AMC Update Wednesday 12/26/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 12/26/01

By Glynis

Greenlee and Leo end up in bed again and they are acting like they have never been apart. She remembers the best part of the night before. She loved that he spent the whole night searching for her. Leo doesnít like that she finds that to be the best time of the night before. She corrects what she was saying by mentioning that the night before was perfect. She liked that he was feeling all alone and wanted to be with her and sought her out. He bared his soul to her and she canít get over that. She shows him a sprig of firtree thinking that they can always have that to remember each other by. They think back to the night before. They were at the Christmas Lot and they find the celestial gifts that Stuart and JR found earlier. There is no card or label. Leo took the gift and tells her that was the gift that he should have given her. She opens the gift and finds nothing inside. He says that he should have filled it up for her with everything that she deserves. Spending time apart from her has shown him that his life has been a waste without her. He has loved her and has never stopped. He doubts that he ever will stop. They kissed then.

Greenlee remembers that night fondly. She will never forget that night as long as she lives. Leo remembers the night to and he also will not forget it. He remembers finding the box and flinging it over his head. He hit Greenlee in the head with it and didnít realize it until he hears her shriek. She thought that this was fate. She picked up the box. Clearly he remembers the night differently from the way that Greenlee does. She tells him in his version of events that she was looking for him all night. She was feeling all alone. She said that she roamed the streets looking for him. She tells him that she loves him and that she wants him forever. Two different stories with two wacky people telling it. He laughs at her telling him that she was roaming the streets. What a vision. She tells him that he is remembering things all wrong. Leo is sure that he remembers properly. He can hear just fine. He is not going to let her take back saying that she was responsible for the screw-ups that they experienced. She gets angry and jumps out of the bed. Leo turns to her and calls for her but she doesnít come back. He follows her and puts on his clothes telling her that she remembered things wrong but they can fix that by reprogramming themselves so that they donít fall into the same problems again. She likes that idea. This is major. They are talking about acing mature and responsible. They are going to deny themselves their own desires. This is not going to be easy. She is sure that they can be strong. This is going to be their New Years resolution. They are going to face this head on. They are going to have to peek into the darkest part of them and deny their impulses. They decide to make a list. They are going to write about the other what they donít like and then they are going to compare notes. They decide to do this on their computers instead. They set up and start typing.

David is with Anna when Roger comes up to talk with him. David pushes him away from the table so that he wonít reveal anything else. Anna finds this interesting. David thinks that she is imaging things again. There was a message and it wasnít for him. Anna wonders why he was so desperate and what hold he has on Roger. What do they have in common? David tells her that the game that she is playing right now is very dangerous.

Edmund looks at a picture of Maria and Brooke walks in. He is glad that she is there. It is a special occasion because of him. Brooke shows him the invitation to the Crystal Ball with the added necklace. What a lovely touch. Edmund starts to talk to her privately, but the kids walk in and they are interrupted. Brooke has jobs for the kids. She will talk with Edmund later. Opal and her new boyfriend show up telling Edmund that the new boyfriend is a jazz singer. They are introduced and Hank would like to help with the entertainment. His trio is passing through town and would like to play that night for Edmund. Opal thinks that they should give him a try. Vanessa and Palmer walk in and Vanessa canít believe that Edmund is going to consider letting Opal have anything to do with the influence of the entertainment. Vanessa would like to donate a painting to the auction. She is sure that they will fetch thousands for the auction. Edmund would love to have Hank and his friends play. He sees Mateo walk in dressed in a tuxedo. He brings in Simone who is to be his date for the Crystal Ball. She walks in sheepishly and Edmund wonders out loud if Mateo has lost his mind. What about Hayley? Mateo thinks that Simone will do just fine as his date. Edmund doesnít like what he is seeing. Mateo says that Hayley has opted out of the marriage and that is her loss. Edmund grabs Mateoís arm and takes him out into the foyer. He wants to have a talk with Mateo in private and they both end up going out to the front of the house. Vanessa can see that it is going to be a bumpy night. Brooke comes downstairs and greets Simone in private. She tells Brooke that Mateo is getting impatient. Mateo seems to be taking a lot of chances. He wants to have this thing over. Simone assures Brooke that Tempo will get the scoop. Brooke seems to think that Simone is all over the story.


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