AMC Update Thursday 1/3/02


All My Children Update Thursday 1/3/02

By Glynis

Brooke and Edmund talk about getting happiness while they can. They are having breakfast in bed. Edmund has freed up some of his time by putting another colleague on a story that he would normally work on. Brooke thinks that they should be the one that works on Erica’s story. Edmund likes working with Brooke. Brooke likes being in bed with him and they are going to stay in the bed until they have to absolutely have to get out of it.

Erica and Opal look at pictures of Bianca and her pony. Opal breaks into tears wishing that things didn’t have to turn out like this. Erica is only worried that her daughter might have to spend one night in prison. Erica is trying to get convicted of murdering Frankie so that if Bianca confesses later no one will believe her. She wants all Bianca’s memories buried forever. Erica is sure that she is going to be convicted. Opal can see that she is hiding something. Erica is going to take this one-day at a time. Chris walks in and Erica greets him in her special way. Opal is worried about lying on the stand. She likes to tell the truth. Erica tells Opal to do as Chris tells her. Opal can see that Chris is determined to get Erica off but Erica doesn’t want to be cleared. Chris tells her that he is going to get her freedom. Erica tells him that she wants him to put her on the witness stand. He refuses to do that. It is time to go.

Bianca remembers telling Frankie that she loved her. She also remembers walking in on her sleeping with JR. Leo comes in to find Bianca in deep thought and all that Bianca worries about is that she can’t remember anything. She remembers walking in Frankie’s room and finding her with JR and then waking up later. Something happened. She is sure that she did something but she can’t remember. She will have to testify and she will be accused of lying to protect her mother if she can’t answer. She will not turn her back on her mother. Leo gives her something from Myrtle. Bianca opens the package and finds the book that was missing earlier. IT is a book of poems. It was Frankie’s book of sonnets. Frankie wanted Bianca to have the book. Leo reminds Bianca that Frankie loved her and she shouldn’t have any doubts about that. All Frankie wanted was to be happy with Bianca. Bianca starts having flashbacks after she says that. She almost remembers something. They hear a noise in the room somewhere. Someone is in the room with them…watching them but they don’t know it. They leave the room and the intruder comes into the room to inspect the place.

Jack goes to court and is waiting for the trial to start. He plans to win the case. He talks to the District Attorney and thinks that Erica thinks that there are rules for some people and then rules for her. Adam walks in wanting to talk to Jack. JR is there and he has never done anything like helping in a case like this before. Jack assures him that JR has nothing to fear from him. Jack can’t talk about the trial but Adam hopes that Jack has the wrong person. Jack is taking a rather hard line on this case. The District Attorney returns and Jack tells her that it is his job to convict Erica and that is why he is doing it.

JR is worried about telling the truth about Frankie as he could get in more legal trouble. Adam tells him that he has nothing to worry about. Adam assures him that they will go and see the Family Court judge to sort things out. Adam just wants to get through this day. JR feels that he owes Frankie something. He was the last person that saw her alive…Erica arrives at court and the press follows her asking if she was the one that killed Frankie. Erica knows that this only goes with the territory. Opal knows that she is dying inside. She wishes her friend good luck. Myrtle shows up and knows that she just had to be there for Erica. She greets Erica in the courtroom…Vanessa tells Palmer that she is upset that her niece was killed and she wants that killer brought to justice. Court starts and the judge (Montel Williams) enters. Jack and Chris are ready to proceed. Erica can’t believe that Jack is not in her corner for once. Jack starts telling everyone how Erica hated Frankie from the start. He is going to provide testimony to the fact that Erica hated Frankie. He says that Erica was frustrated at the turn of events with Frankie. He says that Bianca had walked in on Frankie and she was with a boy. Frankie was very distraught but Erica was enraged. She said that she would kill Frankie for hurting her daughter.

Chris takes the floor now and talks for a while to counteract the things that Jack said. Chris has to figure out a way to educate the jury about Frankie. He says that she was a known drug user and led a promiscuous lifestyle. He has to make them understand that Frankie was not the type of person that the jury would like their children to be friends with. Frankie had a lot of people that wanted her dead. He is sure that there is not one shred of evidence that can link Erica to the crime. He thinks that this is an easy case for the jury. He is confident that the jury will not find Erica guilty of killing Frankie. Jack calls Vanessa as his first witness. Vanessa takes the stand. Vanessa is crying but she insists that she can do this. She tells how Erica was irate with Vanessa because she thought that Frankie was there because Vanessa brought her there. Vanessa says that she hasn’t seen her since she was 5 years old. There were several threats. Erica asked Vanessa to help keep Frankie away from Bianca. Vanessa didn’t know anything about her niece’s life but it is not a secret that Erica was disturbed by her daughter’s sexual orientation. Bianca had affection for Frankie but Vanessa didn’t have any control over that. Vanessa visited Erica’s office and she heard Erica on the phone. Vanessa heard Erica saying that Mary Francis was evil. She screamed into the phone: "I will kill you!" Someone else was in the room. That was Mr. Stamp who was her chauffeur then. Vanessa didn’t go to the police and she will ask herself that question for the rest of her life. She thinks that maybe she could have stopped the murder of that innocent child. She hates Erica but not enough to kill her. She would like to make sure that Erica pays for the murder of her niece.

Bianca and Leo show up for court and find JR standing there. JR tells her again that he is really sorry about what has happened. She doesn’t want him to apologize to her. She understands what has been going on. She sits with Leo and waits to be called to the stand. She doesn't know if she is going to be okay. She has lost Frankie.


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