AMC Update Wednesday 1/9/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 1/9/02

By Glynis

Leo just doesnít understand that she has her job to do and he canít interfere with that. Vanessa show up wanting to see her son desperately. Greenlee leaves so that he can talk to his mother. She is worried b because her marriage is on the line. The chauffeur will not give her up. Leo wants to hear nothing about this. Greenlee comes first for him. Vanessa tells him that she will always come first for Leo. Leo will not be controlled by her. She never gave him love. She canít believe that he doubts her love for him. There was never a place for love in their lives. This is the truth. Leo loves Greenlee and she loves him back. He will not let her twist his thinking again. It was hard for her to admit that he loved someone who loved him for being who he is. Vanessa is probably never going to feel that and he is not going to let her destroy what he has.

A woman is having a fire and Ryan breaks in and puts out the fire. The woman tells him to guess who she is. Ryan goes to the phone and calls the front desk about the occupant of the room starting a fire. She panics and tries to get him off the phone. Too late. He will not call off the cops from coming there to ask her what is going on. They start to argue. She is going to make him regret what he has done. He has messed up her night and her room. Erica walks into the room and finds Kendall arguing with Ryan. Ryan canít believe that Erica and this woman know each other. Erica warns her not to go on the witness stand the next day. Kendall wonders if her mother will kill her if she shows up for court the next day. Chris shows up and makes Erica go outside. She explains that she had to find out what Kendall was up to coming back into town.

Inside the motel room Ryan realizes just who Kendall really is. There are sirens coming and it looks like Erica has bought herself a world of trouble. Kendall has come to town to make sure that her mother goes straight to jail. Ryan finds that to be a sad state of affairs.

Mia and Jake are in the steam room and she is giving him a massage. He has knots in his neck and Mia suspects that there are from Greenlee. She knows that he is getting over Greenlee and that must not be easy. Someone should come up with a wonder drug for heartache. He is ready to give her a massage now. She sits in front of him and pulls her hair to the top of her head. He stares at her neck. Just then, Greenlee walks in wearing a towel.


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