AMC Update Wednesday 11/28/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 11/28/01

By Glynis

Roger tells Mateo that he screwed up everything for him because now he has lost contact with the computer over there. Mateo wants to know what kind of work Roger was doing at Enchantment. Roger doesnít want to tell him anything. Mateo holds Rogerís throat and tells him to give more information. The monitors go crazy and Jake comes running in to check on Roger. Roger says nothing about his sudden attack from Mateo. Jake turns to talk to Mateo but he has disappeared.

Erica and Chris are over Frankie and she is dead. Erica says that no one killed her. She must have killed herself. Chris takes the gun from Erica and he makes a call reporting that he was at the scene of a shooting and that the victim is dead. He is waiting for the proper authorities. Erica watches him as he looks for traces of gunpowder. She sees that he is suspicious of her and he tells her that she needs to make another call to a lawyer. The police arrive at the scene and forensics too. They would like to question Erica but Chris tells them that she is waiting for her lawyer. Erica made a big mistake. She called Chris before she called the police and she picked up the gun. She canít afford anymore mistakes. Chris tells her to stand still and keep her mouth shut. They hear Jacksonís voice. Chris hates that because Jack is now the District Attorney. Erica runs to him and tells him that she desperately needs his help and he has to get her out of there. Jack tells her that she isnít going anywhere. He is going to have to talk to Erica at his office. She keeps talking and asks Jack if she is under arrest. Chris tells Jack that he will be representing Erica from now on. He is a lawyer and can do the job.

Ryan is telling Hayley that he thinks that she should be going back to work. He wants her to be happy. She was afraid of being a bad parent. She should keep working and make the alcoholism stay far from her. She knows that the alcohol will always be near her waiting to trap her, as she has been very idle. Mateo walks in and finds Ryan with Hayley and demands to know what is going on. She tells him that she is considering going back to work early and he tells her no she isnít going back to work. He leaves again and Hayley thinks that this is all her fault. She thinks that she brings the bad out in people. She told Ryan that she didnít want to be like her parents and Mateo never was like that and now he is. Ryan thinks that Mateo is going through some stuff. Hayley thinks that she is the one that changed her husband into this person. She recognizes the behaviour that her husband has. He is acting like her father.

Greenlee makes her way tot he hospital and tells Jake that Leo proposed to her. Jake knows that she has gotten everything that she wanted now. She is surprised by his reaction. She knows how he feels about her. He reminds her that he told her that he was don with her. He told her that if she crashed the party everything will change and it has. She can go to Leo now.

Leo is in the park looking for Bianca and he ends up finding her unconscious near some bushes. He brings her to the hospital and Jake happens to be there talking to Greenlee. They put her on a stretcher and wheel her off. Leo and Greenlee talk while Jake goes with Bianca. Leo knows that they have been apart for a long time and he has been rotten to her that whole time. Leo regrets the way that he treated her. He never wants to treat her badly. While he was driving Bianca over there, she was unconscious. She has gone through so much and she has come out and Leo thought of Greenlee because she has lost a lot too. Greenlee thinks that she may be getting some it back. When Leo thought of Greenlee when he was with Laura, he told himself that he didnít want what he had before with Greenlee. What they had in the past didnít work. They used to think that they had all the answers. Leo wasnít sure that was enough, but now he is sure.

Mateo goes to Greenleeís old office and searches through her things. He takes the hard drive from the computer and leaves. Erica didnít know that Chris was a lawyer. She makes Jack leave her alone with Erica. Jack tells her to give him a dollar. She searches in her purse and pays him. They are now able to share information. He wants to know the truth now. She says that she has been telling the truth. The truth can be confirmed by an autopsy. He is sure that she knows who shot Frankie. He tells her to tell him the truth and trust her. She doesnít think that she can tell him. He tells her that he loves her and that is why she should be able to tell him the truth.



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