AMC Update Wednesday 12/19/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 12/19/01

By Glynis

Erica is telling Chris that he can confide in her but she is not going to tell him anything about her. She can’t care for him the way that she wants him to care for her. She is sorry for that, but that is the way that it has to be. Someone is at the door and Erica answers; it's Opal, who kisses her and enters. She sees Chris and thinks that she should leave, but Erica tells her to stay. Chris tells Opal to keep an eye on her friend and not to let her move. He leaves the house and Opal demands to know what is going on. Erica explains that Chris just opened his heart to her and she put a knife through it. Chris caught Erica trying to sneak out of the house. Today was Frankie’s memorial. Erica wanted to see for herself and she tried to get away from Chris. She is under house arrest. Chris has been so good to her. Chris opened up to her and bared his soul. That is usually a good thing but Erica couldn’t stand that and she tried to put distance between them She said that she can’t return Chris’ feelings. That wouldn’t be fair. Chris has been showing her how he feels for her. He believed her when she said that she killed Frankie. The glitch is that she pushed him away and she didn’t want him to go. She wants him to hold her and tell her that he loves her. She lied, though. She loves him with all her heart.

Bianca and Leo talk about their lives and how Leo stopped his wedding. Greenlee is causing Leo some problems. He finally ask Greenlee to be with him and she said no. Jake got in the way. He is under her skin, Leo can tell. Bianca feels sorry for him. This is how it is. Leo loved an dhe lost but he is stil friends with Bianca. He is going to be there for her. Greenlee can wait. Chris walks in and wants to talk to Bianca about her mother. Bianca is not interested in talking about her mother. Bianca is not going to hold her hand thorugh this one. She refuses to help Chris. Chris leaves.

Anna comes to the Christmas tree part and finds David talking to Tad and Dixie. He learns that Tad and Dixie have split up. Dixie walks off not willing to put up with this behaviour again. David thinks that Dixie leaving Tad is a reason for rejoicing. Tad is about to lose it but Jesse talks to him telling him that he has to take it easy if he wants to get Dixie back. Tad leaves and Anna decides to leave too. David is buying a Christmas tree and Anna tells him to go ahead and do it and hang himself from it for all she cares.

Jake talks to Greenlee and tells her that they were going about things all wrong. They all used each other for the longest time. Greenlee was the prize and that was why Jake said that he loved her. That was a really dumb thing for him to do and he is really sorry for that. She accepts his apology. He wants her to forget that he said anything to her about them before. He thinks that she has really good instincts and that she should follow them. He also congratulates her on getting her job back. He only wants the best for her. He kisses her forehead and tells her so long. He is on her way out the door when she stops him. There is one last thing thatshe needs him to do for her. She gets him to take her to the Christmas tree lot and they look at trees together. He was thinking of getting himself a tree as well. He is going to help her with the tree and then they are goijng to go their separate ways.

Dixie goes to talk to Stuart dressed as Santa in the park. Dixie is looking for JR and Stuart hasn’t seen him but he sees Tad. She doesn’t care for where Tad is. She is not with him anymore.

JR is sitting behind some trees with a cigarette in his hand. He sees Mia and asks her for a light. She tells him that she wouldn’t give him one if she had it. She tlels him that he should be working out instead. She gives him a coupon for one free training session. He gets up to leave and his mother walks up to see him. He brushes her off and leaves.

David catches up to Anna and tells her that he is not going after Dixie. He would rather be with the gorgeous woman he is with now. They start kissing.

Tad reaches up to Dixie and apologizes for being stupid before. He would like to make things right with Dixie. Jesse is watching Tad and Dixie talk. Tad gets angry with her and tells her that he will have his lawyer call her lawyer. He wishes her a happy Christmas and walks off…Greenlee thinks that it would be nice if she and Jake spent Christmas togethter. Greenlee starts flirting with Jake and he leans back knocking over a Christmas tree on Mia who is behind that tree. Jake helps her up and seats her on a park bench. She has hurt her ankel and Jake rubs it for her. She seems to have sprained it but Jake thinks that she may have torn a ligament. Greenlee stands by and watches as Jake and the woman talk. She can’t afford an injury right now. She can’t miss any work. Jake thinks that he can take care of it for her. She is worried that she may never kickbox again.

Anna and David are looking at trees and Anna thinks that she has found one that she likes.

Stuart comes up behind Dixie asking if he found JR. She is crying and Stuart holds her. He tries to remind her that it is Christmas and everything is going to work out alright. Jesses thinks that Christmas is going to miserable this year. He talks to God asking if he could help him out. A wrapped present appears under a Christmas tree and Jesse gives thanks for that

Dixie has been tryijng to get Tad to understand that they have to break up and now he decides that what she has been trying to tell him is the way to go. JR comes by and Dixie is glad to see him but JR is looking for that girl that he met before and he sees her with Jake. JR goes over there and talks to her some more. Greenlee is watching the scene and she remembers Laura telling her that she can’t go a week without chasing Jake or Leo or some other man. Jake would like to take her home and Mia lets her. Greenlee whispers, "Merry Christmas Jake…" then she walks off.

David finds Dixie and apologizes for pushing Tad’s buttons before. Dixie thinks that to make her happy, he should leave her alone. She walks off. David goes looking for Anna but she is nowhere to be found…Anna is hiding in the Christmas trees and she leaves a message for Chris to call her because she has some message about Proteus that she would like to give him….Stuart finds the celestial gift under the Christmas tree and he wonders where it came from and who it is for.


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