AMC Update Monday 12/03/01


All My Children Update Monday 12/03/01

By Lori

Laura is confronting Leo and Greenlee in the condo where Laura lived with Leo. She refers to the analogy used by Greenlee with Jake about Jake being Greenlee's Rocky Road while Leo is Greenlee's vanilla. "You want to tell him, or should I," Laura asks Greenlee, who tries to get Leo out of the condo before Laura spills the vanilla beans. Leo says he doesn't want to listen to anything Laura has to say and tells his estranged wife that his relationship with Greenlee is none of her concern. Laura tells Leo that the only reason Greenlee wants him now is because he was married to her. Greenlee is already looking over her shoulder ? at Jake, Laura says. She asks Leo to consider whether Greenlee is capable of loving only one man, or is she going to take Leo on the worst ride of his life. Suddenly, Greenlee's cell phone rings. She sees that it is from Enchantment and assumes it is Erica calling. It actually is someone else at Enchantment, telling her that Erica is occupied and she is needed for an important meeting the next day. Greenlee tells the caller she'll get back to her. She hangs up and is ecstatic that Enchantment still needs her after Erica fired her. She tells Leo this is her chance to get her job back. "What about Paris?" Leo asks Greenlee, reminding her their plans were to travel around and be free spirits. Greenlee says Paris can wait, disappointing Leo. Leo acknowledges that she must follow her dreams, and Greenlee reminds him that he is her dreams. "That's not what I heard," Laura interrupts. Leo demands to know what Laura has to say. Laura, with a smug smile on her face, says now is not the time to say anything. A frustrated Leo goes into the bedroom to retrieve some of his belongings. With Laura and Greenlee now alone, Greenlee says Laura can tell Leo whatever she wants because he won't believe her. Laura says she won't have to tell him anything because Greenlee will tell him herself. Greenlee says there's nothing to tell, but Laura says Greenlee will let something slip and Leo will be gone fast. Greenlee leaves, and Laura tells herself that Leo needs to be punished.

Tad goes home and tells Dixie he wants to see JR. JR needs to hear his side of the story. Dixie wants Tad to leave. JR comes into the room and says he doesn't want to hear anything Tad has to say. JR says he trusted Tad but he screwed up their lives again when he brought Leslie Coulson back to Pine Valley. Tad admits he made a mistake. Just then, the police detective arrives asking to search the house. Tad and Dixie demand to know why, and the detective tells them that Frankie was murdered and JR's fingerprints were found in her room. JR is shocked and says she was alive when he left her. Dixie and Tad are surprised JR was with Frankie and equally shocked when a police officer returns to the room with a bag of marijuana found in JR's room. They go to the police station and Adam, who was called by Dixie, arrives with his attorney. The attorney whispers to Adam that JR should cooperate with the police and maybe they won't pursue the marijuana case against JR. JR tells the detective how he met Frankie at the park, smoked marijuana and returned to her room. He says they were "getting to know each other" when Bianca came into the room and found them in bed together. JR says Bianca looked like they had just killed her. He says Frankie got upset and told him to leave and he did. He mentions that Frankie had a broken locket, but the police say no locket was found in the room. They surmise that whoever has the locket must have been the one to kill Frankie.

Erica has admitted to Chris that she killed Frankie, and Chris demands to know every detail. Erica tells him she is not worried that a jury will find her guilty of murder and asks Chris what is going to do to get her out of this. She says he should find a way to make it look like the boy who was with Frankie in bed killed her. Chris says he would never frame an innocent person, even if he could. Erica then tells him that after talking with Frankie on the phone, she set out to look for Bianca. She got a call from Frankie, who admitted she was indeed trying to blackmail Bianca. Erica says Frankie admitted to having some photographs of Bianca but she decided not to use them against her. She wanted to give Erica the negatives. Erica went to see Frankie, taking Chris's gun from the glove compartment because she wanted to scare her. She says Frankie panicked and lunged for the gun. It went off accidently, killing Frankie. Erica says she went home, burned the negatives and returned to Frankie's room. She threw away Chris's gun and brought a gun that Travis once gave her to the scene. Chris tells Erica her story is full of holes, but Erica insists that she doesn't remember every detail. Jack and the police detective enter the room. They have just finished searching Erica's apartment and they found negatives in her fireplace and the missing locket. Jack tells Erica she is under arrest and the detective reads her her rights.

Leo comes out of his bedroom with a handful of clothes and Laura tries to make conversation. She asks Leo where he and Greenlee are going to live, but Leo doesn't want to answer. He criticizes Laura for the person she has become, saying she has locked herself off from everyone. He says she probably doesn't even know that Bianca is in the hospital, and Laura is surprised to hear the news. Leo says all Laura cares about now is her sick games. Laura gets angry, telling Leo she did nothing more than love him and respond to him after he told her he loved her. "You made my life a living hell," she says. She tells him to get out and leaves the room. Before he leaves, he glances at a framed photograph of him and Laura, and he lays the frame down so the photo is hidden.

Greenlee knocks on Jake's door and asks a shirtless Jake what he told Laura. She tells him Laura knew about her vanilla and Rocky Road comment and Jake says he would have no reason to tell that to Laura. Greenlee believes him, and Jake knows that is not the real reason she came over. She wanted to see him, he says. Greenlee admits that she came over to see Jake, but not for the reason he thinks. She tells him that Enchantment wants her back she excitedly jumps into his arms. Jake says he's happy for her. Greenlee says she knew Jake would be and knew he would understand. She hugs him and tells him he's good for her. Jake tells her she needs to go home and get some sleep. Greenlee stairs into his eyes, saying that even though he told her he doesn't want her anymore, she knows he doesn't mean it. Just then, a former lover, Pat, walks out of the bedroom in a night shirt and asks what's going on.

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