AMC Update Tuesday 12/04/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 12/4/01

By Glynis

Greenlee is pounding on the door to talk to Jake. He is in the apartment with his new love interest, Pat. Jake refuses to let her in. Pat opens the door to Greenlee who barges in. Pat decides to go and take a shower. Greenlee wonders if he has any of her backup disks. The one that she wants isnít in the boxes with her things. He tells her that her disks are not in his apartment. He goes into his computer checking for her things. He put her things in his computer laptop. She is so happy that he did that for her. She finds him to be the most perfect man in the world. She rushes over and hugs him. He gives her the disks but she doesnít want to go. Jake told her not to get married to someone because someone better is not available. He is with Pat because she is interested in him. She is not weighing out her options. Jake tells her that is ready to take her over his shoulder and take her to the lobby. He has no reason to fight. Why did she really come over there? She tells him that he sucks. Jake tells her to run along, he has to get to the hospital. She tells him to go to hell. She goes running out and he stops her to remind her to take her disks. She runs back in and grabs them before leaving. Pat comes out dresed. She is hurt. She can tell that he wants Greenlee so bad and she wants him too. Who is going to blink first?

JR wants his father to help him get out of his mess, but Adam will not budge. Liza is there listening and canít believe her ears. Dixie thinks that JR needs a whole new approach to discipline. Adam is not going to bail him out this time. Adam gives Dixie a card for a psychiatrist. Adam takes responsibility for JR screwing up. If he had been in therapy then he wouldnít be in this mess. This is responsible for all the troubles in his life. Things would have played out a little differently if JR had only behaved from the start. Dixie asks to be alone with Liza and once she is she tells Liza that she is sorry about the baby being miscarried. Dixie tells Liza that she needs to call in her marker with Liza. Liza wants to know what she wants. Adam is suddenly acting like Mike Brady and Dixie knows that Adam is doing it for Liza. If he doesnít pull strings to get JR off, Dixie may lose her son. Dixie will not have that. Liza canít believe that Dixie is asking her to do this. He needs help. Dixie will worry about helping him some other way after she figures out how to keep her son out of jail. Dixie canít be with Tad but she can be with her son. Doing everything that is right is not working for her anymore.

JR is outside the room talking to Adam. Adam is firm that he will not help anymore. JR was on probation when he was found with the weed. Adam never did anything like this so he canít relate. What if JR was still in bed with Frankie when whoever wanted her dead showed up? What would he have done then? JR promises again that he will not smoke anymore dope. That is not enough for Adam. JR thinks that his father is hypocritical. Adam has gotten away with everything his whole life. Adam knows that but he will not let his son be like him. That is the whole point of this. This is JR's absolute last chance. JR and Adam rejoin the others in the room and Dixie hopes that he never has to go through this with Colby. Adam and Liza are alone now. Liza tells him that she hopes that he did this for JR and not for her.

Greenlee shows up at work to save Ericaís company and Leo shows up with a log all dressed in leather. He tells her that the log is for the fireplace and he has a negligee draped over his shoulder that he shows her. It is for her to wear for their sexy time at the Inn at Cedars Lake. He knows that her fatherís condition is upgraded to good. This is the perfect chance for them to get away so that they can deal with each other. Greenlee tells him that she is in the middle of a crisis. Leo tells her that she doesnít have to work 48 hours a day. He tries to get her to leave with him so that they can play hooky. He canít seduce her right now; she has work to do. She has to stay and work. She wants to hire him to work with her. She will pay him for now from her trust fund. He tells her no. Never again. He spent a lot of years living off other peopleís money and he will not live off hers. She gets a call and pretends that it is from Erica. She says to the receiveer that she has a wonderful idea that she should hire Leo for the meeting to pitch the new idea. She hands up pretending that eveything is okay. Leo knows nothing about mascara. She will teach him everything that she knows. Here they go.

Edmund tries to make Brooke see reason as far as Laura is concerned, but Brooke will not hear it and she leaves him standing.

Laura comes home and finds that Leo and Lauraís stuff is gone. Where did she go?



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