AMC Update Monday 10/22/01


All My Children Update Monday 10/22/01

By Lori

Bianca and Erica argue after Bianca sees Chris walk downstairs with his shirt unbuttoned. Bianca calls her mother a hypocrite for telling her to stay away from Frankie when Erica has sex with her chauffeur. After Chris excuses himself to the kitchen, Bianca says she knows why Erica thinks it's wrong to be with Frankie because Frankie is a girl. Bianca says she is sick of Erica judging her and she doesn't want to live with her anymore. Erica tries to convince Bianca that Frankie is bad news but Bianca says Erica would disapprove of any girl she wants to be with. Just then the phone rings. It is Frankie asking for Bianca. Frankie apologizes, saying she didn't mean to chase Bianca away. She says she feels scared and alone. Bianca says she'll be right over. Despite Erica forbidding her to leave, Bianca walks out the door. When Bianca arrives at Frankie's room, the two embrace.

Chris returns and finds Erica laying against her chair crying. He wonders if Erica told Bianca that despite appearances, they had not made love. Erica says she had not, and it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Chris tells Erica that maybe it's time for her to let Bianca make her own mistakes, but Erica vows to protect her daughter from Frankie.

A sleeping Hayley dreams she is awakened by her baby's crying. She sees her mother Arlene in the room. Arlene tells Hayley to give the baby some mother's milk, holding a bottle of vodka with a nipple on top. As Arlene walks toward the baby, Hayley wakes up and notices the baby is not in his crib. She calls for Mateo, who tells her that the baby was crying so he picked him up. Hayley is upset she didn't hear Lorenzo crying, remembering that her mother didn't hear her crying when she was a baby. "I don't want to be like Arlene," Hayley says. Mateo tries to assure Hayley that she is not like Arlene. Hayley asks Mateo why he was awake and what was on his mind. Something has been going on with Mateo for weeks and Hayley wonders why he doesn't tell her. Mateo says he has had some uneasy feelings about being a father, and Hayley seems to understand.

Laura is looking for Leo when Vanessa comes to the door demanding to know where Leo is. Vanessa berates Laura for not knowing where her husband is. Leo is at Greenlee's apartment. He tells Greenlee that he went to the district attorney to have her arrested. Leo tells Greenlee and Jake that he saw both of them at his apartment and knows Greenlee was inside when he found Jake in the apartment. "What horrible thing would you have done to Laura," Leo wants to know. Greenlee claims she was set up by Laura, who left her keys for Greenlee to find. Leo doesn't believe her. Jake lies to Leo that Greenlee was never inside the apartment and orders him to leave. Leo says that while Greenlee probably won't be arrested, he will get a restraining order against her. "It's over Greenlee," Leo says, adding he no longer has any feelings for her after tonight.

After Leo leaves, Jake notices Greenlee has not moved from the couch. He asks her if she is concerned about the restraining order. She says she is not and she was just thinking about how Jake lied for her to Leo. "You're Dr. Jake Martin. You're honest and true but you lied," she says. Jake says he was just trying to cover for her. "You're full of it," Greenlee says. "You did it because you love me." "You are so smart," Jake chides her, admitting that she is right. Greenlee is amazed. She says she has been nothing but bad news for Jake yet he still loves her. "It makes me so happy," she says, wrapping her arms around him. "Does that mean you love me?" Jake asks her. She does not answer. Jake says Greenlee must choose between a guy who lied to her and married someone else and a guy who is true to her and gives her a place to stay. Greenlee says she doesn't know and asks Jake not to be hurt. Jake tells her to take the time she needs, and they kiss.

Leo returns home to find his mother badgering Laura. Vanessa apologizes to Laura and tells Leo she needed his help because Palmer was being cruel to her. Vanessa says Palmer doesn't believe that she had nothing to do with Frankie's arrival in town, and suspects Vanessa is plotting to hurt Erica. "If I was going to plot against Erica I would not use my sister's child," Vanessa says. Vanessa asks Leo to tell Palmer that Vanessa and her sister hate each other and do not speak to each other. Leo wonders why Erica would care if Frankie was in town. Vanessa tells him that Frankie has become friends with Bianca. Leo accuses his mother of using Frankie to con people just like she used him. Leo says if Palmer doesn't kill Vanessa, he will. Leo remembers that Vanessa coerced him into conning Greenlee and now Greenlee's heart has been ripped out and she will never be the same. After Vanessa leaves, Leo apologizes to Laura for mentioning Greenlee. Laura is not upset. She hugs Leo and says witnessing the scene with his mother made her see how selfish and demanding she has been of Leo. After Leo goes into the bedroom, Laura daydreams about seeking Greenlee in a straitjacket yelling "I am not crazy" as she is taken away by men in lab coats. "Maybe not yet, but you will be," a devious-looking Laura says to herself.

As Hayley sleeps, Mateo remains awake. Outside their window, an unknown man wearing black gloves is lurking around. Mateo thinks he sees someone, and knocks on the door of his neighbors, Leo and Laura, to see if they saw anything. Leo tells Mateo he didn't see anyone or hear anyone. Mateo finds a box addressed to Lorenzo. Opening it, he finds a large piggy bank.


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