AMC Update Wednesday 12/05/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 12/5/01

By Glynis

Leo is now working with Greenlee and she insists that he go to a meeting with her to pitch a product. He agrees to help her and she tries to get him to relax. The associates arrive and Greenlee does the introductions. The people want no renegotiations. They know what Erica is in trouble with the local police and the people are not interested in associated with Erica and her ruined reputation. The people are dead set against doing business with Enchantment. Greenlee reminds them that Erica is innocent until proven guilty. She is ready to do business. They are not sure that their company can handle this. They feel that this is too risky. Greenlee reminds them that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Greenlee tells them that there is a restaurant where a mob guy got killed. People are still waiting in line to take pictures at the location. Greenlee manages to convince the guests that they should invest in the idea even though Erica is in trouble. They leave and Leo goes out for a moment and Greenlee quickly goes to the phone to leave Jack a message telling him that she has pulled off a miracle.

Edmund shows up as a friend for Brooke. He will always be there for her when she needs someone. She hates that he is being nice to her when she is being impossible. She doesnít have to do this alone anymore.

David is releasing Roger from the hospital and Roger is sure that he is going to be in big trouble with Proteus. Roger has no money and no reason to live. David reminds him that he has a daughter and he should be grateful for that. Roger has busted his butt for years and now he has a weak heart. David gives Roger a wad of money and tells him to be quiet keeping his whining to himself. Anna happens to enter the hospital at that time and sees David giving Roger the wad of money. Roger leaves and Anna reveals herself. Anna misses him and what they do together. She thinks that they should have dinner together. Dixie comes out and sees Anna talking to Anna. David leaves Anna and goes to Dixie. She talks to him and then starts having an attack. David makes her sit down and she refuses to listen to him. She tells him not to talk to her ever again. This happens all under the watchful eye of Anna. Anna is not sure if they are building anything together or not, but she thought that they were moving in the right direction. She is already down that road. She wants him to come to her with a clean slate. Anna is not going to watch him fawn over Dixie.

JR comes to see Bianca in the hospital. He is trying to tell her something but he canít get it out. He knows that Frankie meant a lot to Bianca because he saw her see him with her. Bianca doesnít get it. He explains that he was the guy that she saw Frankie with. He didnít know that she was involved with Frankie. He never would have done that. He was in the park and he had a fight with his mom and he met Frankie and she gave him some of her joint. He thought they were just going to hang out, but things changed and he didnít have sex with her. He really wants Bianca to know that. Bianca is fine with what he is telling her. She asks him a few questions. Did she seem angry or upset? She was messed up. That much JR could see. He couldnít really tell cause he was in his own world. She was rushing and trying to prove something.

Brooke sees her daughter finally. Laura tells them that she is moving out. Brooke wants to help her but Laura knows that this is something that she has to do herself. She has found a place that is not too far from here. It is in town. Edmund tells her that they are worried and that they should know how to find her. She admits that she got a loft space in the same building as Greenlee a few flights down. Greenlee comes out again on top. Brooke thinks that Laura is making a big mistake. Brooke knows that Leo is going to want a quick divorce and Laura needs to stop thinking of herself as Leoís wife. Leo doesnít want to be married to her now and he never did. Laura thinks that she has moved on. Laura says that she will start looking for somewhere else to live. Brooke would like Laura to see a shrink. Laura doesnít like that idea. Laura canít believe that Brooke is making her do this. Laura agrees to go and see the shrink.

Dixie meets Opal at the hospital. Opal learns that the person that was with Frankie at the time before she died was JR. The police questioned him and he is trying to explain to Bianca what happened earlier. Opal didnít realize that JR was seeing girls. Opal thinks that this is not the time for Dixie to be leaving Tad. The whole thing is really very sad. Opal is going to get home and rest before she has to return to work. Opal will love Dixie even if she breaks up with Tad. She shouldnít ever give up on love. Dixie goes in to see Bianca and JR. She brings Bianca a package that is from Frankie. Bianca drops the package as if it is hot. Dixie leaves the room and JR follows. Bianca turns back to the package. It is signed in Frankieís handwriting. Bianca throws the package in the drawer beside her bed.

Opal is at a diner and she sees her reflection knowing that she could scare a bear that morning. She realizes that she has left her wallet at home. A man walks up behind her telling her that he could buy her breakfast if she needs it.



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