AMC Update Tuesday 11/13/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 11/13/01

By Glynis

Leslie wants to marry Tad because she wants to be the best widow in Pine Valley. It is going to be very sad when Tad dies, but Leslie will get over it. She has him tied up and she is dressed in her wedding gown. Jesse is there watching her. Leslie leaves for a while and Jesse announces that he has been trying to break through to Dixie. Jesse has to do something for Tad or he is going to die there. Jesse tells him again that this is his fault. That doesn’t matter. Tad begs him to try something. He tells him to go back to Dixie, but Dixie isn’t feeling Jesse. Tad begs him to try again. Jesse leaves and Leslie returns telling him that they are the only ones there. She was thinking of getting some candles, but that was too much. She hums the Wedding March. She starts saying the ceremony and Tad interrupts. She gets angry and shows him a shovel shouting, "Shut up." She continues the ceremony. "Even though this will be a brief tragic marriage, it will be the best story told." Tad says that he will go ahead with the marriage thing but he doesn’t want to do the widow thing with her. She is not going to be fooled by him again. She stands before him and puts a noose around his head telling him that he is a liar.

The wedding is almost underway. Brooke is greeting the guests. Zora and Joe are there as well as Opal and Dixie… Joe takes Dixie aside to tell her that they have to talk…Frankie and Bianca arrive at the wedding and Bianca tells her not to worry everything is going to be just fine. Brooke is glad that Bianca is there for the wedding. Bianca is there for the wedding because of Leo’s persuasiveness. Frankie and Bianca walk off proud that they could talk to people. They are a lot tougher than they look. Bianca has more people that she wants Frankie to meet. She introduces her to Edmund. Brooke walks up and Edmund compliments her as the two girls walk off. Edmund hasn’t been able to find Anna. Just then Edmund sees her walk in. He leaves Brooke to go and talk to Anna. He tells her that she has to stay away from David.

Leo is getting dressed to get married and Vanessa is there trying to get Leo to forget this wedding. She is sure that this is going to be a sham. David is there too. David tells her to get out and even ushers her out. The minister walks in and Leo meets him. The minister wonders if Leo wants to get married or not.

Brooke gets Laura and she is dressed and ready. Brooke tells her not to be nervous. She is married already and getting married again because this is a celebration of life. She is going to remember this day for the rest of her life. Susan and Jamie come in and join the two. Brooke starts crying already. The family goes to sit as Laura gets ready for her walk down the aisle. Susan can see that Laura is very nervous. Laura needs 5 minutes to focus. She stands alone and tells herself that this is okay. She has done it. Leo will be with her forever. Just then, Greenlee shows up telling an usher that she has to speak to Dr. Martin because she has an emergency. She turns to find Laura standing behind her, glaring at her.

Joe tells Dixie that something is very wrong. Dixie tells him that Tad called saying that he was going out of town. She tries his number again. It is turned off. Jesse arrives behind Dixie and prays that she hears him. "DIXIE! DIXIE! YOU HAVE TO COME WITH ME, TAD NEEDS YOUR HELP!" Dixie continues talking with Joe… Anna announces that she found David to Edmund. Edmund tells her that Proteus is the alias for the biggest drug dealer that this town has ever known. David walks up behind them and greets Anna with a tender kiss. That is too much for Edmund. The wedding music starts and everyone takes his or her seats. Brooke and Edmund walk to their seats. Susan walks up the aisle smiling. The bridal music begins and everyone stands to greet the bride. Leo is at the front looking at Brooke… In the back Laura grabs Greenlee’s arm and drags her down the hallway of the back of the church. Greenlee is protesting and Laura is shouting at her, "Not now." She flings her into a closet locking her in. Leo comes back there and finds her standing in front of the door. He is wondering what the hell is going on. He wants to get to the bottom of the problem, but she convinces him that she will be ready in a couple of minutes. He goes ahead of her and she runs to the hallway to get a chair and bar Greenlee into the closet. With the chair there she won’t have a chance of getting out. Greenlee senses that something is terribly wrong and she starts banging on the door shouting for help, but Laura is gone now… Everyone is wondering what is keeping Laura. She opens the door to signal her mother and tell Susan to do the walk up the aisle again. She wants to do this right. Brooke agrees to start the festivities again… Edmund tries to get information from Anna about David and she having a relationship, but Anna will not talk about that with him… Dixie tells Opal that Leslie is on the loose. Opal is afraid that Leslie may have Tad again. Jesse is behind Opal talking to her and she realizes that she is talking to ghosts again. She grabs Dixie and pulls her from the room. The bridal music starts again. Laura walks out and sees Leo at the top of the aisle. She is really going to get to do it this time. She slowly walks to him.

Greenlee is banging on the door again and she sees that there is a vent at the top of the closet. She gets a ladder from the closet and sets it up to start climbing out.

Laura has reached Leo now and they have written their own vows. Laura goes first. "With you I will walk my path from this day forward and go forth with you for the rest of my years. I vow here to make this love my only love. I will make my home in your heart forever and ever."

Greenlee reaches the ceiling of the closet where the vent is. She opens it…

Leo says his vows… "Wherever the wind may take me I will…" Laura fills in the blanks…"stay by my side?" Leo is grateful for her help. The minister calls on Bianca to read a passage from the bible. Laura is surprised to see her there. Bianca goes to the front to do a reading from Corinthians. "Love is not rude, self-seeking, it is not easily anger. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth"… Greenlee is crawling in the vents now and she hears Bianca’s voice. She figures that must be the place where the ceremony is taking place. She follows the voice… Leo seems to be listening to Bianca’s words very carefully. It is time to finish off the wedding. Leo is to put the ring on his finger but he doesn’t move. She thinks that he is trying to make her crazy. He tells her no he isn’t. He takes the ring and puts it in her hand and closes it. Suddenly the sprinklers in the room go off and water pours down on everyone in the room. There is screaming everywhere.

Leslie is doing the ceremony herself and Tad finally shouts, "This is insane." She tells him that it is not time for his vows yet. She duct tapes his mouth. She will not remove the duct tape from mouth and she even kisses him with it on.


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