AMC Update Tuesday 12/18/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 12/18/01

By Glynis

Ryan is talking to Liza about his father and she canít understand why he is torturing himself. He is doing this because everyone is lying to him and he hates it. Ryan thinks that Adam has information on his father and he wants to get that. Ryan agrees to let Liza handle things with Adam and Ryan leaves.

JR is out and talking to his father. JR is being really sarcastic because he wanted his father to intervene and he didnít. Adam explains that helping JR to fix his problems wasnít helping anyone. He is stuck doing community service because of Adam not helping him out. JR is stuck setting up Christmas trees for penance. Adam knows that JR will straighten himself out. Colby and Jamie look up to JR. JR thinks that it is funny that all Adamís kids end up in therapy. JR finds his father to be a hypocrite. Adam is trying to get JR a full, rich life. He is trying to help his son dammit. Marion is there with Colby and she calls to Adam to get him to come and look at it. Adam picks up his daughter and walks off to look at the tree. Stuart comes up to see JR and he is dressed as Santa. He tells JR that being mad doesnít get you anywhere. Adam loves his son a lot and he doesnít always show that the way that JR would like him to, but it is Christmas and they are going to have snow on Christmas day. Things could be worse and JR has to admit that. Stuart put on the Santa suit because he believes that there is a little Santa in everyone. Stuart manages to cheer him up.

Mateo and Hayley meet in their secret place and they hug and kiss with Hayley telling him that she hates this. Mateo is very sorry that she has to go through this. Hayley tells Mateo that she is going back to work as soon as possible. He doesnít like that one bit. He wonít let her do this. She tells him that she has resources at work that can help her find Proteus and shut him down. Hayley tells him that he canít do this by himself. She will not be frozen out. They call his mother and talk to the baby. Hayley is looking very sad. They are safe now. Hayley wants this over now. Mateo tells her that he will take care of her and he starts kissing her head. They have only one candle burning in the background but that is good enough for them.

Chris is telling Erica that Ryanís father went after his fiancťe and not him because he knew that hurting her would hurt him more than anything would. The whole thing seems so personal. Patrick was all about revenge because Chris got too close to him and arrested him for drug dealing. He struck before Chris could get to him. He really hurt Chris. Erica takes Chris in her arms and she holds him. He starts crying and canít believe that Erica is listening to him talk like this. Erica can see that he trusts her. He trusts her with his life. That means a lot to her and she trusts him with her life. She is so glad to have him.



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