AMC Update Monday 12/10/01


All My Children Update Monday 12/10/01

By Lori


Mateo, with Hayley standing by him, tells the man with the altered voice that he doesn't like Proteus interfering in his personal life. The man asks whether Mateo wants to move up in the drug operation and he says he does. The man then asks if he had a choice between working with him or saving his son, which would he choose. Mateo says he doesn't deal with hypotheticals and refused to answer. The man reminds him that he is in his family now and hangs up. Hayley is scared because their son was threatened and she wants to go get the baby. Mateo stops her but she slaps him. She breaks out crying and hugs him. Mateo says if Proteus doesn't believe he's on his side, he's dead. They must continue to pretend that their marriage is over. He hugs her and tells her everything will be fine.

Greenlee is busy working in Erica's office when Leo enters with some edible massage oil. She doesn't show much interest and tells Leo she is busy working. He tells her she has been a turnoff ever since she returned to Enchantment. An Enchantment employee enters and tells Greenlee that Erica wants to shut down her company while she is in jail. Everyone is to leave. Greenlee ignores this and continues working, much to Leo's astonishment. He can't understand why she wants to stay there. Leo tells Greenlee he knows she faked taking to Erica on the phone and she did not really give an OK to hire him. He says she too, should get out while she's ahead, referring to her "inexperience." Greenlee says she saved the Lacy's account and saved Erica's company millions of dollars. She says she wants this career ? she wants it all. She doesn't want to go to some cozy inn with Leo. That is too safe. She takes Leo's belt off his pants, puts it around his neck and kisses him. They fall onto the couch but Greenlee says they should move ? into Erica's private dressing room.

Erica is in court for her arraignment. She pleads not guilty to murdering Frankie. While Chris and Jack argue before the judge over her bail, Erica thinks back to how she found Frankie dead. She remembers picking up the gun by Frankie's body and believing that Bianca must have killed her. She also sees Bianca's locket in Frankie's hand. Erica leaves with the gun and the locket and goes to the boathouse, where she throws the gun into the water. She then remembers going home and getting a gun out of a lockbox in her closet. She remembers loading it and then burning some negatives. She thinks how she hid the locket in a flower arrangement on the mantle and then went back to Frankie's room with her own gun and calling Chris. The judge sets bail at $10 million, much to the opposition of Chris, who argues she will not flee. Jack, however, believes Erica is a flight risk. Erica tells the judge she will meet the bail requirements. The judge tells her if she does, she will have to wear an ankle cuff and can remain only at her home and office. After the court hearing, Jack tells Erica he is concerned how all this is affecting Bianca. After Erica asks Chris for a moment to talk to Jack alone, Jack tells Erica he believes she would do anything for Bianca, even kill Frankie. Erica tells Jack she did not kill Frankie, but she believes Frankie would have ruined Bianca. When Chris returns and Jack leaves, Erica tells him she has a headache. He leaves to get her some aspirin, and she says to herself, "It's working. They all think I'm guilty. My baby is safe."

A hysterical Bianca goes to her mother's office at Enchantment. She is angry and begins destroying things in the office. She tosses glass vases at her mother's paintings and takes a large photo of her mother and scribbles over it with a marker. The noise attracts the attention of Leo and Greenlee, who are still in the dressing room. They come out and see Bianca scribbling on the picture. Greenlee asks Bianca what has gotten into her, but Leo is more sympathetic. He tells Greenlee to leave the room so he can talk to her in private. Bianca tells Leo she believes she is the reason Frankie is dead because she was in love with her. She says her mother killed Frankie.

Hayley and Mateo return to their home and argue. Mateo tells Hayley she cannot take their son away from him but she insists this is all his fault. Simone comes over and tells Mateo that he promised to take care of her and she needed his help now. Hayley notes that Mateo is paying Simone. "How does it feel to be my husband's whore?" she asks. Mateo gives Simone some cash and she leaves. Hayley calls him a bastard. She leaves the house with a bag leaving Mateo alone at home. From an unknown place, Proteus has watched the scene from a big screen.

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