AMC Update Wednesday 10/10/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 10/10/01

By Suzanne

At S.O.S., Mateo is having a chat on the phone with Hayley when he gets a letter with cut-out letters and photos of him and Hayley on the beach.

Mia visits Adam.  She tells him that she knows it was him on the bench the other day, not Stuart.  He says he did it to get a strand of her hair, to run DNA tests.  She thinks that Adam is planning to tell her that she's not Liza's sister, having doctored the result, but he says, on the contrary, she is Liza's sister, according to the results. He welcomes her to the family and kisses up to her about how hard it must have been not to have a family growing up.  She doesn't want his sympathy and doesn't buy his act.  He tells her that Liza won't welcome her as her sister if she keeps pushing.  Mia is not too concerned about offending Liza, figuring she has no choice.  Adam says the best way to get Liza to acknowledge her is to get to know her gradually, through her friends.  Like Ryan, who is going through a hard time.  She realizes what he's doing, trying to use her to get Ryan away from Liza.


Ryan and Liza are at the Valley Inn with Mitch, a man who is planning Gillian's memorial.  He shares with Ryan a story about how Gillian helped out his mom in the hospital last year when she was scared.  He leaves.  Liza puts her hand on Ryan's to comfort him.  He excuses himself.  Marian is watching; she goes over and gives Liza a hard time for touching Ryan.  She is concerned about the fallout for Colby if Liza keeps seeing Ryan.  Liza thinks she's overreacting.  When Marian keeps pushing, Liza lashes out, calling her  a "former lush/alley cat".  Liza immediately apologizes and says she's been on edge.  Ryan comes up and wonders if something is wrong, too.  She asks where Ryan went.  He says he went to thank Mitch before he left, for all his work on the plans.  He talks about how strange it was to connect to someone that knew Gillian and things about her that he didn't know.  Ryan asks again if she's upset about something.  Liza claims that she and Marian were just having the usual mother-daughter argument.  Ryan has to leave but thanks Liza for all her help, too.  He tells her that she's "a class act all the way".  Marian says that Liza is "smitten" with Ryan but she shouldn't forget that Adam is the father of her child.  Liza retorts that Ryan might be, too.  Marian is shocked to learn that Liza is pregnant.  Liza swears her to secrecy.  She's terrified and doesn't know how to handle this.  She gets up and says she has to go home to her husband.

Laura is choking Greenlee, then stops.  Greenlee keeps taunting her about Leo.  Laura yells at her and then starts choking her again.  Laura stops herself.  Greenlee says she'll tell Leo what she tried to do to her.  She keeps saying that Laura is crazy, close to the edge.  Laura knows that Greenlee is trying to provoke her.  She decides something and then starts yelling for Leo like she's in trouble.

Leo tells Brooke about his long chat with Laura.  He says he needs to make the marriage work but not make himself go crazy.  He suggests they hire Zora for Laura.  Brooke doesn't think Laura will go for that.  Edmund thinks it's a good idea, however.  He knows that Laura has been acting a little flaky lately.  Nurse Tori comes by and tells Leo that Laura is screaming for him.

Mateo confronts Edmund violently about how Edmund went to Hayley behind his back to say that Mateo was late one week in his payments for the loan.  Edmund plays along.  Mateo claims that Hayley is nagging him about not going to the track.  Mateo hands him and envelope.  Edmund offers to drive him home because he's drunk.  Mateo warns him to stay away from his family and his club.  Edmund looks at the envelope.

Brooke and Leo ask Laura what's wrong.  She tells them that she's yelling because she's so happy.  She heard that Leo and Greenlee will be working together at Enchantment.  She's thrilled for him.  This is news to everyone.  Leo thinks this is some plot of Greenlee's but she is clueless, too.  No one believes her but Laura says it's true.  She tells Greenlee to give him the details like she did Laura. Greenlee is forced to play along.  Leo thinks that Greenlee came to Laura with the details first in order to upset her.  Greenlee doesn't know what to say.  Laura says she knows Greenlee is just trying to push her buttons, but she doesn't plan to let her do that.  She tells Brooke and Leo that she plans to see a shrink and maybe ask David Hayward about checking to see if her medication has been affecting her behavior.  They are shocked but pleased at her new attitude.

Edmund reads Mateo's letter.  There is the picture of Mateo and Hayley at the beach.  Mateo says that it proves that he is being watched closely.  He doesn't want Proteus to figure out that he and Edmund are working together.  It scares him that he could get to is family.  He doesn't want Edmund involved any more, and he's planning to push Rosa out of the way, too.  He's going to keep a record of everything and then figure out how to proceed next.  He asks Edmund to stay away until it's over; "One family at risk is already too much." Edmund phones someone to say, "Plans have changed. We gotta move now."


Mateo goes back to S.O.S.  He dumps a bottle of liquor and fills it with water.  Then he pours himself a glass.  Chris asks why the safe combo was changed; he tried to put the payroll in there.  Mateo tells him not to worry about it.  His attitude is generally hostile as he pretends to be drunk.  Rosa comes in for her shift.  Mateo tells her she's not working tonight and to go home.  She argues that she's on the schedule.  He tells her that they don't need her.  They argue and he tells her just to get out of there.  Outside, she runs into Ryan, who offers a sympathetic ear.  She decides to go back in and tell Mateo she quits.   Mateo doesn't argue with her about it.  She is hurt at the way he's treating her.  Ryan points out that now, she can go back there as a customer and make Mateo wait on her hand and foot.  Chris tells Mateo he's acting like a jerk and wonders why he treated his sister so badly.  Mateo tells him to mind his own business.  He says he has a delivery across town.  He tells Chris to do it for him; he gives him the keys to his van and the address.  Chris takes it and goes.  A young woman comes in and asks for a job as a waitress; she flirts with him.  He says they're not hiring.  She tells him to check out her references and hands him a picture of him and Hayley on the beach.


Liza returns and finds Adam and Mia chatting. He tells her that he invited Mia there.  Liza acts unconcerned.  Mia says she has to tell Liza something.


Laura acts Brooke to meet her by the elevator; she has to go get her clock.  Brooke tells her that she's proud of her.  Back in her room, she is annoyed that she doesn't know what's in the letter.  The clock says "Cuckoo" over and over so she throws it again the wall and smashes it.

Leo yells at Greenlee, but she tells him that Laura tried to kill her.



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