AMC Update Monday 10/15/01


All My Children Update Monday 10/15/01

By Lori

Ryan wakes up with Mia in his bed at the Pine Cone Motel. There is some awkwardness between them. "I didn't mean to sleep here last night," she says. "I'm glad you did," he replies. Mia apologizes for being weepy about Liza in front of him the night before. "Liza never wanted a sister," she says. Liza then knocks at Ryan's door and calls for him. Mia hides in the bathroom while Ryan answers the door. Liza sees a bra on the floor and says she is there to talk to him about the playground memorializing Gillian. Liza leaves, telling Ryan she'll meet him at the park later. Mia exits the bathroom and Ryan takes a shower. Mia looks through Ryan's possessions.

Anna recalls the night before when she was at David's hotel room and he got angry when she answered his phone. "You are hiding something David," she says to herself. She looks at her tracking device and finds David is approaching her door. She opens the robe she is wearing over a sexy nightgown and answers the door. "We started something last night and I think we should finish it," David tells her. David says he overreacted when she answered the phone and asked her why she questioned him about Proteus. He wonders if it's a man she wants to meet. Anna asks David why he thinks Proteus is a real person. After some flirting, David leaves and Anna watches where he goes on her tracking device.

A sleeping Dixie is awakened in bed by her husband's kisses. As the two continue kissing, Tad is startled to see Jesse's ghost lying at the end of the bed giving Tad a thumb's up sign. "Get out of here right now," he yells. Dixie wonders who he is talking to. "Something crawled out of the woodwork," Tad says. "A spider?" Dixie wonders. Yes, Tad says as he continues talking to Jesse. Dixie questions Tad until he says he is just exhausted from a business trip. After Dixie goes into the bathroom, Jesse tells Tad he should tell Dixie the truth. Tad says Dixie would go ballistic if she knew the truth. Dixie walks out of the bathroom to hear Tad still talking to himself. She is worried and leaves to make coffee. Tad accuses Jesse of interfering in his marriage. Jesse says he is only there to "save his behind." Jesse says Tad must give up his revenge against David because it will only destroy him. Tad says he cannot stand by and let David get away with his actions. Jesse tells Tad he is stuck with him until Tad sees the error of his ways. Tad jumps on the bed to tackle Jesse and throws pillows around. Just then, Dixie walks back into the bedroom with Joe, who she called to check out Tad. Joe says Tad must go to the hospital with him or he will call the hospital psychiatrist. Joe does a quick examination of Tad and says he seems fine. Tad's cell phone rings. The long-lost Leslie Coulson is calling.

At the park, Liza admires a woman with a baby. When Ryan arrives, he asks Liza if she knows the woman. "No, her baby is cute," Liza says. Ryan says Liza has been thinking a lot lately about children, considering she is working on the playground to memorialize Gillian. Liza tells Ryan she saw women's clothes on the floor of his room and inquires who he is seeing. Ryan doesn't say, telling her it's complicated. The two of them converse about how complicated life is and Liza tells Ryan her relationship with Adam is getting better. Soon Marion approaches, saying: "Oh my God, Liza, you told him?" "Tell me what?" Ryan asks. Liza quickly makes up a story, saying she was planning on offering Ryan his old job back at WRCW. Ryan doesn't seem too interested but says he'll think about it and he leaves. Marion apologizes for her remark. Liza tells her mother she went to Ryan's motel room to tell him she is pregnant but decided not to when she determined he was with another woman. Liza says she is happy Ryan found someone else but Marion says Liza doesn't seem happy. Marion asks Liza if she wants this child and Liza says she doesn't know. Marion tells her she must listen to her inner feelings and do what she wants to do. Liza says she wants to be with Adam and wants to believe her unborn baby is Adam's child. She says she will tell Ryan nothing. "This baby is Adam's," she says. "If I believe that everything will be fine."

Mia remains in Ryan's motel room searching through his things. She finds an old birth certificate with the name John Ryan Curry. She doesn't know who that is. She calls Adam and tells him she has found nothing worthwhile about Ryan. She hears Ryan approaching and quickly hangs up the phone. He asks her why she is still in his room. "Are you ready for round two?" she asks.

Anna arrives at a mountain home and starts to look around when David walks in the room. "Hello, Devane, what took you so long?" he asks. He gives Anna champagne and she asks him why he lured her there. This is his getaway home, and he says he wants to be alone with her there. They begin kissing and soon end up on the bed.

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