AMC Update Wednesday 1/2/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 1/2/02

By Glynis

The Crystal Ball is still in full swing and Edmund and Brooke discuss how it is going. They have a toast and Edmund sees the guy that donated the flowers and feels that he should go over and talk to him before he leaves…Jamie and the kids plan on getting Brooke a slow dance…Jake and Mia are together and her ankle is not feeling very well. He makes her stand so that they can dance together. She finds that very sweet. Greenlee is watching Jake with Mia and Leo can see that she is not focused on dancing with him. They decide to leave the ball and walk out...Mateo watches the time. He thinks that Proteus may know that he was in the computer tampering…Jake and Mia are dancing and that is fun but soon she gets tired. This was a day well spent. She would like to go somewhere with him where it is a little more low-key. He asks her what she would like to do that she hasn’t done before. She thinks that she would like to saddle 2 horses and ride until sunset. He thinks that he can do that for her and he tells her to follow him.

Vanessa is in her limo with the driver waiting for Mateo to come out of the Ball. He can’t stay in the ball all night. She is going to follow Mateo. She is sure that Proteus is going to be very angry with him and he is going to be punished for sure.

Anna arrives at David’s cabin and finds the syringe on the floor. She then sees David lying on the floor. He says that he did it for her. He apparently has taken a drug and Anna wants to know what he has taken. She goes to the phone but David stops her because if Proteus learns that she made a call to help him, he will be killed. She will stay with him and help him in anyway that she can. He feels that he had to do this. He has been drugging himself for her. He didn’t tell her because this could kill her too. He has been working for months and keeping quiet while breaking rules. If he survives this, then he will know. He tried to use Roger for his experiment. He was very sick but David helped him. Roger was an idiot though. He was drinking and messing everything up. He couldn’t risk this drug on Dixie. He needed proof and he needed to know that the drug was safe. He could lose his license. She sees that she was right, he is not Proteus. She can now prove to Stamp that David is not Proteus. If he finds this cure, he wants her to do something for him. He tells her that he loves her and he hurt her. He asks for her forgiveness. He is really asking for Dixie’s forgiveness.

Greenlee and Leo are at SOS and they like that no one is there, only a couple of people. Most of the people are at the ball. She likes that he was good about Jake being at the ball. He tells her that they have to fight to keep together…Mateo and Simone arrive at SOS and Vanessa arrives right after them. She is watching Mateo closely. Mateo goes over to her to tell her that they are locking up. She says that she was there to see her son. She runs to him telling him that she needs to talk to him alone. Greenlee goes to the powder room. She says that she can’t go home. She tells him that Opal overheard them talking and she is going to lose Palmer. She doesn’t want to lose her marriage. Leo says that she should have thought of a backup plan. He walks off from her. Mateo and Simone are watching her. Vanessa tells him that her son has betrayed her. Mateo is a new father and she hopes that he never knows the betrayal of his son. She starts crying and Mateo gives her a handkerchief. Leo returns with the chauffeur and tells him to take his mother home. Vanessa is upset that her son will not talk to her and only push her off to go home. Leo leaves and Vanessa turns again to Mateo who gives her some water. She tells him that she doesn’t know what is going on with him but he is a good man…Leo tells Greenlee that something is up with his mother. Greenlee tells him that she is his mother whether he likes it or not. Leo goes out to call Palmer and tell him that Vanessa is there. Greenlee goes over to Vanessa. Greenlee would like to talk to her. She refers to her as ‘Mommie Dearest’. Greenlee tells her that Leo doesn’t need her so she can get off her high horse. She is like Greenlee’s father. She knows how she is. Leo wants out from under Vanessa. Greenlee tells her that Leo is going to be her husband. When Greenlee is finished with her, Vanessa is going to be the biggest joke in this town. Greenlee can do it. She warns Vanessa again to back off. Greenlee leaves to go with Leo. Leo called Palmer and he said that he was in bed and to handle Vanessa himself. Greenlee tells him that he had a talk with Vanessa and he finally got through to her.

Jake has taken Mia to the stable house and he tells her to hurry because he has a lively horse for her to ride. She has changed and Jake tells her that he is bringing the horse in. He walks in with a kitten instead and she laughs at him. The kitten was the best that Jake could do for her. She has changed her clothes and holds the kitten called, Thunder. Jake is glad to have left the ball. Mia thought that he was having a great time. He seemed comfortable there. People assume things about him all the time. He hates that. There was a time when he would do self-destructive things all the time to make people think twice about him. He wanted to take a boat and sail around the world but he had a romantic notion and there was no one to take off with. No girl would run off with him and sail around the world. Mia says that she would say yes if someone asked her that. She used to get into trouble all the time and he wants to know about that. She thinks that his past is more interesting than hers is. She likes him and she likes how he is spontaneous. She can tell because he picked her up and carried her to the ER and that was spontaneous. He thinks that he can be reckless with her. He moves to her and kisses her lips, tipping her chin ever so slightly.


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