AMC Update Tuesday 11/27/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 11/27/01

By Glynis

Leo asks Greenlee to marry him and she says yes. He thinks that they should do things right this time. She wants to concentrate on the future. Leo likes that. For them to have a good future, he has to explain a lot to her. He tortured her for months. They are perfect together. Leo would like to have fun again with her. He tells her to close her eyes. He wants her to forget that the last 6 months never happened. He kisses her and she really likes that. She was right about him trying to avoid her and drive her out of his heart. Leo was only dreaming about her and being with her. Greenlee always knew this. Leo always wanted her and he wants her right now. He kisses her and the passion in the boathouse begins. They end up in a boat by the boathouse naked under a blanket. How could they not know that they belong together? They are going to have a life where they spend time together all the time. Greenlee was right. They have the whole world waiting for them. They should go to Europe. They will just drift. It doesnít matter how long they do that. He is going to make her so happy. They are going to be better than before. Leo wants the old Greenlee back. They get dressed and Leo tells her that he will be back for her in an hour. This is going to be well worth the wait.

Jake is talking to Dixie and he is in agreement with her that Tad needs to be taught a lesson for bringing in Leslie into their lives. A male nurse comes in to tell Jake that JR is gone and needs a tetanus shot. Seems that he has left. Dixie is afraid that JR is going to see Tad. Dixie is waiting for word on JR and Tad arrives and tells her that he canít find JR. Why did she tell him the news without Tad there? What did she say? She told JR the truth. Tad thinks that JR can handle the truth. Dixie thinks of JR as a little boy still. Tad thinks that the problem is with Dixie and Tad. Dixie thinks that JR is not able to deal with this. Tad thinks that JR will not self-destruct. Dixie says that this is done and they have to deal with this now. Tad feels that JR is a grown man now and he can deal with his mother and father splitting up. Dixie reminds him that he is not JRís father. Tad would do anything for his family. The truth is that Tad is afraid of David and Dixie together. Jake comes up and tells Tad that he has to understand Dixieís view. Dixie tells Tad to leave.

JR has left the hospital and he meets Frankie in the park. She takes him to her room and they shared a joint together. He asks her questions to get to know her better. She asks him questions but he seems to know why he is there. He picks out some music for them to listen to. He is not very comfortable. They sit on the bed together and she wants to know what happened to his hand. JR doesnít want to tell her the details. She feels like punching walls sometimes. He got mad and he lost it. She jokes that she brought home a maniac. She crawls up the bed to him and kisses his lips. She can see that he is scared. JR looks at her and she suddenly gets angry. She doesnít want to talk. She tells him that something must be wrong with him.

Bianca is confronting her mother not believing that Erica would do something that plant drugs on Frankie to get her busted and out of Biancaís life. Chris leaves them alone in the office. Bianca figures out that her mother would do anything to keep her from Frankie. Bianca wants no part of her mother anymore. Bianca doesnít want to hear what her mother is saying. Every time that Bianca has had feelings for a woman, Erica has managed to misunderstand it. Bianca tells her that she loves Frankie and Frankie loves her. That is news to Erica that Frankie loves Bianca too. Finally after all these years, Bianca has somebody that really loves her back. Bianca has been loved. She has been loved ever since she was born. Erica knew that she wouldnít get her little girl back once she left to be with her father. Bianca was glad that her mother lost custody of her in the beginning. From the moment that she told her mother that she was gay she lost her mother and she never got her back. What can Erica do? Bianca thinks that her mother can do nothing to make her feel better. She wants her mother to be straight with her. She knows that her mother canít be straight with her. She wants her mother to get used to Bianca being who she is. Erica tells Bianca that she has never been embarrassed. This is her baby and she loves her with all of her heart. Bianca feels like she is being killed. It doesnít feel like love at all. Erica says that now she does understand. Bianca says that they canít fix this. Bianca canít do this anymore. Bianca is going to Frankie because she makes her feel good. Bianca knows what it is to be loved now and she is not going to give that up for Erica.

Erica says that she doesnít want Bianca to give this up. She just wants to know how Bianca knows that she is really being loved? Is she sure that she is not just being told that she is loved? Bianca is sure and she thinks that she is sure of the feelings that are being expressed. Bianca goes storming off. Chris returns to find Erica sitting alone. Erica tells him that Bianca doesnít believe that Erica loves her. Chris tells her that her daughter knows that she is loved but she needs a break. Chris thinks that later on things will smooth out. Frankie told Bianca that she loves her. Bianca said that Frankie loves her in a way that no one has ever loved her before. Vanessa comes to the door and hears Erica wondering if Frankie really is the right one for Bianca. Vanessa says that she couldnít be more thrilled that Bianca and Frankie are getting together. Erica called her over and now she doesnít want to talk to Vanessa anymore. Erica seems to have changed her mind about Frankie. Vanessa is happy that Bianca and Frankie are getting together. Vanessa is happy about Ericaís open-mindedness. Erica tells Chris to take Vanessa out to the parking lot.

Bianca comes to Frankieís room and finds her in bed with a boy kissing. They are both naked and under the covers and they havenít seen that Bianca is in the room yet.

Erica gets a call from Frankie. Frankie is crying and saying that Bianca ran out because she was in bed with another guy. Bianca was really upset. Frankie is sorry and Erica tells her that she is disgusting and has betrayed Bianca in a terrible way. Bianca loved her. Erica will kill her for this. She hangs up. Erica thinks that she has to go find Bianca. Chris wants to go with her but Erica thinks that Chris needs to go in his car alone and try to find Bianca.

JR returns to the hospital and finds Dixie and Jake waiting for him. JR ignores his father standing in the hallway and goes into the examination room. Jake goes to radiology to look into some things. Dixie turns to JR and tells him that she was worried. JR should have called. His mother wanted to know that he was safe. JR tells her that he was sorry for the way that he acted earlier. Dixie finds his reaction to be very honest. Dixie feels much better now. Things are going to get better. JR knows that. His mother loves him and he knows that. He loves her too

Frankie is home thinking of the things that Bianca said to her. She gets a pen and writes a note on the desk.

Erica is driving in her car and thinking of the last conversation that she was having with Bianca. She thinks about telling Frankie that she will kill her for this and she hits the gas speeding to find her daughter.

Tad has a talk with Jesse who tells Tad that he is not making things very easy.



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