AMC Update Friday 11/02/01


All My Children Update Friday 11/02/01

By Lori

Ryan looks through the records about his life that Adam gathered. Adam tells him he got the records because he does background checks on all his employees. “After you fire them?” Ryan asks. Ryan notices the records indicate his father was a drug dealer. Adam says his investigators got the information through prison records and he thought Ryan knew about his father. Ryan doesn’t believe it. “My dad was a mess but he wasn’t a drug dealer,” he says. Ryan says he doesn’t believe Adam checked up on him simply because he ran one of Adam’s companies. “This is about Liza and me,” Ryan says. Adam denies it, but Liza agrees. Adam got the information because it is his nature to control people, she says. Adam orders Ryan out of his home, and Ryan and Liza say goodbye and thank each other for their friendship. Ryan takes the materials about his life with him. Once he is gone, Adam tries to explain his actions to Liza. “I don’t want to hear another lie,” she says. She remembers that the last time Adam tried to control people, she was ready to leave him. This was the last straw. “I hope it was worth it, because you just lost everything else,” she said. She makes plans to pack her belongings and leave with Colby, but Adam tries to talk her out of leaving. He says he checked up on Ryan because she slept with him. He says he was afraid he would lose her so “I fought back.” Liza wakes Colby up and begins walking out the door. She refuses to tell Adam where she is going but permits him to kiss his daughter. They leave.

 David is passing out due to Anna drugging him. She begins to work on his computer but he yells at her to stop. “Sweet dreams David,” she replies. As David lay unconscious, Anna figures out the password to the computer, searching for information that would indicate David is Proteus. As the computer begins searching for information, an awakened David pulls Anna away from it just as it explodes. Anna accuses him of intentionally setting the computer so it would harm her if she got into it. “Most of the time I was wondering, am I sleeping with Proteus?” she says to him. David says nothing about his involvement in the drug operation but questions her motives for sleeping with him. He suggests that maybe she really was developing feelings for him. He grabs her arm to prevent her from leaving, but she pulls away. “Call me old fashioned but I don’t sleep with a man who tries to kill me.” As she drives away, she thinks about David. “David, you are gong to drive me crazy,” she says to herself. Just then, her car crashes.

 Leo asks what Greenlee is doing laying naked on Jake’s desk. She puts on a shirt and Leo tells her he came to Jake’s office looking to talk to him. Leo says Laura told him Jake was treating her badly and he wanted to confront him. Greenlee tells him Jake has been nothing but professional around Laura. Leo asks her why Laura would say otherwise. “Because she’s nuts, and you’re finally admitting it,” Greenlee says excitedly. She thinks Leo is realizing Laura has mental problems, so she grabs him and kisses him. Just then, Jake walks into his office. Greenlee cheerfully greets Jake and tells him there is good news – Leo is now on their side. “I didn’t say that,” Leo replies. Jake wonders why Leo has his hands all over Jake’s nearly naked girlfriend. Greenlee assures Jake she was waiting in his office for him, opening her shirt so he could get a glimpse of her. Jake seems to understand. Leo tells Jake what Laura has been saying about him. Jake defends himself, telling Leo that Laura is out of control. “She is manipulating you at every turn.” He says. Greenlee says again that Leo is on their side, but Leo denies it. “Your crazy wife is going to self-destruct,” she says as Laura walks in the room. “What the hell is going on here,” Laura says. She asks Leo why he is agreeing with Greenlee about her self-destructing. Leo says he didn’t agree with her. He tells her he went to Jake’s office to talk to him about his treatment of her. “Look who was laying in wait. Our resident slut,” Laura says. She picks up the phone to call the police, noting that Greenlee was violating a court order by being near her and Leo. Leo takes the phone away and tells her the police will not be called. Leo walked in on Greenlee, she didn’t approach him, he says. Jake orders Leo and Laura out of his office. Greenlee is pleased because she still believes Leo is starting to see through Laura’s behavior. “I wish it didn’t mean that much to you,” Jake says. “Don’t be jealous. I was naked on top of whose desk?” she asks him. She tells him she and Leo are over, but Jake wonders if that’s true. He tells her maybe he didn’t tell Leo he saw Laura put her drugs in Greenlee’s purse because he didn’t want Leo to leave Laura. Leo would want Greenlee back, and he doesn’t want to lose her. Jake suggests they go away together. “I would follow you to the very end of the earth,” Greenlee says. Jake locks his door, removes Greenlee’s shirt and kisses her.

 At SOS, Leo tells Laura they should try to forget what just happened. They should think about more positive things, like the wedding. He tells her he wants to have a costume party for their rehearsal, and she thinks it’s a good idea. She says she wants to have monogrammed napkins and asks him to sign his name on a napkin. He does and leaves to find a costume manual. She then writes a note on the napkin above the signature, saying “Greenlee, I have to see you.”

 Ryan and Mia talk about Adam’s investigation of him. Mia admits she helped Adam at first try to find information, but stopped once she and Ryan “got close.” Ryan wonders if she means when they had sex. She says that may be all it was to him but it was more to her. The two bond as they talk about his father. Ryan says maybe his father rubbed off on him, and he isn’t much of a person. Mia assures him that Gillian loved him for who he was and he was a good person for her to love him.


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