AMC Update Thursday 1/10/02


All My Children Update Thursday 1/10/02

By Glynis

Edmund has been having a great time with Brooke and they don’t want their time to end. They have their families to take care of so they have to end their time together. They walk into the living room looking for their kids and they find no kids but a big array of food and cards that the kids have made for them to enjoy together. They turn on a tape machine and hear Phoebe talking telling them that she and the kids are off for the night. Phoebe has been trying to get the two together and she has finally done it. That night is theirs. They start with a little kissing. Phoebe’s voice is still talking and she urges them to go ahead and get together. How long have they been planning this? They decide to make a toast. Brooke toasts to love that just gets better. The glasses clink and they take a drink. Edmund was going to say the same thing. Phoebe’s voice comes out again. She introduces the next song. It was the same song that Langley played for her when he proposed marriage to her. Brooke hears the song and remembers that Phoebe used to play this song all the time and she never knew why. "You…do…something…to…me…" Edmund is about to talk and Brooke stops him. "Don’t you say a word."

Leo is in the park alone when the chauffeur that Vanessa has been seeing walks in. Leo tells him that he wants to talk to him. He knows that the chauffeur has been sleeping with his mother. Vanessa has been making questionable judgements lately. Leo tells him that his mother has a history of getting in over her head and then trying to get Leo to get her out of it. The chauffeur tells him to back off because he is way out of his league. Leo tells him that the last person in the chauffeur’s position ended up dead. The chauffeur doesn’t care what he says. He is not afraid of Leo. Leo would be smart to do that. Leo tells him that all he is going to do is have good times that go nowhere. Leo is not going to give this up. The man stands behind Leo and takes a billy club out of his pocket. He hits Leo hard in the back of the head and knocks him out for not staying out of his life.

Vanessa is in her car on the phone telling someone that she is expecting a delivery that better be on time. Just then Laura gets in Vanessa’s car and slams the door. She has an offer for Vanessa and she is sure that Vanessa as greedy and cold as she is will not want to pass this up. Laura knows that Vanessa will go along with Laura’s plan when she hears the offer. Laura has been thinking and she is willing to pay Vanessa if she helps destroy Greenlee. Laura wants to do something that will make Greenlee lose Leo and she wants everyone to know about it. Laura needs her crushed. Vanessa knows no one as ridiculous as Laura. If Vanessa wants her son to get his settlement she will help. Vanessa is not interested and tells Laura to run along. Leo and Laura are still married and Laura can make his life a living hell. Vanessa tells her that if she crosses Leo, she will be very sorry. She orders Laura to get out of Leo’s life painfully and fast. Laura finds her horrible. Vanessa orders out of the car and she opens the door and shoves Laura out to get that done. The chauffeur returns telling her that he was with one of her kids. Leo had some crazy idea. She looks down and sees blood on the chauffeur’s shirt. "What did you do to Leo?"

Greenlee is in the steam room and she is locked in there. She is banging on the door. She thinks that she might have come there wanting to meet Jake. This is all her fault. She thinks that she may die if she doesn’t get out of there soon. She is getting breathless. She shouts and shouts but no one comes. She is dying for a drink of something tall and cold to drink. She might have skin damage from this. She sits on the floor and can hardly hold herself up. She hears someone call out her name. It is a man saying that he is the one that she loves. She can’t see the man but he is in there with her and he is wearing a towel. He says that she always ran to him for help. She thinks that this is a trick. She wants Leo. Just then, Jake comes running in and finds her ready to fall over. He gets her something to drink and she accidentally calls him Leo. She is a little delirious. She wants to go home. He gets her to stand but she can’t do even that. Her legs hurt. Jake offers to call Leo and she gives him the number. Jake calls and Leo is not picking up the phone. She thanks him for coming through for her. She hugs him. Jake will get her out of there. Jake gets Greenlee out of there and takes her home. He turns to leave and she tells him that he can’t go. She wants to talk to him about being trapped in the steam room. She was panicking and thinking. She loves Leo but she has other feelings crawling to the surface. She hates jerking Leo around. Jake is not asking her for anything. He tells her all the time to listen to her heart. Jake admits that he went back to the steam room hoping to find Greenlee. They worked great together and she missed that. Leo comes in the door covered in blood and limping. He falls on the floor and Jake and Greenlee rush to him. They put him on the couch and Jake leaves. Greenlee goes to Leo on the couch to see if he is feeling better. He is just lying there. She wants to call the police. Leo says that he is fine and that is not necessary. Soon his bruises will be gone and no one will know. Leo says that he never saw who hit him. She wants to call the police to tell them that there is a mugger on the loose. She tries to explain why Jake is there but Leo needs no explanation. He loves her and part of loving is trusting. She was scared when she first saw his face. She hates to se him like that. She wishes that she could take away his pain.

Laura comes home bitchy as hell. She wants all the kids out of the house and she wants quiet. Edmund hears her going on and he comes to the front door and sees Laura leaving, slamming the door. She thinks that Brooke doesn’t care about her anymore.


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