AMC Update Friday 12/07/01


All My Children Update Friday 12/7/01

By Lori

Adam arrives at Hayley's condo at her request and meets her outside. She is scurrying around, telling him about everything she has to get done. "Is Mateo helping you with anything?" Adam asks. Just then, Hayley opens the door to her condo and she and Adam find Mateo and Simone laying on the couch together with their shirts unbuttoned. "I thought you were going to have lunch with your dad in town," Mateo says. Adam wonders if that's all he has to say after being caught cheating on Hayley in their living room. Hayley starts to cry and questions Mateo about seeing his girlfriend in their home. "It's the best time I've had in months," Mateo replies. An angry Adam goes to grab Mateo but Mateo pulls away and orders Adam out. As Mateo follows Adam and Hayley outside, he asks what difference does it make if he's cheating. Hayley has become distant and preoccupied, he says. Hayley asks Mateo about all the money he's spending and wonders where he gets it. Mateo tells her it's none of her business. He says all Hayley does is nag him while Simone is supportive. Just then, the man known only by Simone walks by and stares at them. He continues on. Adam tells Hayley to come with him to his house. Hayley tells Adam to go ahead, she'll follow behind in her car. Mateo asks Hayley to talk to him, but she says he can talk all he wants because they are through. Later, Simone sees her mystery man and tells him she can explain everything. The man says they had an agreement and he wants to hear no explanation. He walks away.

Dixie confronts David about her missing blood sample and he admits that he took it to have it sent to a private lab. He says he noticed her shortness of breath and wanted her sample to have special treatment. Dixie says David had no business doing such a thing and angrily accused him of trying to control her life. Vanessa approaches and angrily confronts Dixie for talking to her son like that. She raises her hand to slap Dixie but David catches her and stops her. Vanessa says she is just trying to defend her son's reputation, but David demands to know what is going on with Vanessa. A shaky Vanessa says she doesn't know and walks away. David tries to apologize to Dixie but Dixie doesn't want to hear it. She sees JR with Dr. McMillan and walks away. David confronts his mother but Vanessa tells her son he needs to forget about Dixie. Dixie is a threat to David's livelihood, Vanessa says. Vanessa brings up Frankie's death and says she hasn't been able to call her sister to tell her her daughter was murdered by his former girlfriend. David says he knows Erica didn't kill Frankie and Vanessa asks him why he thinks Erica is innocent. David says he cannot imagine Erica ever killing anyone. He asks Vanessa why she is at the hospital and she says she needed to talk to someone. David says he doesn't want to deal with her tonight and she leaves.

Dixie asks JR how his appointment with the doctor went. A rebellious JR says it was a waste of time. He says this psychiatrist doesn't know him and doesn't care about him. Dixie apologizes to the doctor, who sits them both down and reassures JR that everything he says during their sessions will be kept confidential, unless he sees JR is a threat to himself or someone else. The doctor says he will continue to meet with JR weekly, even though JR continues to express disgust with the whole process. When the doctor walks away, JR calls him a freak. Dixie gets firm and tells JR he will continue seeing the psychiatrist. Adam arrives to meet Dixie and JR and Dixie is angry that he wasn't there earlier. JR tells his father that his appointment with the psychiatrist was a waste of time and promised that he won't smoke marijuana anymore and will perform community service work. Adam refuses the offer and tells JR he will continue seeing the doctor so he can become a productive and responsible member of society. JR makes a crack about his father's reputation and Dixie gets angry and tells him to wait in the car. After JR leaves, Dixie yells at Adam for being late to meet them. Adam apologizes and laments to her about his family's misfortune. He wonders if he is responsible. Adam tells Dixie about Hayley's problems and the two of them sit down and talk. From a distance, David watches them. He calls someone and asks that his appointments for the rest of the day be canceled. He still has Dixie's blood sample in his pocket.

Bianca is crying outside the courtroom with Erica. She demands Erica tell her what happened the night Frankie was shot. Erica tells Bianca that she needs to leave and rest and just let her get through this court appearance. But Bianca is hysterical and won't leave without knowing what Erica knows. Erica insists Bianca not talk about this and Bianca wonders why. You know why, Erica says, but Bianca says she does not. "Mom tell me, did I kill Frankie?" Bianca asks. She asks if her mother is covering for her. Bianca says she cannot remember anything. Erica tells her it's good she doesn't remember because all of this is for the best. "That little witch got exactly what she deserved," Erica said. Erica says Frankie used and betrayed Bianca and Bianca wants an explanation. Did she ask for money, Bianca wonders? It hits Bianca that her mother must be responsible for Frankie's death. "You did it, didn't you," she says. Chris approaches and asks what is going on, but Erica asks him to leave them alone for another minute. Erica tells Bianca that no one has to know what really happened when Frankie got killed. She tells Bianca she is doing this for her. Bianca cries that she loved Frankie with all her heart and Erica took her away from her. Erica insists that she saved Bianca ? Frankie wasn't even faithful to her. Bianca calls her mother a "horrible liar" who could not stand the fact that a girl loved her. "You killed her to keep her from loving me. How could you do this," Bianca says. Erica is speechless and Bianca runs off. Erica tries to run after her but is stopped by a police officer. She is called into court. She tells Chris he must find Bianca and he promises he will after the arraignment. As she sits down in the courtroom, she recalls the night Frankie was killed. She remembers walking into Frankie's bedroom and finding her dead. She remembers picking up the gun, recognizing it and saying "Oh my God, Bianca. What have you done?"

Hayley meets Mateo in their secret room and they embrace. Mateo says she did great but Hayley says she thought her performance was weak. She chastises Mateo for making his romantic scene with Simone look too real. Hayley says she hates to lie about their relationship but Mateo says it must be done because their house is bugged by Proteus. Hayley says she hates having to pretend to hate him, and they kiss. Mateo's phone rings and it is the man with the mechanically-altered voice. "Well done, Mr. Santos," he says. Mateo asks him what he means. The caller says he's glad they don't have to worry about Mateo's wife anymore. He says Mateo must not be the devoted husband and father that he claimed to be. "It was awfully amusing to see your little wifey cry," he says. Hayley is standing there listening, and they realize their entire charade was being watched.

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