AMC Update Tuesday 11/06/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 11/6/01

By Glynis

Jesse is sleeping and doesn’t see as Leslie enters the house. Suddenly he feels her presence, but she doesn’t see him. The crazy broad is here. Jesse watches as Leslie walks through the room and Jesse has no powers but manages to make a vase tremble and fall to the floor. She sees that and screams. Jesse is trying to stop Leslie from whatever she is going to do, but he just can’t. Leslie finds what she is looking for. She has found Tad’s tuxedo. Jesse tries to grab it from her but Leslie holds tight. What was that force? Leslie thinks that perhaps she should go back on those meds. Jesse falls to the ground in his fight for the tuxedo. .Leslie leaves the room again. Jesse assures himself that he is not going out like this.

Tad and Dixie are together out of the house. Tad is reassuring Dixie that the woman that came to the house wasn’t Leslie. Tad got a call from Pam telling him that Leslie is locked up for a long time.

Opal and Erica are together and Opal can tell that Erica is up to something. Erica tells Opal that she has changed her mind about Frankie and will do nothing to upset Bianca. Vanessa is nearby listening and is unseen. Bianca and Frankie arrive at the restaurant together wondering why Erica wanted to see them. What is so important?…Brooke and Edmund are at the restaurant and Laura arrives but she is very agitated. Brooke tries to calm her down. Thais is going to be an evening that she is not going to forget….Erica tells the girls that she has no right to dictate how the girls should live their lives. Erica gives Opal the credit for Erica’s change of heart. Erica tells Frankie that she can continue working at Enchantment. Erica apologizes for her feelings in the beginning. Erica wants to start all over. The girls are thinking that this is bogus. Frankie thinks that Erica is trying to do the right thing. If Erica if faking then they can fake too. Frankie is sick of fighting…Tad meets Dixie at the table with JR. Tad is going to drop JR off at home…Frankie thinks that she and Erica care for Bianca. If Erica can stand Frankie for Bianca’s sake then Frankie is all for it. Erica leaves to powder her nose. She gets up and meets Mateo who recognizes Frankie and knows that she was at his club asking for drugs. Erica tells Mateo to keep this a secret for now. Mateo agrees and warns her to watch her back. Erica gets her cell phone and calls Chris to meet her at the Valley Inn. Chris is busy at work but finds a way to get out of working.

Ryan is with Leo at SOS and he is telling him to go and get out of town. Leo looks down at the keys and picks them up. Ryan is happy. That is what he is talking about. Edmund phones Leo and learns that he is not coming to the wedding rehearsal. Leo wants Edmund to tell Laura that he is not coming to the rehearsal. Ryan is happy with what he is hearing this is what Leo needs to do for himself to really be happy. Leo says that he doesn’t need a trial run. Leo wants the others to put on their costumes and come down to the SOS. Leo took Ryan’s keys not to split town, but to stop a drinking Ryan from driving. Chris Stamp is in the background cleaning up and watching Ryan. He hears Ryan saying that he is messed up because his father was messed up. Their parents didn’t give them a chance. Ryan keeps drinking and drinking. Chris can see that he is suffering. Leo thinks that Ryan knows then why Leo can’t break his promise to his wife… Mia shows up and finds Ryan drinking with Leo. Leo has to go and leaves the two together.

Edmund goes and tells Laura that Leo is off and busy and will meet her later. She is not too happy. Leo reminds Edmund of this guy that didn’t play by the rules and Brooke gave him a break. Life happens and she just has to deal with it. Susan walks up and Laura shouts at her, "Where is Leo?" Susan tells her to relax. She is only concerned that she gets paid for playing Maid of Honor. Susan wants her money now, but Laura tells her that she will get her money after the wedding. Laura is not worried that they are going to skip the rehearsal for the wedding. No one is going to take their lives away from them.

Greenlee gets a note that seems to be from Leo telling her to show up at the restaurant and meet him. She remembers Jake telling her that she shouldn’t’ go after Leo anymore or he will be out of her life. She has a decision to make. She has a gorilla suit that she could wear to the restaurant so that she will not be noticed and she considers putting the suit on and going to the restaurant.

Chris tells Simone that he has to leave for a while. He takes off his apron and walks out.

Brooke and Edmund are outside the SOS talking and wearing their costumes. She is a senorita and he is dressed as a cowboy. They share a kiss and enter the club with everyone else in costume. There are some monsters there as well. Leo is dressed as a convict. He apologizes to Edmund and Brooke for the change in plans… Tad and Dixie are at the club too. Jesse shows up at the club looking for Tad. What is this? Some kind of payback for his life? He doesn’t find that funny. Laura is dressed like Little Bo Peep and she is not happy that her husband is dressed like a convict. She tells him that she is not Little Bo Peep, she is Little Miss Muffet. Laura tells Susan to let her know if Greenlee shows up. Just then a gorilla shows up and walks into the club. It is Greenlee and she sees Leo talking with Tad and Dixie.

Chris arrives at the restaurant and Erica excuses herself from the table and goes to speak with him. Erica tells Chris that Frankie tried to score drugs at SOS. Erica wants him to use the information to put Frankie away…Bianca and Frankie decide that it is time to leave. Bianca tells her that Leo is planning a costume party and they can go to that if they want. Frankie doesn’t have a costume and neither does Bianca but they can improvise. They walk out together past Chris and Erica…Erica tells him that Mateo recognized Frankie from the SOS club trying to buy drugs. Chris doesn’t much care to go after someone as small as Frankie. Chris thinks that Bianca is going to be upset when she learns that her mother is butting her nose in again. Erica doesn’t care, she is not going to let her daughter get caught up in someone like Frankie… Mateo meets up with his contact at the restaurant and he agrees to partner up with the man to get the drugs sold.

Bianca and Frankie arrive at SOS and Frankie is getting cold feet. She is not afraid she says, she is just afraid of crowds. Bianca thinks that people will think that they are a couple if they are seen together. Palmer and Vanessa arrive at the door and greet the girls. Palmer is introduced to Frankie. Bianca is thinking that maybe Frankie is right that this party is not such a hot idea after all. Palmer and Vanessa go into the club and Bianca gets an idea. Her mother is going out of town so they are totally free and can hang out there.

The party is going strong at SOS and then Tad sees Jesse. Jesse tells Tad that Leslie is the problem…Greenlee makes her way over to Leo but she can’t get near him. Brooke is proposing a toast to the bride and the groom. "Leo and Laura started their journey together and will continue their journey together the day following. They will have love and happiness."…Greenlee laughs in her gorilla suit and Laura hears her. She turns to Susan and tells her that Greenlee is there. They can hear her, but they can’t see her yet… Tad knows that he has to swing into action. He tells Dixie that he has to go for a while, but that he will be back later. He leaves with Jesse…Mateo returns and goes to Simone and she is glad to see him. He grabs some booze and tells her that he is going to the back and he will be back later. He walks off and leaves her…Palmer and Vanessa are leaving but Vanessa convinces Leo to come and talk to Palmer and they go outside…Susan and Laura figure out that Greenlee is under the gorilla suit and Laura goes up to Greenlee in the suit and drops a spider into the back of Greenlee’s suit. Greenlee immediately starts shouting and screaming and jumping around. Laura stands back watching and laughing at her. Greenlee looks like she is doing a dance in the suit and everyone is laughing at her. Leo and Brooke come up and see that the gorilla is dancing and Laura tells them that Greenlee is under the suit. Leo walks over to the gorilla and removes the mask to find Greenlee.

Ryan and Mia make their way back to his place and she tries to cozy up to him but Ryan is not in the mood for that. There is a knock on the door and Ryan answers finding Chris there.



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