AMC Update Thursday 12/27/01


All My Children Update Thursday 12/27/01

By Glynis

Brooke talks to Jamie. Seems that they are all ready for the guests to arrive. Jamie really likes Edmund who is going to be Brookeís date for the night. Palmer enters followed by Opal and Hank. Palmer thinks that she is making a fool of herself and the evening has only begun. Some wine gets spilled on Palmer and he decides to go home and change. Opal tells him that he can call his wife to bring him something to wear but then again maybe he has been stood up. Palmer just looks at her and leaves.

Leo and Greenlee are in bed and she mentions Jake and Leo is not happy about that. What is she talking about? They decide to drop the topic. Leo starts to wonder when Greenlee decided to take Leo back. Was it before or after Jake decided that he didnít want her anymore? It was after. Leo asks her if she is indeed in love with Jake. She is having trouble answering that question. She needs to be clear about what she feels for Jake. Leo has no idea how horrible it was when Leo was married to Laura. He told her day in and out that they were never going to be together. Leo knows that they were good friends and he wants to know that the other shoe is not going to drop. She tells him no. She says that she is not in love with Jake. Leo seems to always want to do things this way. The way that makes the most trouble and heartache. She loves Leo she says, and only Leo. They gets dressed and go out to the main room to talk. Leo is hungry now. They decide to order some food. Leo would like to go to the Crystal Ball with her. He thinks that they should show up together. She is happy because she has a drop-dead gown that she can wear.

Hayley and Mateo talk to Edmund telling him that they have come up with a plan. They are going to rip off the drug lordís profits. They should be afraid of Proteus. He kills people. Mateo knows that Proteus will want to kill him when he discovers that his money has been stolen. They feel that they have to do this in order to get to Proteus. Edmund thinks that they should think about what will happen if they donít get Proteus. Edmund really wants them to consider what they are doing here. Mateo canít wait any longer. Edmund knows that Mateo is not going to get close to this guy. Edmund has to go now and change for the Ball. Mateo reminds him that he and Hayley act like they hate each other. Hayley knows that Edmund is right about everything that he says. She also knows that her husband is going to go ahead with the plan. Mateo wishes that he was going to the Ball with Hayley. They come with a plan to scratch their nose when in the same room together. He leaves her there and goes to get his date.

Anna is sitting downstairs in Davidís hotel and he comes down. He tells her that he overreacted earlier with her. He canít get over her coming after him initially to bring him down. She is after all a spy. She still doesnít believe that he is Proteus. He canít understand why she is still following him around. She tells him that she is after him because she canít help himself and he is hiding something. In time, she is going to find out what that something is. He wants her to know that what is going on isnít a game. She needs him to trust her but he canít and she canít trust him. They are at a stand off. She can leave right now if she wants. She canít do that. She is not the enemy; she wants him to know that. He asks her if she is busy that night. He mentions that the Crystal Ball is that night at Wildwind. Anna never got an invitation. David would like to take her to the dance. He offers her an invitation with the crystal necklace in there. She tells him to come and get her in half an hour and she will be ready. He touches her face and leaves.

Vanessa is in bed with some guy and they are doing it like rabbits. She is sure that her son will not be home for hours so she continues using his bed. They roll around in the bed and suddenly there is a sound at the door and David walks in. The chauffeur leaves and David lets his mother have it. How was she trying to use him this time? She canít believe that he is judging her. He should look into his own life before he casts the first stone. He throws her clothes at her. She tells him that she knows what he is up to with his secret little cabin. He tells her that she doesnít know what she is talking about. She tells him that she knows who he is.


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