AMC Update Thursday 10/11/01


All My Children Update Thursday 10/11/01

By Suzanne

Mateo grabs the woman and demands to know who she works for.  She shows him a note from Edmund that says that Simone is their new go-between.  Mateo hires her and shows her around.  Hayley comes in and chats with Ryan and Rosa.  Rosa tells her in a pouty way that Mateo made her quit and hired that other girl.  Hayley is surprised and goes over to talk to him.  At first he tries to say that he didn't want Rosa there because she's not old enough to serve drinks.  Hayley calls him a liar and wonders what he's been hiding.  He fibs that being a new dad has him shaken up, he worries if he can handle it, etc. and that seems to appease her.   She hugs him and tells him that he's a great dad.  Simone meets both Hayley and Ryan.

Mia tells Liza she's sorry for trying to get anything out of her.  She's not going to bother Liza any more.  Liza still thinks she's trying to scam money out of her.  Mia talks about how she just wanted a family, then she leaves.  Liza asks Adam how much he offered Mia.  He swears he didn't, he just suggested that she leave Liza alone.  Liza thanks him.  In fact, she is moved to tears.  She asks Adam to make love to her.  Afterwards, he watches her sleep.  She has a dream of holding her new baby.  Both Adam and Ryan are there.  They want to know who the father is and they start fighting.  Liza is very distressed.  In real life, Adam hears her mumble "Ryan" in her sleep and he frowns.

Laura looks at the pieces of the clock.  She hears it still going "cuckoo" so she kicks it.  Brooke comes in and Laura tells her that she found it there in pieces.  She wonders if Greenlee was in there.  Brooke comforts her.  Laura wants to go try to see the shrink to make an appointment.

Greenlee tries to explain to Leo that Laura was trying to strangle her, but he doesn't believe her.  She is very convincing.  She says she's worried about Leo being married to Laura when she's whacko.  He thanks her for her concern but tells her to stay out of his marriage.  She says he's "staying with Laura out of nothing other than some warped sense of obligation."  

Mia joins Ryan at S.O.S.; Rosa leaves them alone.  He notices that Mia looks tired.  She is.  She fills him in on what happened with Liza.  She's not very happy about it.  She talks a little about her mixed-up feelings about Liza.  She goes to leave and he asks where she's going.  She says she's just going to go somewhere, she's not sure.  Mia and Ryan end up back at his place.  They start kissing and end up in bed.  Later, when Ryan's asleep, Mia goes through his things.

Laura goes to Dr. McMillan's office to make an appointment.  When the secretary hears her name, she thinks that Laura is in league with Greenlee.  She thinks they're rich girls getting their kicks by making fake appointments.  Laura is shocked that another person with her name was there, and she figures out that it was Greenlee.  She demands to see the file on the fake Laura but the woman can't show it to her.  She promises to ask the doctor about it.

Laura tells Leo and Brooke that Dr. McMillan said that her medications were causing her to act weird, and he's going to talk to David about changing them.  They're happy to hear it.  Leo takes Laura aside and asks her in a sheepish way if there was any sort of physical altercation between her and Greenlee.  She feigns innocence.

Greenlee finds the orderly who's clearing out the trash and asks him if she can go through it to look for a piece of paper.  She pays him and he agrees to let her, providing she takes it down to the incinerator afterwards.   She looks through the trash and finds Leo's note.  Leo, Brooke, and Laura go back to the hospital to find Leo's wallet that he dropped there.  Greenlee finds them and shows them the note that she found.  She waves it in their faces and says, "Look what I've got, kiddies!"

Mateo gets a call from Proteus again.  He asks Mateo to bring the stash from his safe to the park and drop it there on the bench.  Mateo says he doesn't want to, but he gives in.  He tells Hayley he's meeting with a meat distributor.  Hayley takes Rosa for some ice cream to cheer her up.  Simone sees Mateo leaving and follows him.

Mateo goes to the park to drop off the bag.  He hides in the bushes and watches someone dressed up as a homeless person pick it up.  He comes out and then gets hit over the head.



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