AMC Update Thursday 11/08/01


All My Children Update Thursday 11/8/01

By Glynis

Ryan looks at the files that Chris left him and he knows that something is wrong. Three is no mention of the death of Ryanís father in the files. He calls Liza to meet him at the boathouse right away. Mia doesnít like that one bit.

Edmund goes to Annaís room to check up on her in the hospital and instead finds a security guard unconscious in the bed covered up.

Edmund goes to find Jake and the police are called. .Edmund knows that Anna will not be found if she doesnít want to be. Edmund knows Anna. Edmund doesnít know what is up with Anna. Jake reminds him that Anna has a concussion and needs to be in the hospital. Edmund can see that Jake doesnít know about Greenlee, but Jake doesnít want to know about that. He walks away from Edmund.

Laura rushes to hide the letter from Leo and Brooke finds him. Laura denies that she was going to hide the letter from Laura. Laura says that whatever is in the letter canít hurt her because she has the truth on her side. Brooke is proud of her. Brooke leaves and will see her daughter the following day. Susan thinks that they should steam open that letter. Laura doesnít care about the letter she says. Susan thinks that she is worried that everything in the letter is true. Susan and Laura laugh over Greenlee looking like a lunatic. Susan says that Greenlee may be a nut job but that doesnít mean that Greenlee isnít lying. Laura thinks that she can explain everything in the letter. Laura tells her friend to go and spend time at the Valley Inn. Laura is sure that Leo will come home soon. Laura turns to the letter again.

Leo comes to see Greenlee and he tells her that he knows why she did what she did. She is desperate for him to understand her and believe her for a change instead of Laura. Leo wants to know how she could cause so much problems for him. He feels that she only wants him because she canít have him. She is a hypocrite. Laura isnít the one that was wearing the gorilla suit. Leo is being taken for a ride by Laura. what is happening to him? If he was half the man that he used to be he would go back to his condo and read her letter. Leo thinks that he made a mistake with Greenlee and not with Laura. He wanted to see Greenlee one more time to remember how low she sunk. She is never going to understand that she doesnít mean anything to him anymore. She has to stop all of this. She is going to end up in jail. Greenlee was only trying to do him a favour. Jake was asking her why she was willing to degrade herself this way. She thought that he was trying to figure things out. His big experiment failed. Leo canít take anymore. He tells her to have a nice life. She will have a nice life. She is going to get someone that will accept her for who she is. She goes to the phone and makes a call to Jake. He is short with her on the phone. She admits that she went to the wedding rehearsal. She gets it now and everything that he said was true. Jake tells her that he is sorry that thinks didnít work out for her but he is at work now. He tells her that she has her grandparents and she has Erica. Jake is sorry. She made her choice and now she is on her own. She is sorry for everything. She hangs up and starts crying.

Anna is at Davidís house. She is holding a gun on him. He worries that she is out and about so soon. She thinks that he might as well be out of control. She is sure that he was the one that tried to kill her. She tapped into his computer and she is sure that he was one to her after that. David tells her that she knows that was not true. If David wanted to kill her, she would be dead by now. He would never hurt her. That is the truth. He doesnít want to lose her. David wants her to admit that something is going on between them. He is not talking about love, all he knows is that she has stolen all his thoughts and she is burned into his brain. She is as passionate and alive as he is. When he is with her, he feels more like himself than ever. He knows that what they have is intoxicating and she knows it too. She knows that he is not wrong. She tells him that he is as good out of bed as he is in it. If he was Proteus, he would want her right by his side. She brings her gun back up to his head. He tells her that when they make love, they are the only two people in the world. She suddenly drops the gun and faints. David catches her. Later she wakes up on the couch by herself and he tells her that she fainted. She runs for her gun. It is still loaded. It is as lethal as it was when she walked in the door. He trusts her and maybe some day she will trust him too. She hasnít trusted anyone since Robert. That must be exhausting for her and very lonely. She doesnít mind being lonely. He doesnít believe her. She doesnít know that she is lonely. He tries to touch her face but she doesnítí want him. He tells her that she should be in the hospital, but she knows that she is a sitting duck in the hospital. He tells her that she is safe with him and no one knows that she is there. He will keep her safe. She clings to him. He will take care of her, he promises. When he thinks that she is asleep again, he gets on the phone telling someone that nothing is more important than what he orders and that he wants his instructions followed very closely. With her back turned to David, Anna opens her eyes. She hears everything that he is saying.

Liza is at the boathouse by herself waiting for Ryan. She remembers talking to Dixie about Ryan being the father of her child. Liza thinks that was only one night and it wasnít about making babies or love. Ryan arrives at the boathouse and he can right away see that Liza has been crying. She tells him that she is just fine. Ryan tells her that he has found information from the Feds about his father being killed. The information doesnít mesh. When Adam hired the investigators, all they found out that he was a drug dealer and nothing more. Ryan thinks that his father is still alive. He just has a feeling. He wants to get Liza to find out how Adam got his information. Liza canít help Ryan with that. Things are not that simple anymore. She left Adam over him scheming behind her back. She took Colby and she walked out. Ryan is sorry to hear that. She loves him in spite of who he is. She thinks that is sick. Ryan said that he was going to leave town and she was hoping that he had reconsidered leaving. He wants to know why she wants him to stay. She remembers him saying that he needed something to hold on to and she tells him that he has that here. He is not alone. Ryan hears a noise in the bushes and ruins after the man. It is a private investigator. Liza knows who it was that sent the man after them.

Brooke arrives at the hospital to see Edmund and learns that Anna left the hospital. No one knows what Anna is up to these days. Brooke reminds Edmund that Anna doesnít want him to worry about her anymore. Brooke just left Laura and she is with Susan. Leo hasnít resurfaced as yet. Things are really out of control. Edmund remembers that Brooke loves special drinks. He would like to get some champagne and sit with her. He jokes about them getting a room and she asks Edmund to stop saying that to her. She has a sense of humor about things. She feels closer to him than anyone. She loves that. Edmund likes that too. He doesnít take her for granted. She thinks that they shouldnít that they should make fun of what they have. She can tell that he is thinking about them making love again. He admits it. The thought has crossed her mind, but she doesnít want it to be a joke when she takes him up on his offer.

Leo comes home to finding Laura waiting for him. She is happy to see him. He is sorry that he had to take off. He feels better looking at her sweet face, but he canít be there. it is after midnight and it is bad luck for them to see each other the night before the wedding. He wants to go and shower. She tells him that Greenlee left a letter for him. She gets it and passes it to him. She tells him to read it.



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