AMC Update Friday 12/28/01


All My Children Update Friday 12/28/01

By Lori

The Crystal Ball is in full swing. Hayley does a television interview at the ball with Edmund, who explains the event will raise money for the Maria Santos Grey foundation. Hayley is distracted when Mateo walks into the room with Simone. Erica is watching the interview on television from her home. She is unable to attend because of her electronic bracelet. Chris arrives at her home and tells her if she can't go to the ball, he will bring the ball to her. He plays music and gives her flowers and a tree ornament. Erica is touched. Soon after Chris takes pictures of her, she decides to change from her robe into something more appropriate for a ball. She returns wearing a black ball gown. She and Chris dance, but his cell phone rings and he takes the call. He tells the caller he will be right there. He tells Erica he was called to the Crystal Ball because he got a lead in the Proteus case. He leaves, but not before telling her that her murder trial was rescheduled for tomorrow. Erica makes a mystery call of her own. She tells the person she called to come to Pine Valley right away because her trial was moved up.

David is at his hotel room with Anna and he is enraged. She wants to know what is wrong. David says he doesn't like "you people" trying to control him. Anna wonders who he is referring to. David continues to rant but insists that they go to the ball. He goes to change into his tux while Anna seems amused by his behavior.

Vanessa is congratulating Leo and Greenlee on their engagement while Jake watches from a distance. Vanessa notices Leo and Greenlee are watching Jake so she walks away. Greenlee tells Leo that Jake seems so alone. Just then, Jake is joined by Mia. Greenlee is unpleasantly surprised. They walk in and Leo suggests that he and Greenlee go say hello to them. Greenlee refuses but is persuaded by Leo. Greenlee tries to be nice but it is obvious she is bothered. She and Mia compliment each other on their dresses. Jake asks Greenlee if she has made any new year's resolutions. Greenlee said she has made several. Jake says he has made one: "should old acquaintance be forgot." Leo tells him the new year is no reason to forget the past. Jake tells Mia how Leo proposed to Greenlee in the elevator. Greenlee comments that it was the happiest day of her life. Jake congratulates Greenlee and Leo on their engagement and he and Mia walk away.

Hayley and Mateo keep staring at each other. Simone tells Mateo he should quit staring at her. Hayley, wanting to attract Mateo's attention, grabs a glass of champagne. Mateo, knowing Hayley cannot drink, goes and takes it from her. He tells her he will not allow her to be with their son if she is drunk. He says he wants to talk to her and they leave for another room. In private, Hayley tells Mateo that taking the champagne was the only way she could get his attention. She told him she has some news. She tells him she has learned Chris Stamp killed Ryan's father. The two of them begin to wonder if Chris is Proteus. Hayley thinks that they need to stop their plan to catch Proteus because if it is Chris, he is onto them. Mateo tells Hayley they must keep going, but he wants her to leave town. They kiss. From the doorway, Chris is watching. Mateo and Hayley leave one at a time but they don't see Chris, who is hiding against a wall.

A sculpture is on display at the ball to be bid on, but it is covered with a red cloth. Brooke explains that the sculpture is to be purchased sight unseen. The winning bidder is Palmer and the sculpture is unveiled. Edmund and Brooke are shocked to see that it is a misshapen face with the name "Proteus" etched in it. Vanessa says she thinks Proteus was a philosopher. David tells her that Proteus was a god who held people in his hand, kind of like a doctor. He warned Vanessa not to mess around with such a person. Leo sees that David is upset with Vanessa and he wonders why. Vanessa is also upset and she walks away. Greenlee tells Leo he must find out what is wrong with his mother. Leo follows Vanessa and talks to her. She tells him that David holds her life in his hands and could ruin her marriage. She confesses that she was unfaithful to Palmer with her chauffeur and David walked in on them. Leo cannot believe his mother is having an affair with her chauffeur. Opal is listening to the conversation from the hallway.

Chris walks into the ballroom area and pulls Anna aside. He tells her that he warned her to stop messing around with Proteus. She tells him David is not Proteus. He offers her a truth serum to give to David.

Roger arrives at the dance and soon gets drunk. David sees him and accuses him of threatening to ruin everything he's worked for. While talking to Greenlee, Roger tells her he has a secret he wants to announce to everyone. Before he can get anything out, David punches him.

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