AMC Update Friday 11/09/01


All My Children Update Friday 11/9/01

By Lori

Mateo is counting a wad of cash behind the bar at SOS when he is approached by Simone. "Who died and made you rich?" she asks. Mateo, dressed to the nines in a suit and a tie, says he knocked off a bank. When Simone doesn't go along with his joke, he tells her to lighten up. These are good times, he says, and he is finding success. He says the cash came from Brooke for the wedding rehearsal party the night before, but Simone says she believes it's drug money. She says he is not acting like himself and she is wondering what is going on. Mateo, telling her she's sexy when she's worried, plants a kiss on her lips and walks away. A well-dressed man approaches her and asks "when did that start?" Simone asks him why he is there and tells him to leave. She's been avoiding him and won't return calls, the man says. "We can't be seen here," she said. "This is one time when you take orders from me."

Hayley is sitting outside her condo when Liza arrives. Liza tells Hayley that this time, Adam has gone too far. She tells her that she left Adam and now "he's going after Colby." Adam has hired private investigators to spy on her to find evidence she is not a good mother, she says. Just then, Stuart approaches. Thinking this is Adam impersonating Stuart, Liza goes gunning for him. "You pig, you liar," she says, hitting him. Hayley yells at her to stop and Stuart insists he is not Adam, but Liza does not believe him. Only when Hayley says that she invited Stuart over to see the baby does Liza settle down. She apologizes to Stuart, then asks Hayley and Stuart to help her stop Adam. If Adam is trying to take away her family, she will take away his family, she says. She asks Hayley and Stuart to stay away from him, but Hayley says she cannot reject her own father. Stuart says he should talk to Adam before Liza does anything she regrets.

Adam is sitting at home when the doorbell rings. Thinking it is Liza, he eagerly answers the door. It is Ryan, who's looking for answers about why Adam was digging up dirt on him and Liza. He confronts Adam for hiring an investigator to spy on Liza. Adam admits hiring the investigator because Liza is "running wild." He says his investigator will testify in court that Liza was with Ryan at the boathouse the night before and that Ryan attacked the investigator. Liza's affair will cost her custody of Colby, Adam says. Ryan told him he and Liza are not having an affair and were only talking at the boathouse. Ryan says if Adam takes Colby away from Liza, he'll be taking away her reason for living. Adam insists Liza made her choice and must deal with the consequences. Ryan says Adam's actions are making Liza physically sick and he must back off. Adam agrees to give Ryan the name and phone number of the person who has been investigating him. Ryan asks if this means he'll back off of Liza. "Yes, if I'm making her physically ill," he says. After Ryan leaves, Adam remembers the time Liza fainted and he asked her if she was pregnant. At the time, Liza denied it. Adam is suspicious. He tries to call her obstetrician at Sea View Hospital to get an update on her condition. The doctor refuses to tell him anything, citing patient confidentiality rules. Adam angrily hangs up.

Stuart goes to see Adam, and pinches him for "being mean to Liza." Stuart reminds him of the time Adam thought he was dead. Adam promised God that if Stuart were still alive, he would change. But Adam is still up to his old tricks, trying to control the people he loves, Stuart says. Adam says the problem with Liza is not his fault. Ryan is trying to take her away from him, he says. Mateo goes to the boathouse, where Roger is waiting with a handgun. "You're late," Roger says. Mateo wonders why Roger has the gun, and reaches into his pocket for the stash of cash. Roger, not trusting him, stops him. Mateo allows Roger to take the cash out of his pocket. Roger counts it and says it is too much and he should take some back. Mateo refuses, saying he wants Proteus to see how valuable he is. He also wants to see Proteus, but Roger says that is not possible. Roger hasn't even seen him. Hayley calls Mateo, telling him about the problem with Liza. She asks him to come home but Mateo refuses. He says Liza is not his problem and Hayley must deal with it. He hangs up on her. Roger again insists Mateo take back the extra money but he refuses. He says he is not afraid of Proteus and even thinks he would like him. "You don't want to mess with this guy," Roger says. Mateo tells Roger to talk with Proteus about his future with him. Mateo later goes back to SOS, where Simone asks him if he delivered the money to Proteus. Mateo tells her not to worry, he's got everything under control. Hayley, still sitting outside her home, makes a phone call. She identifies herself as Hayley Santos and asks "can you make some time to see me?"

Ryan goes to see Hayley, who tells him that Liza wants her to turn her back on her father. She asks Ryan if despite everything his father did, he ever felt any love or forgiveness toward him. Maybe, Ryan says. Hayley says she can't judge her father because some day she may be like him. Ryan says that would never happen, but she says you never know. The power of love toward a child can make people do anything, she says.

Mia is in Ryan's motel room waiting for him to come back. Marian comes to visit Ryan but Mia says he left to see Liza and hadn't returned all night. Marian notices that she and Ryan have become close. There is nothing to keep her and Ryan in Pine Valley and they could make a nice life for themselves somewhere else, Marian says. Mia is angry that Marian is trying to get rid of people she sees as problems. Just then, arrives and slaps Mia in the face and shoves her. She accuses Mia of helping Adam spy on her and Ryan. Mia denies it and says she is no longer working for Adam. Liza continues to fight with Mia, saying she is on Adam's side. She asks her mother why she is there, and Marion says she is trying to save her marriage by getting Ryan out of town. After Liza leaves, Mia tells Marion she is close to actually jumping over to Adam's side. Marion defends her daughter, saying she is having a difficult time. She blurts out that Liza is pregnant, and Ryan is outside the door and hears the news.

Adam is sitting home alone again when Liza arrives. They stare at each other.


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