AMC Update Friday 10/26/01


All My Children Update Friday 10/26/01

By Lori

Greenlee argues with Brooke, Leo and Laura about her arrest outside Leo and Laura's home. Jake arrives but stays in the background. "I told you I would stop Greenlee," Brooke declares just as police haul Greenlee away. Laura picks up Greenlee's dropped purse and puts her bottle of pills inside. Jake approaches and tells Leo that Greenlee will not be going to jail. He takes Greenlee's purse and leaves.

At S.O.S., Erica tells Chris she is very upset over Bianca's friendship with Frankie. "If I can't fix this I'm going to lose my daughter. Then I will be alone." Chris responds, saying, "You will never be alone." He asks her to go away with him for the weekend. Opal approaches them with rants about Vanessa and Palmer. Chris excuses himself and Opal sits down and laments to Erica. Opal says if she could rid the world of Vanessa without doing any time, she "would snuff her out like that." Erica replies that that would give Opal another chance with Palmer. Erica suggests that Opal can't stand the thought of Vanessa being with Palmer. Opal denies it.

Simone is worried about Mateo, who went outside to meet Proteus. Outside, Mateo tells a man hiding in the shadows to reveal himself. Roger steps into the light. "Roger Smyth?" Mateo says. "Impressed?" Roger replies. Mateo tells Roger he will no longer cooperate in the drug operation. "After all the time and effort we put into you, I don't think so," Roger says. Mateo grabs Roger, pushes him against the wall and points a gun in his face. He says he wants his life back.

Chris asks Simone about the whereabouts of Mateo, saying it wasn't like him to just leave the bar. Simone remembers Mateo saying that he wondered if Chris were Proteus. She tells Chris that Mateo probably was dealing with some parental issue. Growing increasingly worried about Mateo, she goes outside looking for him. He is gone. Mateo has taken Roger to the beach. "Welcome back," Mateo says, confusing Roger. Mateo reminds Roger that this was the place he took pictures of him and Hayley. He calls Roger Proteus, saying he wants to be let off the hook. "I'm not Proteus," Roger says, begging Mateo not to kill him. "Proteus sent me here to talk some sense into you. I'm a lackey like you," Roger says. If Mateo kills him, Proteus will kill Mateo, Roger says. Mateo demands to be let out of the operation, but Roger says the only safe thing he can do is to follow the orders of Proteus. Roger asks Mateo if he knows where his wife is. Mateo insists Hayley is fine. "She was fine when you left her, and how long ago was that?" Roger asks. Roger tells Mateo that he met a woman two years ago who taught him how to love again. But he says he was greedy and stupid and stole money from his daughter's trust fund. He tells Mateo he got involved with Proteus to pay Greenlee back. He decided later he didn't want to be involved in the drug operation and decided to tell police about it. On the way, he got a phone call from the man with the electronic voice warning him. Roger says he then found the woman he loved, Sandra, dead. The coroner reported she suffered a heart attack. "I'd been gone for 15 minutes," Roger says.

Brooke, Laura and Leo arrive in court for Greenlee's preliminary hearing. Leo wonders what's going to happen and Brooke says they are there to stop Greenlee before anything drastic happens. Edmund arrives, and Brooke tells him that she had Greenlee arrested because she is unstable and a threat to Laura. Brooke's attorney, Grace, arrives, saying "this will be a walk in the park." The police bring Greenlee to court and Jake soon arrives with a lawyer. Greenlee tells Jake that this was his fault for leaving the message that she go to Leo's home. Jake tells her he never left her a message. Greenlee realizes it was Laura who called and left the message. "Laura's been framing me all along. We need to nail her." Greenlee says.

After Opal leaves, Chris returns to Erica's table and resumes the conversation about going away together. Just then, his cell phone rings. "It's not a good time," Chris says. Roger is the caller and tells Chris that they need to take care of business Enchantment business. Chris goes into the back room to talk to Roger, who tells Chris that he needs to get him back into Enchantment. "Proteus wants you to earn your living," Roger says. "You can't afford to disappoint us." Chris promises he will get Roger back into Enchantment. Erica walks in the room, and Chris again urges her to go away with him. She declines, saying this is the worst possible time because of her concerns about Bianca. Chris insists a weekend away would be good for both of them and he kisses her.

Inside the courtroom, the judge asks Leo and Laura if they support the charges against Greenlee of criminal trespassing and harassment. Leo is silent. "I need an answer," the judge says. "Yes, I mean no," Leo says. "Leo!" Laura gasps. "She has been torturing me." "For God's sake!" an aghast Brooke responds. Edmund asks to talk with Brooke outside the courtroom, and tells her she should not interfere. Brooke ignores his advice and rants about Leo's actions, saying her daughter's life is at stake. Edmund asks Brooke if she is sure that Greenlee is the only one at fault. He gives her Laura's magazine column, titled "When jealousy leads to madness," and urges her to read it. Brook refuses, saying her daughter is living her life in fear. Edmund disagrees, saying it is Brooke and Leo who are living in fear. Edmund says Laura is not some cowering victim." Brooke ignores him and goes back into court.

The judge asks to hear more from Leo, who says that the problems with Greenlee can be settled outside of court. Laura puts her hand to her heart and pretends to have trouble breathing. As Brooke, Leo and Jake rush to her, she accuses Greenlee of stealing her pills. Greenlee denies it and urges police to search her. She dumps the contents of her purse on the table and no pills are found. Jake says the pills must have been misplaced, and he reaches into Laura's purse and pulls them out. Laura is dumbstruck. She takes her pill and Jake notices she is breathing better. "Why don't you tell your mom you're OK," Jake tells her. After Laura says she is fine, the court hearing resumes. Leo says he will drop the court case if Greenlee promises to stay away from him and Laura. At first Greenlee doesn't want to agree to the condition, insisting she has done nothing wrong. Jake asks the judge to let him speak to her, and he tells her that he knows Laura has been stealing medicine. Greenlee needs to agree to Leo's condition so they can nail Laura, Jake says. A reluctant Greenlee complies and tells the judge she never wants to go anywhere near Leo and Laura again. As the court proceeding comes to an end with no case against Greenlee, Laura stands up to object. Jake approaches her and tells her knows she planted the pills in Greenlee's purse.

Mateo rushes home finds Hayley seemingly asleep in bed. He shakes her but can't wake her up.


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