AMC Update Friday 12/21/01


All My Children Update Friday 12/21/01

By Lori

Stuart, with JR watching, tries to open the glowing box at the Christmas tree lot, but it won't open. JR says it is nothing but a dumb box with a halogen in it. Myrtle arrives and sees that the box is very special. She says Stuart will have to consult a "professional" and will need guidance from "the main man." They both look upward. After Myrtle leaves, Stuart puts the box back under a tree. He looks up and tells JR he is trying to figure out a way to ask "the main man of Christmas" how to open the box. Stuart asks out loud for a sign about how to open the box, but JR says he doesn't believe anything will happen. Stuart urges JR to believe and asks him to reveal one thing he believes in. JR says he believes in Stuart. Suddenly, the box glows again and Stuart opens it. Stuart is smiling but the contents are not revealed.

Chris asks Erica to repeat what he just heard her say, and she tells him again that she loves him. They kiss. Suddenly, Bianca barges in with Opal. Bianca says everything she thought when Frankie died was a lie. Erica tells Chris to wait outside so she can talk to Bianca alone. Bianca shows Erica the letter and book of sonnets Frankie gave her and Erica reads the letter. In the letter, Frankie said Erica was right about her. She planned to hurt Bianca but Bianca changed her. She used drugs and made out with JR to fight the changes but she ended up changing anyway. Frankie said all she ever wanted was to be happy with Bianca. Bianca told Erica that Frankie sacrificed herself for her and she turned on her. "I killed her," Bianca says. Erica tells Bianca she did not kill Frankie, but Bianca insists Frankie is dead because she loved her. Bianca still accuses Erica of shooting Frankie. A tearful Erica pleads with Bianca not to say she hates her. Bianca leaves the room and finds Opal, who suggests they go out and get some air.

Anna enters the hospital and speaks with Chris. She tells him that she believes he is Proteus. "I'm watching you and I'm not frightened," she says. Later, Chris returns to Erica's room and notices she is crying. He asks her about her talk with Bianca but Erica doesn't want to talk about it. Erica says she needs rest and Chris leaves. While Erica is sleeping, the mystery man in the black gloves enters the room and takes the book of sonnets.

Bianca and Opal return to the hospital and they sit down and talk. Bianca notices the butterfly pin Opal is wearing. Memories of Frankie rush into her head and Bianca gets upset, holding her head in her hands. She tells Opal she just had some sharp pains but she is fine.

Hayley and Mateo are in their secret room when Hayley gives Mateo a wrapped box. Inside are confidential documents about Proteus that Hayley was able to obtain. They search through the documents. Hayley says Proteus is more dangerous and lethal than they thought. Mateo says it appears that whenever Proteus is threatened, he does things without thinking. He notices all the companies Proteus has used to move his drugs and notices most of them are run by women. That makes him wonder if Proteus could be a woman. Hayley tells Mateo he could be right. An enlightened Mateo gets a revelation and leaves, telling Hayley to stay behind. Hayley wonders what he is up to.

Dixie is driving Tad's car when she realizes the brakes won't work. Instead of stopping, the car speeds up. "My God. No, no," she says. The next scene shows her car crashed into a guard rail and Dixie is fine. She gets out of the car to examine the wreckage and Edmund and Brooke arrive on the scene. She tells them she just had the car serviced and can't understand why the brakes wouldn't work. Edmund looks under the hood of the car and tells Dixie he doesn't believe this was an accident. David arrives, saying he was driving by and saw the accident. Edmund physically assaults him and accuses him of cutting the brake line. David denies it, saying it looks like the work of Leslie Coulson. Dixie says it could not have been Leslie because she is in a locked facility. David asks Dixie if she is all right, but Dixie just wants him to leave. When he leaves, Dixie says David would not do anything to hurt her. Edmund tells Brooke he has no idea who would want to hurt Dixie. Dixie tells Edmund that the line could have been broken accidently by her mechanic.

The mystery person with the black gloves is seen entering David's office with the book of sonnets. He puts the book on David's desk, takes a letter opener, cuts out a page and burns it. Later, David walks into his office and Anna is already there sitting behind the desk. David is angry that Anna was upset about him attending to Dixie. "I still care about her, so shoot me," David says angrily. Anna apologizes. David tells Anna about stumbling upon Dixie's car accident and Anna asks if Dixie was hurt. David tells her she was not. Anna says she does not care about the accident, she just cares about David. David kisses her. They begin taking clothes off and the burned page from the book is seen in the garbage can.

Chris brings Erica out of the hospital room and she is ready to go home. Bianca remembers her book of sonnets is in Erica's room. Chris goes to retrieve it but returns and says it was not there.

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