AMC Update Wednesday 12/12/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 12/12/01

By Glynis

Anna finds David in the hospital feeling sorry for himself. She wants to drive him home and he finds that she is feeling brave wanting to be around him since people seem to die around him. She takes him home and learns that he lost a young boy the night before. He told the boy that he would save him. David was sure that they couldnít miss. The boyís father gave him a lucky charm that he had for 30 years. David is upset because the kid should be alive. He thanks her for giving him hope. He wants her to leave. He wants to have some rest. She doesnít want him to be alone this day. This is the anniversary of his fatherís death and Anna found that out. David thinks that she is just being a good spy and not caring for him. She denies that. He wants to know what else she knows about him. There might be a detail that might bring him down. She doesnít consider him an enemy. He offers to tell her everything that he knows. He tells her about his father shooting himself. David was home at the time and his mother goaded him into it. Vanessa challenged him to pull the trigger. He always gave her what she wanted and he shot himself. David still sees the scene in his mind. Vanessa walked out of the room with David holding his father in his arms. He couldnít stop the blood. He was 12 at the time. He only wanted to stop the pain.

Erica finds Greenlee at her desk and she demands that Greenlee got out of there or security will be called. Greenlee tells her that if she is sent away there will be another death. She warns her that she knows that she can help. Greenlee was arrested for hanging around Leo and Laura. Greenlee begs for her job and Erica seems to have a change of heart just when Greenlee thought that she couldnítí win her over. Opal comes in saying that Bianca is having a hard time. Greenlee offers that Bianca stay at her penthouse but Erica doesnít like that idea. Greenlee leaves. Bianca doesnít want to see Erica anymore. Opal says that Bianca believes that Erica was the one that killed her girlfriend. Opal will do anything to help Bianca. Erica wants Opal to really be there for her. Erica says that when she is convicted and sent to prison, Bianca is really going to need someone. Opal tells her that she will be there for her own daughter. She feels that Erica is not going anywhere. Erica has to ask her to take care of Bianca. She wants Opal to be Biancaís mother when Erica has to go. Opal of course agrees to help in any way that she can. Bianca means everything to Erica. She is Ericaís life and heart. Erica can live with Bianca hating her instead ofÖ Opal wants to know how Erica came to the realization that she was saving Bianca. What is she saving her from? Opal would like to look after her friend and help her. She wants to know what is going on. Erica tells her to relax because Chris has everything under control. Opal knows that Chris is good but he is not like Opal. The load shared is the load lightened. What is all this about saving Bianca? Erica tells her that the jury has to find her guilty because she is sure that Bianca shot Frankie.

Chris tells Jack that he is going to be the one that takes care of Erica in the case. Chris tells Jack that he knows that Erica was the one that got over him. Jack denies that. Jack feels that Chris has too much to hide to take care of Erica. Jack knows that Chris screwed up once and was demoted. Jack knows that the FBI was short changed by Chris and that Chris will not be given a second chance this time.

Jake comes home and finds that Pat has been trying to find him. Greenlee has left him a message too. She is telling him that she made a miracle that day. Jake looks up to see Leo at the door staring at him. Leo wants a key to Greenleeís place. Jake tells him that he doesnít have it. Jake remembers where there is a key and gives it to Leo. Leo thanks him for looking after Greenlee when he was with Laura. Jake thinks that the praise is not necessary. Greenlee talks to Jake sometimes and Leo says that doesnít worry him. Jake can see that Leo is insecure about his footing with Greenlee. Greenlee is a lot for a guy like Leo to handle. For the long haul, Greenlee needs stability and Leo doesnít have that. Leo sees that Greenlee was there. Her scarf was is on the sofa. Greenlee didnítí tell Leo that she had been there. Laura comes to the door and she says, "Hi Neighbors! Just setting up my kitchen." Leo and Jake turn to look at her in the doorway. She comes into the apartment and Greenlee returns to find them all there.

Chris walks by Davidís suite and sees Anna with him. He smiles and walks by. Anna goes to talk to him in the hall. Chris tells her that she is being careless. Chris tells her that he would like her to accelerate her relationship with David. She wants Anna to move in with David. She agrees to do it. She canít just do this pillow talk. Anna tells him that David isnít Proteus. She has no hard evidence. Chris tells her to keep her libido on a tighter leash. Chris is calling the shots on this investigation. Anna suspects that there is something that Chris doesnít want her to find out. What is it? He leaves her wondering. David slowly closes the door; he has heard everything that they have discussed. Anna returns to the room and finds David sitting up. She tells him that she went back to her room to check the messages. She didnít want to wake him. He thanks her for that. He gets off the bed and moves to her slowly. He asks her to come to bed with him. He really wants her to. He holds her face and kisses her. Soon they are acting passionate again.


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