AMC Update Monday 11/12/01


All My Children Update Monday 11/12/01

By Lori

Greenlee is at her office leaving her seventh telephone message for Jake when he walks in. She is glad to see him, but he says he is not there to kiss and make up. Greenlee tries to apologize for crashing Leo and Laura's party and say from now on, she will listen to him alone. He says it is too late. He gives her the keys to her penthouse and says he has moved her stuff out of his apartment. Greenlee tries to talk it out with him when Erica barges in. She says she has just returned from Paris and was appalled to see a picture of Greenlee in a gorilla suit on the cover of the National Intruder. Erica says Greenlee's actions have brought shame to Enchantment and she fires her. After Erica leaves, Greenlee starts packing her things. "Now I've lost you and my career," she glumly tells Jake. Jake has no sympathy, and tells Greenlee this will make her stronger. He tells her to take care of herself. "I always do, don't I?" she replies. He walks out and ignores her request to stop.

Leo is drinking champagne, wearing a top hat opening wedding presents at his condo when Bianca and Frankee arrive. Bianca asks Leo if he still plans to go through with the wedding. She says marrying Laura again is a mistake. Leo tells her that they are already married and this is really just a big party. He asks Bianca to come to the wedding but she says no. With Leo out of the room, Frankie asks Bianca why she doesn't want to go to the wedding. Bianca admits that since she was publicly outed, if she shows up with Frankie people might think they are an item. She asks Frankie what she would think of that. Frankie responds by asking Bianca what she would think of it. Leo returns to the room and asks Bianca to do a reading, and she says she can't refuse him. Laura calls to tell Leo she loves him and has a gift for him in a drawer in the condo. He retrieves a photo cube with pictures of him and Laura. After Bianca and Frankie leaves, he stares at it. He is startled to hear Laura's voice saying "this time it's for keeps. I love you. Don't be late."

Laura is preparing for the wedding with Susan. Susan demands the money Laura owes her in cash. Laura is handing over the money just as Brooke and Phoebe enter the room. Phoebe notes that in her day, bridesmaids were given gifts of jewelry. Brooke inquires about the cash, and Laura says she is just reimbursing Susan a little money for her expense in coming to the wedding. Laura gets her something old, something, new, something borrowed and something blue. Phoebe loans her a diamond bracelet, Brooke gives her something old, rosary beads, and something new, a locket with Leo's picture. Susan gives her something blue -- a stash of old food stamps that she claims Laura gave her in New York and she never used. They are to remind Laura of where she used to be. After Brooke and Phoebe leave, Laura angrily reprimands Susan for the odd gift. Just then the wedding planner arrives. Everything is running smoothly except for one small problem. The minister's plane was delayed and he will not be able to perform the ceremony. The planner has arranged for anther minister, Rev. Baker, who has performed many of Erica Kane's weddings and was set to perform Greenlee's wedding. Laura explodes and calls the planner an idiot for hiring a minister who was to marry her husband to Greenlee Smythe. The planner apologizes and tries to find other arrangments. She says she can arrange for a guru and also is awaiting a call from one of several judges as soon as one gets off the golf course. Laura is seething and throws a vase of flowers at the wedding planner. "You wrecked my wedding," she shouts. The planner angrily responds that no one deserves someone so evil. "I hope the groom takes this as a sign and heads for the hills," she says and she leaves. Laura goes berserk and Susan tells her she is scaring her. Instantly, Laura calms down and says everything will be perfect. All she needs is Leo. She says she even has one more surprise for Leo.

Ryan confronts Marion with the news he overheard -- that Liza is pregnant. Marion at first tells Ryan he misheard but when he doesn't buy that she begs him not to say anything to Liza. Ryan asks if the baby is his, and says Liza would not have lied to him about being pregnant if the baby was Adams. He leaves to go see Liza, and Marion frets over what she has done. Mia frets as well, believing now that Ryan is not free for her to love. It seems that Liza has won again and must have been born under a lucky star. Marion sympathizes with Mia, and tells her that in a sense, they are family. She reaches out to touch her on the shoulder.

Adam is glad to see Liza back at the house, and he tells her he has never been more sorry for what he has done. Liza doesn't accept his apology and tells him she has filed for divorce and is seeking full custody of Colby. Adam tries to talk her out of it. As they argue, Liza falls down a couple of stairs. Ryan arrives just then and asks if the baby is OK. Adam asks Liza if she is pregnant and she confesses. Ryan calls 911 and Liza says she doesn't feel right. The paramedics arrive and take Liza out on a stretcher.

Roger gets a phone call from the computerized voice. Roger tells the caller about the extra money Mateo gave him and said Mateo wants a meeting with him. The caller says what Mateo wants and what he gets are two different things. He instructs Roger to go to Enchantment to learn where to pick up the next drug shipment. When Roger arrives, he learns that Greenlee has been fired. Greenlee is trying to get into her personal file on her computer but she sees that her access has already been removed. Roger is worried, and says he will find a way to get Greenlee's job back. Roger sits down at the computer and panics when he can't get into the computer. He starts to have a heart attack.

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