AMC Update Tuesday 1/8/02


All My Children Update Thursday 1/8/02

By Glynis

Leo is telling Greenlee that he is going to be there for Bianca and Greenlee couldn’t care less. Greenlee tells Leo that Laura has returned.

Chris wants Erica to ask the judge for a 5-minute recess. Erica stands and does as she is told. The judge, (Montel Williams) grants the request…Bianca goes to Jack asking how he could betray Erica the way that he has…Myrtle and Opal can’t believe that Kendall is going to be brought back into Erica’s life…Chris is asking Erica to let him come back and take care of her case right now. She is reluctant to do that. He knows that he is the only one that can help her out with this. She wants him to help her. She knows that she has made a terrible mistake. They tell the judge and get some more time to work on their case. The judge warns Erica not to play games with the court…Bianca goes to see Jack again and tells her that this is going to kill her mother is that what he really wants…Erica thanks Chris for standing up for her. She felt that she had to take the stand and that was why she fired him. He wants her to drop this and move on. She really wants him to understand her. He wants to know why she never told him that she had another daughter. She didn’t mention it because she didn’t think that it was important. Erica has no idea what Kendall could have to do with this case. She doesn’t speak to her daughter. Kendall lives for moments like this. Jack already has a case without Kendall. Kendall is here for another reason. Chris wants to know if there is anything else that he needs to know. Erica tells him that she is being honest. He doesn’t believe her. She thinks that she can control everything. Chris reminds her again that she will spend the rest of her life in prison if she doesn’t do her job and give him the information that he needs. What is it that she isn’t telling him?

Erica says again that Kendall only wants to discredit her and she only came to town for that. Erica sees Bianca leave the room hurriedly and she gets called to the judge’s chambers. Chris warns her not to say a word. Chris leaves the room and Opal and Myrtle come up to tell Erica that Kendall is there. Bianca says that her mother should stay away from Kendall. Erica ignores them to go and seek her daughter out. She leaves the courtroom and Myrtle, Opal and Bianca follow cautiously. Outside the courtroom, the press is there and Erica sees her daughter for the first time. She goes to her and Kendall says, "Hello Erica." Erica hauls back and slaps her daughter in the face. The press loves this. The press moves in for questions and the court security moves them along. Erica and Kendall are left alone. Erica asks her what she is planning to say on the stand. Chris comes out wondering if Erica listens to anything that he says. He moves her away. Opal and Myrtle leave to get something to drink. Bianca is left standing in front of her sister. Kendall is obnoxious as always. She tries to leave and Bianca grabs her. Bianca cares about her mother and she is not going to let Kendall leave yet.

Anna comes into the steam room and finds Ryan there. Anna is asking him questions so that she can build her case. Ryan tells her everything that he knows. That is the end for him. He asks about her father. Did she love him? Ryan thought that he loved his father but he turned out to be a disgusting creature. Ryan really doesn’t want to know more about his father. It is too depressing. He tells her to get out of his face. This is none of her business. Why does she even care about all this? She is interested in Ryan’s father because she is not buying the story either. Anna doesn’t think that Chris is the person that he says he is. She thinks that Ryan is being used. Ryan doesn’t care and doesn’t want anything more to do with this. He warns her to get the hell out of his life. She gets up and leaves. Ryan lies on the bench in the steam room and his phone starts ringing. He gets it and answers. It is Liza calling. She wants to know if he is busy. She was wondering if he could come by the house and see her. He can do that. She tells him to hurry. Ryan gets up immediately.

Greenlee returns to the office and Leo is with her. The office is disgusting and Leo doesn’t understand that she is trying to run an empire for Erica. He laughs at her. She is pulling this off and he doesn’t get that. She is filling in as Erica’s CEO and it is taking everything that she has to do this. He doesn’t see her point. She is in trouble because of Laura. She is looking for ways to make trouble. Greenlee is afraid of the publicity that Laura is going to generate. This is a delicate balance. This is going to send her over the edge. Leo promises her that Laura is not going to do anything to hurt her. Leo guarantees that nothing will get into the papers about Greenlee. Leo will talk to Laura to ensure that nothing bad is going to happen. He will do that later. He would like to spend some time with Greenlee right now. He makes sure that the door is locked. He was mad at her but he isn’t anymore. He moves to her and kisses her. She can’t believe that he wants to make love to her in the office. She is not going to do this on the desk. He tells her that she works too hard and needs to relax. He keeps grabbing her and she keeps running from him. He knows that. Erica is not around and he thinks that she would approve of them doing something good in the office. He wonders what Erica has done in the office. He turns the lights down but she is not ready for this. He calls her boring.


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