that he was beat up by Vanessa’s chauffeur. David can’t believe that. He checks Leo’s eyes. Leo thinks that the chauffeur is more than he appears. He has no broken bones but he should stay away from Larry. David avoids talking to Vanessa but she is in a weird place lately…Outside, Greenlee can’t believe that Leo was beat up by some professional thug. She must think so too. Jake tells her that she should be careful of what she is exposed to. He is still vulnerable to her and wants nothing to happen to her. He leaves before he says something that he will regret. He bumps into Anna who tells Jake that David is under some sort of pressure. He asks her questions that she feels are none of his business. Jake tells her that if she sticks with David she is going to regret it. She makes a note of that and leaves. Greenlee goes into the examination room and learns that Leo has some injuries that are not terribly bad. He just has to be careful not to strain his muscles. David tells them that there is to be no sex for a week. He is to go to bed and do nothing for 7 days. He will talk to his brother about the other problem once Leo is feeling better. David leaves the room to find Anna there. She is curious but David will not talk. Inside the exam room Leo tells her to cheer up. She tells him that there are going to go home and on the way he can tell her the real reason for his getting hurt.


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