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All My Children Update Monday 10/29/01

By Lori

Mateo tries desperately to wake Hayley up but has difficulty doing so. Finally she awakens, rubs her eyes and angrily asks Mateo why he woke her up. She is up day and night with the baby and needed her sleep, she says. "Because I'm an idiot," a relieved Mateo replies. As Mateo continues to stare at her, Hayley tells him he is scaring her. She demands to know what is going on.

David is eating at S.O.S. when Anna walks in and sits at his table. "I like being pursued," David comments, prompting Anna to say that he must not like it all the time. She notes he left his room without the tracking device she planted in his medical bag. She asks where he went before going to S.O.S. "I'm a covert drug lord," David replies. He made a cool million dollars on a drug deal after leaving his room and going to S.O.S., he says. Isn't that what Anna believes, he asks her? Anna realizes David is playing around with her.

Simone, concerned about Mateo's whereabouts, sees David and Anna. Realizing they are regulars at the club, she asks them if they have seen Mateo. They say they have not. Simone goes to the phone and calls Mateo's house. Hayley angrily answers the phone and Simone apologetically asks if Mateo is home. Hayley throws the phone at Mateo and Simone is relieved to know he is safe. She asks where he went and if he saw Proteus, but Mateo says he went home to see his baby. Simone realizes he cannot talk in front of Hayley and Mateo tells her he will be at S.O.S. soon. Hayley is still angry and asks if something is going on between him and Simone. Mateo says no but she wonders what is he hiding. He fires his sister, then he fires her, now he's drinking like an alcoholic, she notes. A defeated Mateo says he will tell her, but admits he is terrified. Hayley becomes sympathetic, and asks him what is wrong. Mateo lies that the club isn't taking in as much money as he had hoped and he is having money problems. Hayley offers to give him money from her trust fund, but Mateo says that is to be used for their baby's education. He says he wants to spend more time with her and the baby and suggests that they go on a vacation. Hayley wonders if they can afford it, and Mateo says dipping into the trust fund for this might be OK. He suggests a trip to the Cayman Islands, and Hayley says she hears that is beautiful. He says he'll call a travel agent tomorrow, and he gets up to leave. Hayley spots a package by the bed and asks Mateo if he left it there. Mateo doesn't know anything about it. Hayley opens it and finds a piggy bank, identical to the one sent by Proteus earlier that Mateo smashed. Hayley looks for a card but Mateo says it was probably left by his mother. A pleased Hayley says she'll put it by the baby but Mateo grabs it and says he'll find a place for it.

Roger walks into S.O.S. and orders a drink. David sees him and excuses himself from Anna and goes to Roger. "Get off my back for one night," Roger says. "If I do you're a dead man," David responds. Later, Anna approaches Roger. She says she is looking for a doctor and notices Roger was talking to David. Roger says he has heard David is a good doctor but he doesn't know him. He asks Anna to have a drink with him. She does, and he becomes tipsy. Standing up to leave, Anna helps him to the door. She slips a tracking device in his pocket.

In the courtroom, Laura seems ready to do something when Jake tells her that he will tell the judge she slipped her bottle of pills in Greenlee's purse. Laura sits down. The judge says there is insufficient evidence to charge Greenlee with a crime, but if she doesn't leave Laura and Leo alone, she will issue a warrant for her arrest. As Greenlee and Jake start to leave, Leo stops them. He apologizes to Greenlee for having her brought to court and sticks out his hand. Greenlee reluctantly shakes his hand as Laura watches in the background. She begins to approach Leo and Greenlee but Jake stops her, again reminding her he saw her drop the pills in Greenlee's purse. Leo walks over to Laura and Jake leaves to talk to Greenlee. Greenlee angrily asks Jake why he urged her not to fight the case against her. He promises to tell her. Laura is angry with Leo for not pushing the charges against Greenlee, but Leo defends his actions to his wife, Brooke and Edmund. Laura doesn't understand, noting that Greenlee broke into their home. "Jail is exactly where that bitch belongs," she says loudly, startling herself and her mother. She apologizes for the statement. "I hate when people use bad language in public and now I'm doing it," she says. Leo asks Edmund and Brooke to take Laura home because he has an errand to run.

Jake takes Greenlee to the beach, where he tells her she is right about Laura. Laura has been messing with her medication and stole pills from her Aunt Phoebe to intentionally lower her heart rate, Jake says. There is no way to prove this, however, as the drugs would not be out of Laura's system. There's more, Jake says. He saw Laura planting her bottle of pills in Greenlee's purse. He put the pills back in Laura's purse without her knowledge. When Laura realized in court that Jake was onto her, her face went white, Jake says. Greenlee is flabbergasted, and vows to get even with Laura. She starts to leave but Jake stops her, pleading with her to let him handle this situation. She cannot fall into Laura's trap again or she will look like a stalker, he tells her. Greenlee wonders about Leo. If Laura is as dangerous as they believe, Leo is sleeping with the enemy. Jake tells her that is Leo's problem because he made his own decision to be with her. He wonders why Greenlee still cares after the way Leo hurt her. She replies that she hurt Leo too, and won't stand by and watch him be destroyed by Laura. Jake asks Greenlee if she still loves Leo, and she says she does not know. He then asks her if she could possibly fall in love with him. Greenlee tells him she doesn't know and to stop asking her so many questions. At least Greenlee didn't say no, Jake says. She could have told him she wouldn't love him if he was the last man on earth. Greenlee tells Jake he's settling for less than he should, and she hated that. Jake says he is not settling just because he's not pressuring her. Greenlee agrees to leave Leo and Laura alone, even if doing nothing drives her nuts. Jake tells her he will keep her occupied, and pulls her into a passionate kiss.

At home, Laura wonders where Leo went. In front of Brooke and Edmund, Laura berates Greenlee, saying she is trying to break up her marriage. Edmund listens as Laura goes on and on degrading Greenlee. He excuses himself and watches through the window as Laura and Brooke embrace. Brooke tells Laura she needs to relax. Maybe they should postpone the wedding, she suggests. Laura tells her mother she is OK and she'll be better when she says her vows in front of her family and friends. Brooke leaves, and Laura says that this "sucks." Now she has Jake to contend with as well as Greenlee. She daydreams seeing Jake in court and the judge revoking his medical license. Greenlee is in a jail jumpsuit and chained up and both are taken away. She imagines Leo with her as they celebrate ridding themselves of Jake and Greenlee with a passionate kiss.

Edmund finds Brooke outside Laura's condo. He tells Brooke he will no longer bring up the issue of Laura with her. Although he has opinions about the situation, he doesn't want it coming between them. Brooke admits that maybe she needs to get some perspective when it comes to her daughter. Maybe there are some things she's not seeing. Edmund tells her they will figure it out. Brooke asks if he will help her. He kisses her and suggests they rent a room at the Pine Cone Motel. "Are you serious?" Brooke asks, jokingly wondering if there is room service there. She can probably get a bag of chips, Edmund says. "Why don't you take me home," Brooke says as they walk off together.

Leo finds David with Anna at S.O.S. Anna excuses herself so the brothers can talk. Leo asks David if he is sure Laura is OK. David says Laura could not have a better recovery. He has a feeling there is more to this than Leo is letting on. Leo says Greenlee broke into their apartment and he wanted to scare her by threatening her with a restraining order. Instead Brooke had her arrested and when Leo decided not to press the case, Laura flipped out. Leo says if Greenlee comes near them again, she'll be arrested. "Are you OK with that?" David asks. Leo says he didn't have a choice. "I had to push Greenlee away." David says it must be difficult for Leo to continue to pretend to love Laura when he really loves Greenlee. Leo insists he loves his wife, but David says he married her to help her through her health problems and only wants to love her. "How does it feel like waking up to a noble gesture?" David asks him. David gets a call on his cell phone. It is Laura, but David does not let Leo know who he is talking to. Laura says she needs to talk to David right away about Jake.

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