AMC Update Friday 10/12/01


All My Children Update Friday 10/12/01

By Lori

Bianca, Erica and Opal are socializing at SOS when Frankie walks in. “Are we going to kiss and make up?” she asks. Erica says she feels like she’s been ambushed by her daughter and her best friend. Opal tells Erica she needs to form a truce with Frankie, but Erica says that will never happen. Bianca tells her mother that Frankie has agreed not to press charges or talk to the press. “As long as mom stops treating me like yesterday’s trash,” Frankie adds. Bianca tells Erica Frankie is staying in Pine Valley and they are going to be friends. Opal and Bianca leave Frankie and Erica alone so they could patch up their differences. Erica offers Frankie money but Frankie says money is not what she wants. Erica says she is going to watch her like a hawk in order to protect her daughter. “You have no idea who you’re dealing with,” Erica says. Later, Frankie tells Bianca that Erica will never like her. “I’m trouble,” a discouraged Frankie says and walks off. Bianca follows her.

 Greenlee flashes the goodbye letter Leo wrote Laura in front of them and threatens to read it. Leo grabs her by the arm and pulls her out of the room and down the hall. He blasts her for her actions and rips up the letter in front of her. “Are you cruel?” he asks her. “I’m not the cruel one, you are,” she says. Greenlee tells Leo that his decision to leave her for one night is proof that he doesn’t want to be married to her. He is doing Laura more harm by staying with her, she says. Leo says that he returned to Laura because it was the right thing to do. He says that all he cares about is making sure Laura stays strong. “I love Laura,” he says. Greenlee tells Leo that she loves him and she wants him but acknowledges it probably wouldn’t work between them. “I don’t want you back. I just want you to get away from Laura,” she says as Laura enters the room. Laura tells Greenlee and Leo that she knows about the letter and that Leo had doubts about their marriage. She says those doubts were due to her strange behavior because there was a problem with her medication. “Leo got scared and I don’t blame him,” she says. But they are committed to each other, she tells Greenlee. Leo looks at Laura and says “let’s have that wedding you want” and kisses her.

 Greenlee tells Jake that Laura is certifiably crazy. She says unless Leo sees that he’ll stay with her till the bitter end. She acknowledges that she’s wasting her life on Leo. “What do I need to do to get over him?” she asks Jake. The scene flashes to Laura and Leo getting into bed. Laura has a bridal magazine and she tells Leo she’ll make plans for the wedding. Leo leaves to take a shower. Laura opens the magazine to reveal pieces of the ripped up letter. She reads one piece that says “I’m leaving you.” She takes another piece and holds it up to the first piece. It says “for Greenlee.” “You’re not leaving me for Greenlee, Leo,” Laura mutters to herself. “You won’t want to when I’m done with her.”

 The shuffling man in the overcoat returns to Mateo, who is laying on the ground in the park, and stuffs a wad of cash into his pocket. Mateo grabs a piece of a broken bottle and hits the man, who is Roger, with it. Roger falls but gets up. Mateo tries to grab him but Roger gets away. Simone approaches Mateo and questions him about what happened. Mateo says he didn’t see the man. Simone tells him she was hired by Edmund to work on a story about Proteus.

 At the Valley Inn, Anna tells David she sent her brother, Gabriel, to Hungary to be with Alex and Demetri because Alex thought he would do better there. David wonders if she sent her family away because of her spy work. Anna asks David if the name Proteus means anything to him. “Me and Proteus go way back,” he says. When he says he is a fan of Greek mythology, Anna expresses that she was talking about the present. “You know someone named Proteus in 2001?” David asks. He then wonders if he could be a target of her spying. “I’m the town’s local target,” he says. Anna assures him that a spy would have no interest in him. The two become cozy and start kissing. They progress to the bed. Anna asks David if he has protection. He tells her he’ll be right back. The phone rings and Anna picks it up. David runs to her and grabs the phone and hangs it up. “Don’t you ever do that again,” he says, telling her that’s a confidential line between him and his patients. The two argue and Anna leaves. Right afterward, Roger knocks on David’s door. “Why did you hang up on me?” Roger asks. David says it was because he had company. He asks Roger what happened. “Let me in and I’ll be glad to tell you,” Roger says. He enters and David shuts the door. Anna is standing outside the door. 


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