AMC Update Tuesday 10/23/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 10/23/01

By Glynis

Mateo tells Simone that someone left a package at his door the night before. The package has a porcelain pig in it. Mateo was chosen because he loves his kid as much as he does. He gets angry and breaks the pig on the floor. Simone finds something on the floor. It is instructions addressed to Mateo. He has to open up a Laundromat for the dirty money and drug running. This is not Mateo’s fault. Customers are starting to come in and Simone tries to calm him down. They have to figure out what his next move is. Mateo feels that there is only one thing that he can do. He starts drinking so that people can see. Simone falls into the act. Mateo sends her to go and deliver something to Tempo. She takes the bag and walks out. He gets a call from his contact and finishes the call as Simone has returned. She tells him that she got a tip.

Phoebe is covering for Brooke’s desk when she walks in. There are calls waiting for her and Brooke tries to take one, but there is no one there. Brooke thinks that it was sweet of her aunt to volunteer to help. Phoebe announces that she was hired as Brooke’s official secretary. Apparently an email was to be sent to Brooke and she didn’t get it. Just then, Edmund walks in and things become clearer to Brooke. Edmund takes Phoebe out into the hall and someone else gets a hold of her chair and walks her out. Edmund reenters the office and Brooke tells him that she knows that he is stonewalling her on Proteus and she demands to know who his source is.

Chris has stayed the night with Erica and she tells him that she couldn’t sleep all night. Chris goes to get them some coffee and the doorbell rings. It is Opal and Erica is hopeful that Bianca is with her but she isn’t. Opal can’t tell her that Bianca was there all night, that would be a lie. Bianca slept in Frankie’s room the night before. Erica is furious that Opal didn’t throw Frankie into the night. Bianca showed up and wanted to be with her friend. Erica thinks that Opal should have forbid the girls being together. Why do they have to be together? Chris walks in and greets Opal as his phone rings. He has to go after he ends his call. He will check on her later. He runs out and Opal thinks that she has missed something. Erica doesn’t want her to start in on her. Erica denies that she is sleeping with Chris. He slept over, but he spent time on the couch. She needed someone in the house that cared for her. That is probably what Bianca needed the night before. Erica is going to have to make peace with what is going on with Frankie. Erica can’t make peace with what is going on with Bianca.

Bianca is with Frankie in her room and Frankie is wondering what Bianca is doing there. All night, Bianca felt close to Frankie like this is home. Bianca feels like anything is possible, but Frankie only feels more trapped than ever. Frankie has nothing to do with what is going on with Bianca and her mother. Bianca realizes that she will never get along with her mother. She is going to be set off over and over again. Bianca feels like she owes Frankie. Frankie thinks that she is wrong to think that. Bianca was there for her in a flash. Most people would have just run away. Bianca was there because Frankie called her and they have made a real connection. Frankie felt the connection too, but it was more complicated. Bianca told her mother that she couldn’t live at the house anymore. Does she do that alone or with Frankie? Opal kicked Frankie out so they need to find a place to crash. Bianca likes the way that sounds. Bianca goes to her friend and hugs her.

Tad is walking around the house as Dixie sleeps on the couch. He covers her with a blanket as she sleeps. Just then, Leslie arrives and hits Tad in the head with a bat. He falls and then Leslie turns to Dixie. Dixie suddenly awakes and sees the nutty Leslie standing over her and she starts screaming from her position on the couch. Turns out that Dixie is having a terrible dream. Tad grabs her and tells her that she was having a terrible dream. She tells him that she was dreaming about Leslie. What is that all about? Why would she think of her now? Jesse is standing unseen by Dixie behind her as Tad tells her that Leslie won’t be able to get to her on this side of the country. Dixie gets up to go and wash her face. She leaves the room and Tad tells Jesse that he stinks. Tad is sure that Jesse sent the dream to Dixie. Tad makes a call to Pam asking if Leslie is still there. Pam confirms that Leslie is still there. Leslie is stable and taking her medication and seeing a therapist. Pam is not going to tell Leslie that he called. Tad gets off the phone and tells Jesse not to mess with Dixie’s dream again. Jesse might not have to make a dream the next time. The doorbell rings and Chris appears. Dixie comes out and tells that Sweeney’s autopsy report came back. He died of heart failure but there was a needle prick on his body but that was nothing that they could trace. Seems like Sweeney was a dead man before he burst in on Dixie and Tad in the hotel. Chris needs information on David Hayward. Chris thinks that he is involved in all this. Dixie disagrees. There is a line that David would never cross. She leaves the room. Jesse offers to make Tad a deal even if it breaks the rules… Tad makes a call to Leslie and tells her that they are going to go after David but later. She tells Tad that she and he have very big plans.

Bianca shows up at home and finds Erica there with Opal. Opal leaves and Erica runs to her daughter to hug her, but Bianca will not let her hug her. She tells her mother that this isn’t her home anymore. She packs her things and leaves as Erica watches.

Opal comes to see Frankie as she is packing. She would like to talk to Frankie for a minute. She tells Frankie that Bianca and Erica are getting farther and farther apart. Opal hopes that Frankie is not badmouthing Erica. Frankie denies that she is doing that.


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