AMC Update Monday 12/24/01


All My Children Update Monday 12/24/01

By Lori

Tad arrives at Brooke's house with an armload of gifts. Despite the Christmas festivities, he is depressed. Jesse appears to him and tells him to "drop the Scrooge attitude." Tad says he doesn't think he'll find what he wants under the tree. Jesse says this will be a Christmas no one will forget.

At Myrtle's house, Leo is also in a glum mood. Myrtle asks him what is wrong, but Leo says he doesn't want to get into it. Myrtle tells him she knows he is thinking about Greenlee. Leo tries to deny to Myrtle that he has a Greenlee problem. But Myrtle says the two of them bring out the best in each other. Leo acknowledges that he doesn't like the thought of Greenlee sitting home alone. Myrtle says if the two of them don't fix their problems, they deserve coal in their Christmas stockings.

Greenlee is home alone going through her Christmas cards. She throws them into the fireplace but drops something on the floor. It is an invitation to the upcoming Crystal Ball. She says she'll think about that later and puts it aside. The doorbell rings. Her father is there, saying he thought the outcasts should spend Christmas together. Greenlee tells him she wants to go out and have fun rather than sit home and feel sorry for herself. She tosses him a gift, tells him Merry Christmas and leaves.

At Adam and Liza's house, Marion comments about the beautiful earrings that Stuart gave her for Christmas. But then she realizes she cannot find them. She remembers having them when making cookies and suspects they fell into the cookie dough. Looking at the vast array of cookies spread out before them, she tells Liza they will have to break the cookies apart to look for them, but Colby does not want to ruin them. Marion then says they will have to eat them all to find the earrings. The group of people in the room comply. After all the cookies are eaten, Marion's earrings still have not been found.

Stuart is at the tree lot with JR. They are talking about the glowing box. Stuart says the box is just what everyone needs to bring his family together. They arrive at Adam's house with the glowing box and Stuart wonders what everyone is doing. Marion says they are having a cookie eating party but won't let Stuart have one. She says the cookies are just for the guests. She doesn't want him to know she lost his earrings. Later, Marion admits to Stuart that she lost the earrings, but he pulls a box from his pocket and the missing earrings are inside.

Stuart tells the group of relatives and friends that he found the box under a tree at the tree lot. He says it is a special box and tells everyone to hold it and wish for something. Dixie is the first one to take it. It is first given to JR but he is unable to wish upon it. Dixie takes it from him and says she wishes for all kids to feel good enought that they won't need to take drugs. Adam says his wish is for JR to forgive the man who has been a second father to him -- Tad Martin. The box travels around the room and people make wishes. Mia asks for peace in the world. Jake asks for a cure for diseases. Marion wants her husband to always know she loves him. Hayley is too emotional to make a wish, so JR does it for her. He says he hopes that everything his sister needs to make her happy can be found inside the box. Hayley embraces him. A package arrives for Hayley. It is from her "Uncle Porkchop," Trever Dillon. It is a Christmas angel. She explains that everyone who makes a wish upon the angel has it come true.

JR wants to leave to go see Tad. Dixie goes with him. They arrive at Brooke's house. Tad tells Jesse "if you were alive I'd kiss you." JR tells everyone at Brooke's about the special box and it is passed around the room there as well. Phoebe says she thinks it holds an engagement ring for Edmund to give to Brooke. Brooke says her wish is for less pushy relatives. Tad takes the box and says he wishes he could go back to a time before he did something that he'll regret the rest of his life. JR asks that Tad leave with him. JR and Tad walk out together. The room is cleared except for Brooke and Edmund. Edmund tells Brooke he wants to tell her something. Before he gets that chance, they are interrupted by his children. Edmund tells Brooke that what he has to say can wait. Brooke leads the group in singing Christmas carols.

JR and Tad arrive at the tree lot. Tad tells JR that what he did was stupid, wrong and dangerous. He says he will never do anything to put JR and his mother in danger again. He says he loves JR as much as if he were his own son and asks for his forgiveness. JR forgives him and they embrace. Dixie is watching from the background. When JR leaves, she tells Tad that he gave JR the best Christmas present he could. She leaves with JR. Jesse appears and tells Tad that the Christmas box got part of the job done. He says his mission is finished and he will be going back to heaven. Tad says his mission isn't finished because he doesn't have Dixie back yet. JR says that wasn't his job. He says when he leaves, Tad will not remember him being there. Tad says he is not ready for Jesse to leave. Jesse makes Tad go unconscious and disappears. Opal arrives and awakens Tad. Tad tells her he had a strange dream about Jesse telling Jennie that everything was going to be all right. Opal says maybe Jesse and Jennie were sent to him to give him a Christmas message. They hear a bell ring. "I rest my case," Opal says. They go back to Brooke's house and join in the singing of carols.

Hayley goes to the secret room she shares with Mateo. He brings their son to her. She says that is the best present he could have given her. They put the Christmas angel on a tree in the room.

Greenlee arrives at Myrtle's house. She says she needs to see Leo, but Myrtle says he is gone. A disappointed Greenlee tells Myrtle not to tell Leo she was there. Myrtle tells Greenlee not to be an idiot. She can't curl up in bed with her pride. Greenlee, however, says to herself that her father was right about Leo and again tells Myrtle not to tell Leo she went to see him. Leo, meanwhile, goes to Greenlee's loft looking for her. Roger tells him she went to a party. He tells Leo he doesn't want him to look pathetic so he won't tell Greenlee he was there. Later, Leo is at the tree farm. He sees the special box on the ground. He picks it up and opens it but sees it is empty. He throws it behind him. The box hits someone in the head. Greenlee emerges from behind some trees rubbing her head. They see each other and smile.

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