AMC Update Monday 1/14/02


All My Children Update Monday 1/14/02

By Lori

Kendall, testifying in Erica's murder trial, says Erica hated Frankie and wanted her dead. Chris objects to Kendall's entire testimony and asks for a mistrial. He says Kendall is perjuring herself to get revenge against Erica. The judge refuses Chris's requests, telling him he'll get a chance to cross-examine Kendall. Jack asks Kendall how she feels about her mom. "I have never hated anyone more," she says. Kendall says she hadn't heard from her mother since 1995 and was floored when Erica called her. She says that Erica wanted her help to get a false passport, a slush fund and an escape out of the country. She says she felt touched by Erica's request for help until Erica offered to pay her. Jack produces a check that Kendall says Erica signed to give her. Kendall says the $50,000 check prompted her to call Jack's office. Even if the check were $5 million, she would have done the same because she felt used by Erica, Kendall tells the court. Erica appears defeated and holds her heads in her hands. Bianca rises and accuses Kendall of lying, but Kendall says she is telling the truth. Bianca runs out. Erica tries to follow her but Chris stops her, telling her she's now going to need a miracle. Court is recessed for the day and Kendall taunts Erica, telling her she's finally going to lose. Chris questions Erica about Kendall's testimony and Erica tells him that she did indeed call her and write her a check. She asks Chris what he expected ? for her to spend the rest of her life in prison? Chris is disgusted and tells the bailiff to take Erica away.

Brooke questions Laura about her comment to Edmund that she'd rather be dead than include him in discussions about her personal issues. Laura says she didn't mean it, it was just a figure of speech. Brooke tells Laura she must stop testing her love unless she wants to wreck their relationship the way she wrecked her marriage. Laura is upset that her mother thinks that her marriage failed because of her. Laura reminds Brooke that Leo is the one who never loved her. Brooke tells her that she didn't give Leo any chances to grow in his love for her. Laura made Leo her entire world and pushed him away by her behavior, Brooke tells her. Brooke tells her daughter about her own history with failed relationships and says she is happy to have a second chance with Edmund. She says she wants a future with Edmund. Laura is softening and admits that she screwed up her life. She says after she got her new heart, she wanted everything and if anything got in her way, tough. Laura says there is something she sees she needs to do.

Simone calls Edmund to report that Mateo is missing. Simone says Hayley is frantic and is about to accuse Chris or someone else of being Proteus. Hayley is at the courthouse with Vanessa, who is trying to console her and get her to tell her what is wrong. Vanessa asks if Hayley is upset about Mateo, telling her that keeping things inside never helps. Hayley appears that she wants to tell Vanessa what is really going on but she does not. She tells Vanessa that Mateo is an idiot who left her.

Mateo is alone in a cement room full of boxes. He tries to figure out where he is when he hears someone trying to enter the room. He grabs a chair and hides, ready to hit anyone who enters with the chair. It is Leo and Greenlee. Mateo threatens them with the chair and they can't figure out what is wrong with him. Mateo is suspicious of them and asks them who sent them there. Greenlee reports that they are in an Enchantment warehouse that is going to be torn down. No one sent them. She is there on business. Mateo puts the chair down and leaves without explaining his behavior. Leo and Greenlee are baffled. Mateo goes to SOS, where Simone and Edmund are discussing him. Edmund tells Mateo that Hayley is at the courthouse and threatens to do some damage to their cause. Mateo goes to the courthouse and finds Hayley. She appears relieved to see him but continues playing like she hates him. They pretend they are in court for a divorce hearing. She tells Mateo she is going to take everything from him. Edmund takes them into a private room, where they drop the act and embrace. Mateo reports that he was in an Enchantment warehouse to which Chris and Roger would have access. Mateo says he still doesn't know who Proteus is and in fact has dug himself in deeper. He tells Hayley that the only way he was released from Proteus was to say he would kill someone. Hayley can't believe he would make such an agreement but Mateo says he would not be there if he did not. Mateo promises Hayley that he would learn who Proteus is and they would get their life back by Valentine's Day.

Greenlee and Leo are in the warehouse looking around when Greenlee tells Leo he should be home resting. Leo says he's fine and they kiss. His cell phone rings. It is Laura. She wants him to come over so she can talk to him. Leo says they shouldn't be in contact but he agrees to go see her. Greenlee says she will go along. When they get to Brooke's house, they are greeted by Laura, who says she wants to make peace and wants to be friends. Greenlee laughs, disbelievingly. In front of them, Laura rips up the lawsuit she filed against Greenlee. She asks to talk to Leo alone. They walk to another area of the room and Laura tells Leo she is leaving town to take control of her life. She is going to a place where people go after health problems give them a new lease on life. Leo congratulates her on her decision. Greenlee approaches to find out what's going on. Laura tells her the news, adding "I'll always hate the sight of your face." Leo and Greenlee leave. A gleeful Greenlee jumps on Leo and he is in obvious physical pain. He covers, telling her he is fine. But after she turns away it is clear he is hurting. Edmund arrives and Laura apologizes for being rude to him. She leaves. Brooke tells Edmund that Laura is leaving town.

While Kendall talks to news reporters about her testimony against Erica, Erica is taken back to jail. Wearing her well-fitted orange jail jumpsuit, she sits on the bed and buries her head in her hands. Then she looks up and says, "I knew I could count on you Kendall."

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