AMC Update Friday 1/11/02


All My Children Update Friday 1/11/02

By Lori

Brooke tells Edmund something is wrong with Laura and she is worried. Brooke says she left messages for Laura at her apartment and went over there looking for her but she had not been home. Brooke, thinking about Laura's heart condition, wonders where she could be. Just then Laura walks into Brooke's home and Brooke hugs her. Laura says she started driving toward Ohio and stayed in a hotel. She apologizes for worrying Brooke. Brooke leaves to fix Laura something to eat. Edmund tells Laura she should be aware of how much she means to her mother. Laura dismisses Edmund's comments. "You don't like me very much anymore," Edmund says to her. Laura has no response. Edmund then asks Laura if she wants her mother to be happy. Brooke, who has returned to the room, hears this. Brooke asks Laura if she wants waffles, but Laura says she's no longer hungry and is intruding. She gets up to leave. Brooke stops her and says she wants to say something. "Your boyfriend hates me," Laura says as she moves for the door. "Laura stop this," Brooke says, asking her daughter if she wants her to be happy. Laura says of course she wants her mother to be happy. Brooke has given her everything, she says, even though she was adopted. Brooke asks her if she thinks she loves her less because she's adopted. Laura doesn't know. Brooke reassures Laura how much she loves her. Brooke says Laura is strong, talented and is a survivor. Laura calls that a crock and notes that Brooke has Edmund now. "I guess we don't need each other anymore," Laura says as she opens the door to leave. Brooke shuts the door and tells Laura she's not leaving until she's finished with her. Brooke says she shouldn't have to choose between Laura and Edmund. Brooke tells Laura she is living destructively and is undoing all her natural gifts. "How shrinky," Laura says sarcastically. Edmund pipes in, telling Laura to listen to her mother. Laura says she would rather die than talk about this in front of Edmund.

Kendall is in her room at the Pine Cone Motel getting ready for her testimony when Myrtle knocks on the door. She is there to warn Kendall not to defame Erica on the stand. Kendall opens her door and orders Myrtle out and calls her a pain. Ryan is walking by and witnesses this. He goes into Kendall's room and demands she apologize to Myrtle. Kendall will not. Myrtle tells her she is exactly the same person she was when she came to Pine Valley several years ago. She asks Kendall why she is there but Kendall says it's a surprise. Myrtle asks Kendall where Del is but Kendall doesn't answer. Myrtle asks Kendall if she still has her doll and again Kendall doesn't answer. Before she leaves, Myrtle says Erica is like a daughter to her and she orders Kendall not to harm her. "Does anyone like you?" Ryan asks Kendall. They bicker and he calls her a "class bitch from hell." Ryan tells Kendall he has done research and knows everything about her. He asks her what she wants from Erica but she tells him to drop dead.

Erica sits alone in a jail cell when Opal arrives with her makeup bag. Opal asks Erica if she's sure her plan is going to work. Erica wonders if Opal has seen Chris. Erica fears she has pushed Chris too far. She says she's worried that he's too smart and is figuring out what she's trying to do. Just then, Chris arrives and asks Erica what she's talking about. Erica tries to cover but Chris says he knows she's keeping something from him. He asks her why she went to the Pine Cone to see Kendall and Erica says she simply wanted to know what Kendall was going to say on the witness stand. Chris says Erica is telling him lies and half truths and it's especially painful because she claims to love him. He says she's condemning herself to a life in prison and he won't allow it to happen. He storms off.

Later, Erica is brought to the courthouse and Myrtle is waiting for her. Myrtle says she tried to talk to Kendall to figure out what she was going to say but couldn't get anything out of her. Chris arrives. He apologizes for getting angry at her. Jack arrives and passes them in the hallway without saying a word. Chris and Erica enter the courtroom. They talk about Kendall's testimony. Chris wonders what does Kendall have to say to the jury about Erica but Erica seems to know nothing.

Simone tells Hayley that Mateo is missing and Hayley gets very worried. Hayley takes Simone to the courthouse to look for Chris. Hayley says Chris might be Proteus and she wants to ask him where Mateo is. Simone tells Hayley she cannot do that because it would blow their cover. Chris walks out of the courtroom and Hayley rushes to him. Simone won't let Hayley confront him. Simone tells Chris that Hayley is looking for help to get Mateo back. After Chris walks away, Simone tells Hayley she doesn't believe Chris is Proteus. If he is Proteus, why would he be at the courthouse helping Erica. Simone promises to look for Mateo.

Mateo is shown laying unconscious in a cement room surrounded by cardboard boxes. After he wakes up, he hears the altered voice of Proteus piped into the room. Proteus says Mateo cannot justify such betrayal. His usefulness has expired and he must die. Mateo says he can explain. He made a mistake and he's an idiot but he can be trusted. But Proteus will not trust thieves. Mateo says he'll do anything to prove his loyalty, just give him another chance. Proteus says maybe there is a way. How far will Mateo go to prove his loyalty? To save his life, will he take another life? Vanessa is seen speaking to Mateo on her cell phone from the courthouse. Vanessa tells Mateo he must kill or be killed. Mateo says he'll do it. Vanessa tells him that is a wise decision and she will be in touch. Just then Vanessa sees Hayley on her phone frantically searching for Mateo. Vanessa approaches Hayley to offer her comfort and Hayley seems confused by Vanessa's gestures.

Kendall arrives in court and takes the stand to testify against Erica. Under questioning by Jack, she says Erica contacted her looking for help. Kendall says Erica wanted her to set up a slush fund, get a fake passport and a private jet so she could escape if she was convicted. Kendall says Erica hated Frankie and wanted her dead. Gasps are heard from the spectators.

Ryan enters Kendall's room because her alarm clock is going off. He pulls the cord from the wall and walks toward the door. He stops when he sees something on the chair. He picks up a doll and looks at it questioningly.

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