AMC Update Monday 1/7/02


All My Children Update Monday 1/7/02

By Glynis

Erica insists she doesn't want Chris representing her in her trial. She will represent herself. After the judge questions her, she says she will not appeal on grounds of ineffective counsel. "The only appeal I want to make is for my daughter's love," she says. During a recess, Opal questions her friend about her decision. She says it's either bullheaded and crazy or the bravest thing she's ever done. Erica tells Opal she cannot have Chris represent her because he is too good. She says Bianca will not remember killing Frankie as long as she thinks her mother did it. Chris approaches and asks for a moment alone with Erica. He tells her that he's had it and he is close to walking out on her. Instead, he sits in the audience as Erica calls herself to the witness stand and begins a speech. She tells the court that she is the only one who saw through Frankie and realized she was a con artist. Under his breath, Chris is telling Erica not to go there. But Erica continues. She says Frankie was out to exploit Bianca. Speaking to Bianca directly, Erica tells her that she is proud of her and is sorry she has been so hurt. She says she is not ashamed of her for being gay. She wants her daughter to have someone to love and it is her choice whether that would be a man or a woman. Bianca tells her mother she loves her. Erica seems happy to hear Bianca's profession of love. She tells the judge she is done speaking and gets up, but Jack stops her. He wants to ask her some questions. During a strong cross-examination of her, she admits she killed Frankie. But it was self-defense. Jack asks her if she wants to change her plea to self-defense and she says yes. Then, a clerk brings a note to Jack. He tells the judge he has just learned of something that will change the trial. Chris returns and tells Erica he will stand by her. Jack says the prosecution will have one more witness, Erica Kane's daughter -- Kendall Hart. Erica's mouth drops open.

David asks Anna about his syringe being in her purse. He suspects she was going to have it tested to see if he was telling the truth about his research. David wonders if Anna still believes he is Proteus. Anna asks what he wants, blind faith? David drops the syringe and stomps on it. He says he can't let Anna interfere with his research. He is proud of what he has accomplished and believes that Pine Valley will be looking up to him. He asks Anna if she wants to share in his success or whether she wants to bring him down. Later, David gets into a car where his mother is waiting for him. Vanessa tells him she has talked with Roger about David's treatment of him and knows his secret. She says she knows the wife of the chairman of the board at the hospital and she can help him with his research. But she demands he stop seeing Anna. David refuses and tells Vanessa to stay out of his business. Vanessa, talking to herself, says it would be bad if David falls in love with a WSB agent. Anna meanwhile spots Chris at the courthouse and tells him that she knows David is not Proteus. Chris tells her he doesn't have time for that and goes into the courtroom.

Adam asks Liza if getting divorce papers after they just made love is a sick joke. Liza says she didn't mean for the papers to be delivered then. She admits she and Colby adore Adam, but he drives her crazy. She says she is too afraid to be with him because of his lousy track record with his children. She asks if he can promise that he will not ruin Colby's life. Adam says he cannot offer her any promise or guarantees. And if after all they have been through, if she still wants a divorce, she should simply show him where to sign. Instead, Liza tears up the paper. However, she tells Adam that she can't say she'll never call the divorce lawyer again. Adam tells her he'll have to make sure she doesn't want to. They kiss.

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