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All My Children Update Monday 11/05/01

By Lori

Dixie, dressed up as Snow White, is preparing for her and Tad's costume party. Tad, who is not in costume, is there with Jesse. When Dixie leaves the room to answer the telephone, Jesse urges Tad to call the hospital to see if David is there. Jesse says they need to continue trying to investigate his potential involvement in the drug ring. Tad then gets a phone call. The caller identifies her as Pam, Leslie's sister. She says Leslie suffered a setback due to her to phone calls with Tad and is back in the hospital. She tells Tad to stay out of their lives. After she hangs up, the caller is revealed to be Leslie in a long blond wig. Tad tells Jesse it is good news that Leslie is in the hospital because she won't be bothering him. Leslie, dressed in a bridal gown, says to herself, "Get ready Tad, here comes the bride."

Jake and Greenlee arrive at the hospital and talk about their trip together. As they kiss, Leo and Laura walk in and see them. Greenlee notices them and tells them that Jake is taking her to a romantic resort. Leo says they are at the hospital for Laura to be checked out by David. Laura's cell phone rings and she walks outside to take the call. Jake is called away, leaving Leo and Greenlee alone. Leo tells her he wants her to be happy. Greenlee wonders if she is supposed to reciprocate and tell Leo she hopes he's happy too. Leo tells her to back off, but she asks him if he likes being miserable. Jake returns to tell Greenlee he is off duty and they leave, passing Laura on the way out. Laura tells the caller on her phone to "do what I paid you to do."

At the hospital, Edmund asks a nurse if Anna Devane has been admitted. She has been missing since the night before, he says. The nurse says no one by that name is at the hospital. Anna is seen laying on the ground outside her crashed car.

Back at Tad and Dixie's house, Tad calls the hospital and finds David there. He tells Jesse, who is complaining that he has been on Earth too long and is beginning to lose some of his heavenly powers. Dixie walks back in the room only to see Tad talking to himself. Dixie tells Tad the person on the phone was Liza, who has backed out of their costume party. Dixie suspects the reason for Liza's no-show has something to do with Adam, and she complains that their costume party is fizzling. Opal arrives with Petey, who is in a three-headed monster costume. Much to Dixie's dismay, Tad tells her he needs to leave for a short time. Opal senses the presence of Jesse's ghost, saying she feels an unusual chill. Brooke arrives, and the three women are chatting as Jake and Greenlee show up. They, too, will not be attending the party because they are leaving that night on a trip. "Perfect," Brooke says in an effort to needle Greenlee. "Jake, what do I owe you?" Brooke leaves and Jake excuses himself to allow Dixie and Opal to get to know Greenlee better. Greenlee tries to make small talk, but is uncomfortable and fails miserably. She excuses herself and waits outside on the porch for Jake, who taps her on the shoulder wearing a werewolf costume. She chastises him for leaving her alone with Dixie and Opal and they walk off. Just then, a woman wearing a white gown and a thick veil approaches Dixie's door.

Tad finds Anna and tells Jesse he cannot find a pulse. He asks Jesse to use his powers to determine Anna's condition, but Jesse says he cannot pick up any signals. Tad calls 911. Anna is brought to the hospital and David checks her out. After she awakens, she says "get away from me, you bastard." Edmund sees Anna's reaction to David, pushes him away and tells him to back off. Anna, talking to Edmund, says: "It was no accident Proteus." Tad, watching with Jesse, concludes that David was somehow involved in Anna's accident. Tad says he wants to nail David. David tries to continue examining Anna but she insists on another doctor. David says he is the doctor on call, but just then Jake arrives to take over. David gets a page and leaves. Brooke arrives at the hospital, and Edmund tells her about the incident with Anna. Jake tells them that Anna has a mild concussion and that either she fallen asleep at the wheel or her neurological condition is returning. He plans some tests. Edmund tells Brooke Anna might have been pushed off the road. "If it was Hayward, I'm going to nail that son of a bitch," he says.

Outside the hospital emergency room, Laura tells Leo that she was on the phone to the seamstress. He tells her that David was not able to check her out right then but she says that is OK because she is fine. "Maybe you should see a doctor," she tells him. Ever since he saw Greenlee at the hospital, "you don't look good." An annoyed Leo says he is fine and walks away. "Damn you Greenlee," Laura says to herself. Leo and Laura arrive at SOS, where their costume wedding rehearsal party is to be held. Laura is not happy with the decorations, wondering if the fake black widow spider is supposed to represent her. Leo jokes with her about his costume a jail uniform complete with a ball and chain. Laura is not amused, but soon apologizes for being overly critical. A woman arrives and she and Laura embrace. Laura refers to the woman as her maid of honor. As the two appear to be long-lost friends, the woman whispers in Laura's ear: "you owe me $200." Laura tells the woman, Susan, to tell Leo that they met in New York. Susan says she will do nothing without her money, and Laura promises to go to the ATM to get the money. Susan plays the part well, telling Leo "You have made her so happy." As the three of them talk, Susan tearfully tells Leo how "La-La" saved her from a life of poverty. While Leo is away getting drinks, Susan comments that she "likes the way that man leaves." "You go near him and you're dead," Laura responds. After Leo returns, Laura excuses herself, saying she needed to call the caterer. She tells Leo to get to know her friend. Susan asks Leo what he loves about Laura. Leo says that he loves her a lot. "Sometimes when she wakes up in the morning I say 'Greenlee, how did I get so lucky.'" Susan asks who Greenlee is, and Leo confesses he slipped up. "Freudian slip?" Susan wonders. She asks him to tell her about Greenlee. If he doesn't she'll have to ask Laura about her. In the meantime, Laura is at the hospital, slipping a napkin under Jake's office door. Greenlee, who is in the office waiting for Jake, finds the note. It says "Greenlee, I have to see you. I need to see you. Come to SOS." It is signed Leo.

Dixie is alone in her house when there is a knock at the door. She opens it to find the veiled woman standing with her back to her. Dixie asks who she is and where her kids are. The woman turns around, and through the heavy veil Dixie recognizes her as Leslie. She slams the door and frantically calls Tad. "Tad, she's here. Hurry!" Dixie then calls the police as she sees the door knob jiggling. Tad arrives home to a frightened Dixie and she tells him Leslie was at the door. That is impossible because Leslie is back at the hospital, Tad tells her. Dixie says she heard a thud at the door, and Tad opens it to find a broken jack-o-lantern with a knife in it. He tells Dixie that some pranksters must have been at the door. Jesse disagrees, saying he felt something weird too. Dixie agrees that she must have been seeing things, but she says she cannot feel safe with Leslie out there somewhere. She leaves the room and Tad asks Jesse if it really was Leslie. Jesse doesn't know because he is so "tapped out." "You kept me down here too long," he says. Tad leaves the room while Jesse, seemingly exhausted, falls onto the couch. Leslie walks in.

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