AMC Update Monday 12/17/01


All My Children Update Monday 12/17/01

By Lori

Chris tells Ryan at The Pit that he shot his father while on the job. "I wanted him dead," he says. Chris says he was working for the FBI in narcotics and set Ryan's father up. He shot him twice, disobeying all regulations. He was put on desk duty for two years as a result. Ryan can't believe what he is hearing. When Chris says he did the world a favor by shooting Ryan's father, Ryan punches him in the face and leaves the bar with Mia.

Roger is recovering from his physical problems after David gave him a drug. David tells him to follow his instructions or he's a dead man. Roger says he's sorry he bothered him and leaves. Anna, who is outside, hides, then follows Roger.

Simone is with Mateo outside The Pit, who is waiting for Roger to show up. They are growing impatient. Just as they prepare to leave, Roger arrives. Mateo gives Roger a computer disc and tells him to give it to Proteus. Roger says it won't be easy but he takes the disc. Mateo and Simone, who are hanging all over each other and kissing, leave to go to Mateo's condo. Anna witnesses this transaction with Roger. Her phone rings. It is David, who asks that she come to his mountain home because he has something he wants to give her.

Roger is seen putting the disc in a computer. He says to himself it is for Proteus. Then, David is seen at his computer and suddenly he gets an email. He looks at it but is interrupted by Anna, who is at the door. David tells her he wants to thank her for telling Chris Stamp he is not Proteus and believing in him. Anna is distant, and David senses something is up. He asks if something has changed to make her not trust him anymore. Anna says something has changed. She tells him Chris has fired her and told her the only future she will have is as his girlfriend. She says that sounds so tame. David gets close to her. "What if I said I was Proteus?" he asks her, wondering if that would be more exciting to her. That would be lying, Anna says. He is a cardiologist who saves lives. "Maybe, maybe not," David says as he kisses her. Anna doesn't respond to his kisses and says she needs to leave. David is perplexed by her behavior and watches her out the window as she leaves.

Greenlee, Laura, Jake and Leo are still in the elevator. Greenlee is crying and Laura is taunting her to choose between Jake and Leo, who are not saying a word. Greenlee composes herself and tries to get out of the elevator to no avail. She turns and apologizes sarcastically to Jake and Leo. She says she doesn't need any man. Laura tells her she couldn't go three months without chasing one of them. Greenlee looks at Leo, who says he's stopped begging her to take his ring. That prompts Greenlee to chastise him for giving her an engagement ring on an elevator. The two argue, with Greenlee telling him he hasn't given her any room to breathe. Leo says maybe he moved too fast but he thought that's what Greenlee wanted. Now, he has finally figured her out and knows what she meant by him being vanilla. She doesn't love him. She only loves herself. He tells Jake he can have Greenlee, but Jake says he "won't be a contestant in the Greenlee Smythe sweepstakes." An amused Laura tells Greenlee she "went from double dip to double dump in one night." The elevator opens and Jake and Laura leave. "You hurt me," Greenlee tells Leo as she leaves to go to her loft. She returns with Leo's clothes and dumps them at the door of the elevator. She tells Leo he is no longer welcome at her place. Leo doesn't seem upset. "Reality check, I'm not asking," he says. He gives Greenlee her key back, gets in the elevator without picking up his clothes and the doors close. Once alone, he appears near tears.

Jake returns to his loft and sits down with a beer. Suddenly Laura walks in. "Hey, neighbor," she says. She tells Jake he played his "rejection scene" so well, but he shouldn't worry. Greenlee will come around in a few days. Jake orders her out.

Mateo and Simone arrive at his condo. They are still kissing and playing the role of lovers when Stuart shows up. He tells Mateo he heard about him and Hayley splitting up and he wants to make sure if it's true. Mateo introduces Simone and Stuart is courteous, but he asks to talk to Mateo alone. Mateo tells Stuart his marriage with Hayley is over but Stuart doesn't want to believe it. He wants Mateo to look him in the eye and tell him he doesn't love Hayley. Mateo doesn't comply, but does tell Stuart that Hayley changed after they had their baby. She ignores him. Stuart is listening to this in astonishment but doesn't believe it. He says the look in Mateo's eyes is the same look Adam gives him when he is lying. Stuart leaves, telling Mateo to do what he has to do but not to worry because he and Hayley will be fine. Mateo and Simone go into his condo and he looks guilty. Simone hugs him and whispers in his ear "you OK?" Mateo whispers back, "when I find Proteus, I'm going to kill him."


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