AMC Update Wednesday 11/14/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 11/14/01

By Glynis

The wedding has been ruined. It is not going to happen. Brooke makes the announcement and Phoebe signals that Brooke should go over to Laura. Laura thinks that Brooke is not on her side. Brooke wants to take her daughter home and take care of her. Laura thinks that Greenlee wants to kill her and Greenlee is not going to let her get away with it.

Greenlee is in the vent trying to get out. She screams for help and then she hears someone behind her in the vent. She turns to find Leo crawling up beside her. She waits to see what he is going to say to her. He brings her down to the main room. Laura calls her a colossal bitch. Leo believes Greenlee when she says that her father had a heart attack. Everyone seems to believe Greenlee over her especially Leo. She hates that and she has a fit screaming and banging her bouquet on the pews as everyone watches. Greenlee, Leo and David leave for the office.

Dixie comes to Tadís rescue and everything is all right. How did Leslie get to them again? How did this happen? Jesse tells Tad to tell her the truth. Tad admits that Leslie finding them was his fault. He was the one that put her through all this. Leslie didnít escape from anywhere because Tad was the one that arranged that Leslie be in her sisterís care. Tad is sorry and that was a stupid thing to do. He has done many stupid things. He did this so that he could get to David. He hated him too much. Dixie canít believe that this is happening. Tad lost sight of things that are important. Now things are perfectly clear. The only thing that is important to him is loving her and being with her. He holds her to him. Jesse is feeling much better now. This is what happens when you make things right. Jesse says goodbye to Jesse. Jesse stays for a while and the authorities drag off Leslie. Jesse wants Tad to take Dixie home right away but she canít do it. She canít go home with him. This is exactly what Jesse was afraid of. Dixie refuses to go with him, not this time.

Greenlee arrives at her office to look after her father with Greenlee and Leo but when they enter the room; her father is nowhere to be seen. Leo is not saying that he didnít believe her about Roger clearly isnít there. This doesnít make any sense. Roger pulled the phone line out of the phone. The phone is fine now. Anna arrives at the office and here everyone talking. The occupants of the office turn realizing that Anna is there with them. Anna says that she is there because she was concerned. Greenlee is freaking out and David thinks that maybe Roger had a panic attack. Greenlee seemed to think that her father could barely breathe. She wants to go and look for her father. She is sure that he was in pain. David asked for David, so he would have waited. Leo offers to go with her. They leave the office together. David is sorry that he left her at the church but he was needed here. Anna thinks that he is lying. Leo and Greenlee return and they havenít been able to find Roger. Leo hugs her to comfort her. Laura shouts at Greenlee, "Get your hands off my husband! Get your hands off him now." Leo turns to her, "Get out of here now! You heard me!" Laura looks at him as if she has seen a monster.

Laura goes with her mother to a private room and Laura tries to let her see that she canít blame Greenlee for anything. Laura feels that everyone has been turning on her. She thinks that no one thinks that she really belongs there. She thinks that everyone thinks that she is a mongrel that doesnít deserve a real life. Laura is not going back to the gutter. Not now, not ever. She is going to get Leo back and he makes her feel safe and she will win him back. She thinks that no one has ever believed in her and never have. She is not letting Leo go, not now and not ever. Laura is shocked at her daughterís behaviour.

Frankie and Bianca are talking again about Frankie being a con artist. Bianca thinks that she knows the truth so nothing else matters. Does Frankie have any secrets? Frankie says no. Then there shouldnít be any problem. Frankie remembers back to a phone call that she had with a contact, reporting that everything is going according to plan. They walk out of the chapel together to go homeÖ Brooke returns and Edmund and Susan are there. Brooke was hoping that Joe would be l. Laura is clearly agitated and someone should check on her. Susan leaves to go and see whom her friend. Brooke tells Edmund that Laura was a mess and Brooke has never seen her daughter like this. She doesnít think that Laura is okay at all. Laura explains to him that he was right before that Laura was losing it. She should have listened to him. She had no idea that all of this was building up inside Laura. Brooke is so worried about Laura that she canít help it. She cries on Edmundís shoulder and over her shoulder he sees Simone signaling to him to come to her. He suggests that Brooke go and see Laura. She walks away and Simone enters the church. Edmund walks to her. He goes to a room with Simone who got his message. No one has seen her. She tells him that it has been a while since he has seen her. She has no report for him. She can only tell him that Mateo has changed for the worse and he isnít confiding in her anymore. Part of her thinks that he is going after Proteus and another part thinks that Mateo has crossed over to the other side. Edmund is sure that Mateo isnít on the other side. Simone tells him that Mateo is flashing cash everywhere. Edmund brings up another problem. Edmund thinks that she is still a spy and working right alongside them. She has been leaving clues. She was in a car accident and went to the hospital. She tells him that the accident wasnít an accident and she mentions Proteus. She knocks out a security guard and leaves the hospital and now she is hanging out with David who she is also seeing now. David fits the profile of Proteus and he is worried that Anna is pretending to be close with David to find out more. Simone has seen Anna with David and Chris in fact. Roger Smythe has also been around.


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