AMC Update Wednesday 11/07/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 11/7/01

By Glynis

At Lauraís party Greenlee is exposed. Laura tells Leo that Greenlee is insane for showing up there. Laura put a spider down Greenleeís gorillaís suit and that is how she was discovered. Greenlee explains that she knows that Laura set up everything. She tells how Laura sent a letter luring Greenlee to come there. Laura panics when she hears all this. Brooke wants to call the police and have Greenlee pay for breaking her promise to the court. Greenlee tries to talk to Leo and have him hear her. He can look inside and see who she is really is. He tells her that she is the most pathetic woman that he has ever seen. Laura is loving it. Leo is really being on her side. He shouts at her that this is over. Greenlee thinks that he should think for a minute that she wouldnít risk her reputation to come there unless he wanted her there. She thought that something was wrong with the handwriting but she came anyway. She has been set up by Laura who is clearly nuts. An officer arrives with a warrant for the arrest of Greenlee. Greenlee thinks that she is not harassing anyone. Leo tells her that she has brought this on herself. Greenlee refuses to go. She tells Leo to go and check the letter that she received from Laura. Greenlee is dragged off and Leo turns to Laura to see if he can see the truth in her face. She is just glad that Greenlee is out of their lives for good. She has Leo and she has her life. She can face anything now. Greenlee was going to ruin the party that night. Leo tells her that he doesnít believe Greenleeís stories. Laura is happy to hear all this. Leo needs to be alone for a moment and Laura wants to go with him, but he tells her that he will be home later that night. Where else would he be? He leaves and Vanessa sets her sights on Dixie. She tells Dixie that Tad has missed the entire party. Vanessa wants to know if Dixie and Tad are having problems again. Dixie tells her that is none of her business. She is having no problem with her husband.


Chris comes to see Ryan and Ryan is very impatient with him. Chris has some private things to tell Ryan that he should hear. He wants Mia to leave. Ryan tells him to go right now or he will called the Feds himself. Ryan wants to know the information on his father right now or Chris can get out. Chris tells the story. He didnít know that Ryan was his fatherís son until recently. He looked at a picture and he recognized Ryanís father. Chris didnít know his father personally but he found it strange that Ryan had A different last name from his father. Ryan canít find his father because his father is dead. Chris is sorry to have to tell him that but it is true. Ryan is sure that he is lying. Ryan thinks that he would know if his father is dead. Chris overheard him saying that he was going to look for his father. Chris knew what he was up against. Mia thinks that they should listen to what Chris is saying. Ryan thinks that his mother would know if his father was dead. Chris confirms that they couldnít find his mother to tell her that her husband was dead. Chris ends up revealing that he is an undercover agent for the FBI. Chris is sorry for what he has had to tell Ryan. Ryan wants more questions answered. Chris isnítí sure that now is the time to hear all of this. Mia thinks that they should do this another time. Chris is not sure how much Ryan knew about his father but he was well-known and not successful at drug dealing. The Feds were sent in after him. The bureau kept him under surveillance and eventually he led them to a bigger dealer. A deal was about to go down and Ryanís father was there. They all surrendered. When he was to be cuffed, he went for the agentís gun and the gun went off and Ryanís father was killed instantly. Chris is sorry to have to be the one that tells Ryan this. Chris asks them not to compromise his position in town by telling anyone that he is a Fed. Ryan doesnít want to take Chrisí word for all that he has said. Chris knew that he wouldnít believe him so he got some information put together. Ryan tells him that he can go now. Chris leaves and Ryan starts looking through the papers with Mia. Something is wrong the information in the files donít match.

Tad is in a pickle. He has gone back to his house with Jesse and Leslie was waiting and hit him over the head. He is lying unconscious on the floor and Jesse is trying to talk him out of his deep sleep. Leslie is singing the Bridal song. Leslie returns with rope and duct tape and Jesse can see that they are all in a pickle now with this crazy broad. Tad finally awakes but by then he is tied up. Jesse tells him that Leslie hit him and tied him up. She is out the front door. Jesse canít help Tad. Tad will have to do this himself. He canít move. Jesse is storing up his energy to make a move. He is very weak and needs to muster up more of his powers. Jesse gets up and tries to walk through the walls but he bumps his head instead. The goods are gone. They have to think of something quick. Leslie comes in pushing a wheelbarrow with pumpkins. She wonders who he was talking to just now. Tad tells Jesse to leave the door is open now. Jesse leaves just as Leslie goes to shut the door. Leslie knows that she is crazy and she thinks that this is great. She thought that she needed Tad to agree to what she wanted. She learned that she doesnít need him to be anything but dead. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Tad starts shouting help out loud so that whoever is outside will hear him. Leslie covers his mouth with her hands. She goes to the door and finds girls from the Pine Valley band who are selling candy bars to get new uniforms for the band. Leslie thinks that the kids are spoiled. She takes the candy from the kids and enters the door to get money from Tad. She returns to pay the girls and the girls ask what the noise was that they just heard. Leslie tells them to get lost and the girls go running off. Leslie then gets her wheelbarrow of pumpkins and dumps them at the front of the house and goes back inside to load Tad into the wheelbarrow. Tadís mouth is taped shut and he refuses to help her get him into the wheelbarrow. She somehow manages to get him into the wheelbarrow. She wants him to do one last thing before they get married and get tied together forever. She has to leave a message for Dixie telling her that he will be home very late. She dials Dixie to have Tad tell her that he is okay and he will be home later. Tad refuses. He is not going to go along with her on this. She shows him the big stick that she hit him with. She threatens to use that on Dixie. She dials the phone again an puts it to Tadís ear. Tad says nothing. Leslie tells him to tell Dixie that he is okay and will be home later or she will go and tell Dixie herself up close and personal.

Jesse makes his way to the SOS to try to reach Dixie. Jesse tries to make her feel something and she does. Dixie is feeling something but she doesnít know what. Jesse concentrates on her glass and slowly moves it along the table. Vanessa sees that and suddenly the glass topples over and falls in Dixieís direction. She thinks that Vanessa has done this to her on purpose. Vanessa doesnítí understand it either. The glass was moving like it had a mind of its own. Jesse shouts at Dixie, "Go home!" Dixie goes to Laura and tells her that she canít stay but it was a really wonderful party. Jesse is glad to see that she is leaving and follows her as she walks outÖ Susan comes to Laura and they discuss whether Leo went to see Greenlee or not. Susan tells her that she shouldnít be worried about where Leo is, she should be worrying about the letter that Greenlee said that she has condemning Laura. Brooke and Edmund watch Laura leave. Brooke hopes that this is the last that they see of Greenlee.

Greenlee gets put in jail dressed in her gorilla suit. She canít get the suit off and that frustrates her so. She canít believe that this is happening to her again. She realizes that Leo didnít believe a word that she said. He said that she was selfish. What did she do wrong? What couldnít he just look into her eyes and see that she wasnít lying? She remembers the times that she spent with him when he looked into her eyes and he could actually see her. She thinks that she actually did this to herself. She trusted men and she did this to herself. She looks up and sees Leo standing on the other side of the bars.



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