AMC Update Friday 10/19/01


All My Children Update Friday 10/19/01

By Lori

Mia comes to Ryan's motel room, saying she wanted to ask how he was doing. Without saying a word, he leads her in and kisses her. They make love. Later, he asks her to remind him why she came over. "To say hi," she said. "I live in this hotel too." Ryan then surprises Mia by asking her if she planned to go through his personal belongings again. He says he noticed the last time she was at his room that his belongings had been disturbed. Thinking quickly, Mia says she wasn't looking for anything specific. Rather, going through other people's personal items is a habit to her, like looking through someone's medicine cabinet. She says she used to look through her uncle's papers to learn anything she could about her father. She says she was looking through Ryan's things because she likes him, a lot. "I want to know all about you," she says. Ryan shows Mia a photo of his mother and begins telling her about his parents. His mother was like a ray of sunshine when his father was absent but was darkness when his father was present. The photo of Ryan's mother was one of four rolls of pictures he took after he got his camera when he was a child. He told Mia he and his mother were looking at the photos one day when his father came home, got angry and threw all but the one into the fireplace. After his father left, his mother took on some of the abusive traits of his father.


Bianca asks Frankie why she is nervous around her all of a sudden. Bianca wonders if Frankie is afraid she's going to hit on her. Bianca says she will back off but Frankie says that is not what she wants. She says she still wants to hang out with Bianca and be friends, she said she just "didn't expect this." Bianca wants to know what she means by "this?" Just then, Opal walks in the room with Vanessa. Vanessa sees that Frankie is indeed her niece and demands to know why she is in town and why she didn't let her know. Vanessa ordered Frankie to call her mother and return home. Vanessa will even buy the plane ticket. But Frankie refuses and orders Vanessa out of her room. Opal also tells Vanessa to leave. After she's gone, Opal asks Frankie why she didn't tell her that Vanessa was her aunt. Surely Frankie knew Vanessa, who is "the biggest thorn in all the thorns in my side," was married to Opal's ex-husband. Frankie supposes Opal wants her to leave her home. Opal says she doesn't have to leave that night, but she needs to find another place to stay from now on. After Opal leaves, Bianca tells Frankie that they will find her another place to live. Frankie refuses the offer, saying "I'm out of here." Bianca gets angry and accuses Frankie of running away from her, not from Opal and Vanessa. Bianca laments that whenever she becomes close friends with a girl, the girl abandons her for fear Bianca will fall in love with her. "For once in my life I'm the one pulling back," Bianca tells her as she walks out of the room. "Have a nice life."


At the Valley Inn, Erica again asks Chris to stay with her that night. Chris responds only by saying he will go get her car. Jack walks in as Chris leaves and approaches Erica. Erica angrily accuses Jack of deserting his family and says she will never forgive him. Jack says he would never abandon his family, but Erica says he did just that when he didn't help her get rid of Frankie. Jack tells Erica to leave Frankie alone, but Erica says she cannot because Frankie is a threat to her daughter. Jack says Bianca will resent her if she continues to interfere in her life, adding there will be times Bianca is alone with a woman. Erica claims that her concern over Frankie has not anything to do with Bianca's sexuality. Chris returns and he and Erica leave. At Erica's home, Erica tells him that she is worried about Bianca. She says she feels like she hit Bianca rather than Frankie with her car and doesn't know how to protect her. Chris comforts her, touching her shoulders. Erica thanks Chris for finding out that Frankie is Vanessa's niece, saying he is the only one who understands her situation. She calls him Chris rather than Mr. Stamp, prompting him to note that this was the first time she looked him in the eye and called him by his first name. Touching each other's faces, Erica asks him to call her Erica just before he kisses her. He does. They kiss passionately, and Chris carries her upstairs to the bedroom.


At the Valley Inn restaurant, Leo and Laura discuss their problems with Greenlee. Leo says Greenlee must be stopped but Laura asks him to leave Greenlee alone. Leo says Greenlee is out of control and putting the piece of the cuckoo clock in her purse is evidence that "she's warped." Laura notices her house keys are not in her purse, and Leo suspects Greenlee took them. Greenlee is stopped from going into Leo and Laura's home by Jake, who tells her "you're going to jail." Greenlee tells Jake she is not breaking and entering she has Laura's keys because Laura left them on the table at the restaurant. Greenlee says she needs to go inside to find evidence that Laura has gone crazy. "I won't get caught unless you rat me out," she tells Jake as she goes inside. Jake follows behind and as Greenlee searches through drawers, Jake tells her she has five seconds to leave or he will leave without her. Jake tries to reason with Greenlee to get her to leave, and suggests that Laura may intentionally have left her keys on the table to set Greenlee up. Just then, Laura and Leo arrive home. They are startled to walk in and see Jake standing in their living room. Jake tells them he found the keys in the door and decided to go in to wait for them to return. Leo asks where Greenlee is and Jake says she at the loft. Leo says he doesn't believe him and shows him the piece of the clock in Laura's purse. Leo wonders if the clock is some kind of "sick, subliminal message." "Your girlfriend's going over the edge," Leo tells Jake. Just then they hear a noise like a window slamming in the bedroom. Leo investigates but finds nothing. Leo tells Laura to get ready for bed and after she leaves the room, Leo tells Jake Laura is afraid that Greenlee is going to keep harassing her. Jake apologizes for entering their home uninvited and leaves. Greenlee runs from hiding and hugs Jake, thanking him for covering for her. As they leave, Leo looks out the window and sees them leaving.


Bianca arrives home and finds her negligee-clad mother waiting for her. "I'm not seeing Frankie anymore," Bianca tells her. Erica assures Bianca that she would have made a mistake by getting involved with Frankie. Bianca asks her mother when it will be OK for her to have a girlfriend and have sex. Erica tells Bianca she is still young and has her whole life ahead of her. "Like hell," Bianca responds. Erica asks that they talk about this later because now is not the right time. Bianca demands, when is the right time? Just then Chris walks downstairs with his shirt open.


Jake and Greenlee arrive at the loft, and Greenlee is thanking Jake again. "I saved your butt," Jake reminds her. Greenlee says she didn't do anything Laura and Leo are accusing her of doing and Laura is out to get her. Jake says he believes her and knows she didn't put the clock piece in Laura's purse. Greenlee thanks Jake as she reaches out to hug him.


Laura notices that Leo is gone and wonders where he is. Leo is at the Valley Inn restaurant, where he approaches Jack, who is on a dinner date. Leo asks for a minute of Jack's time, then demands he file charges against Greenlee. Jack wonders why. "What has she done? What hasn't she done? She's guilty of all of it," Leo says, listing offenses such as harassment, disturbing the peace and breaking and entering. Jack agrees that Greenlee's behavior constitutes harassment. "I want Greenlee arrested and I want her thrown in jail tonight," Leo says.


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