AMC Update Thursday 10/18/01


All My Children Update Thursday 10/18/01

By Suzanne

Anna and David return from their tryst at the mountain retreat.  David goes back to the car to get his keys.  Chris finds Anna and asks her to back off from David, whom he's also investigating.  They try to pump each other for more information because they are both after Proteus.  David returns so Chris covers by saying that he was coming to ask Anna out on a date; he didn't know she was already involved.  He leaves.  David wonders what they were really up to.  They go inside the room and start kissing, etc. again.  After they make love, he is still suspicious about Chris.  Anna tells him that Chris is not to be trusted.  She says just something about him bothers her.  He asks if she told him anything, and she says truthfully that she didn't.

Frankie tells Bianca that she doesn't want to have another war with her mom.  Bianca says it's okay; she wants to spend time with Frankie.   The idea that anyone would want to spend time with her seems alien to Frankie.  It seems to upset her.  Bianca wants to know why she shouldn't care about her.

Erica tells Vanessa to admit that Frankie is her niece.  Vanessa doesn't like to be interrogated.  She says that if the person in the article is Mary Frances Stone, then yet, she's her niece.  Erica demands to know what Vanessa wants from Bianca.  Vanessa has no idea what she's talking about.  Erica is very upset and shrill, attacking Vanessa loudly.  Vanessa can't stand it so she leaves to go to the powder room.  Palmer tells Erica that he had no idea about this niece; she says she knows he didn't.  She follows Vanessa to the bathroom.

Opal keeps insulting Vanessa to Palmer.  She can't believe that he is still putting up with her.

Erica tells Vanessa they are going to have it out.  Vanessa says that she had no idea that her niece was in Pine Valley.  She doesn't read the tabloids.  Erica calls her a liar.  She thinks Vanessa arranged the whole thing.  Vanessa swears that she hasn't spoken to her sister in years, and Mary Frances ran away when she was 15.  Erica rants on about how awful Frankie is and how she's just like Vanessa.  Vanessa realizes that Erica fears that Bianca may be falling in love with Frankie.  She calls Erica a bigot.  Erica says she just wants to protect her from con artists.  She warns Vanessa that she'd better call off her niece or she will suffer the consequences.  As Erica storms out, Vanessa looks scared.

Leo wants to know why Dr. McMillan called Greenlee "Mrs. DuPres".  She lies that she went to him when they were engaged, and she used that name because she knew she would be married to him soon.  He is surprised that she went to therapy.  He apologizes for calling her "crazy" before; he thinks she thought in her head that she was married to him.  She gets incensed at his patronizing attitude.  Jake walks up just as Greenlee is practically yelling at Leo that she's not crazy.

Laura listens to Dr. McMillan's tape of Greenlee's therapy session.  He comes into the office and wants to know why she's there.  She says she came to see him, but he was gone.  She says she didn't want to go home and his door was open.  She offers to leave but he tells her to sit down and they can chat.  She introduces herself and can tell by his reaction that he's heard her name before.  She tells him that someone is going around impersonating her.  She shows him her ID to prove she is the real Laura DuPres.  She tells him that the woman wants her husband and her life.  She explains that the woman was engaged to her husband, he dumped her, and she never got over it.  She paints a picture of a slightly crazed stalker.  She explains that it's been very upsetting since she's recovering from heart transplant surgery.  He is sympathetic.  He's not sure that she's the one who needs help but suggests they schedule another session.  While he goes to get his appointment book, she puts the session tape and the tape recorder back where he had them.  He comes back and makes an appointment for 3 pm the next day.  He asks her if she thinks the other woman is a threat to her personal safety.  She says she doesn't think so.

Greenlee tells Jake that Roger stood her up.  She explains what's going on with Leo.  Jake says he blew off his date to find her.  Leo overhears Greenlee say that she pretended to be Laura at the doctor's office, to prove that she's crazy.  Leo yells at Jake for going along with it.  Jake protests that he didn't, but Leo just wants to pick a fight with him.  Jake argues back that Leo is the one who keeps getting involved with Greenlee.  They keep arguing, despite Greenlee's protests.

Vanessa returns to her table in time to hear Opal say that she can't figure out why Palmer would leave her for the likes of Vanessa.  Vanessa and Palmer leave.  Opal vows to get Vanessa out of Palmer and Petey's lives.

Greenlee runs into Laura in the restroom.  Laura says spiteful things about Jake and Greenlee.  Greenlee vows to expose Laura for the "head case" that she is.  Laura counters that Greenlee is obsessed with her.  Laura smirks that she should be afraid of her.  She's been planning it in her journal every night while Leo sleeps.  She says it's too bad that Gillian had to die while she lived; she suggests that maybe Greenlee will be next.  Greenlee finds Laura's house keys after she leaves, right where Laura planted them for her.

Frankie tells Bianca the story of her life and how she ended up in Pine Valley (we don't hear it).  Erica arrives and wants to spill the truth about Frankie, but she has already told Bianca that she is related to Vanessa, and Bianca doesn't care.  Erica thinks that Frankie is just good at staying one step ahead of trouble.  Bianca tells Erica to leave.  Erica does, reluctantly.  Bianca thinks she might ask Opal if she can spend the night.  She says Erica has had a problem with every female friend she's had since she came out.  She wonders if Frankie is worried that she might fall in love with her.

Laura goes back to her table and says she had a run-in with Greenlee in the restroom.  She says Greenlee wants to prove that she's a basket case.  Leo tells her that Greenlee impersonated her at the psychiatrist's office.  Laura pretends to almost faint and says she's determined not to let Greenlee get to her.  Leo admires her for it, just as she planned.  She goes to get a tissue in her bag and finds a piece of the broken cuckoo clock.  He says maybe Greenlee planted it.  She asks if he really thinks Greenlee is that twisted.  She gasps for Leo's benefit as she realizes that her house keys are missing.

Jake goes looking for Greenlee after hearing that she had a run-in with Laura in the restroom.

Erica, upset, runs into Chris as she's looking for Opal.  He offers to take her home.  She asks him to stay with her.



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