AMC Update Tuesday 10/09/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 10/9/01

By Suzanne

David is flirting with Anna, who is dressed only in a towel, outside her hotel room door, asking her to let him in.  Just then Dixie comes up and calls him a "sick vindictive bastard".  She blasts him for trying to discredit Joe, saying he must have a vendetta against the Martins now.  He tries to say that Joe was endangering a patient's life but she won't let him get away with it.  Anna suggests that they go into her room to finish their argument.  David is uncomfortable but Anna seems to be enjoying it.  David tells Dixie that it doesn't matter, Joe's job is safe because "Jake momentarily outmaneuvered me."  But he maintains that he did what he did for the hospital and for her.  He knows how much she loves Joe and he didn't want her to see Joe go downhill and endanger patients, blah blah.  She doesn't buy it one bit.  She says he's the failure, not Joe, because "every time you try to be a decent human being, you fail".  Dixie leaves in a huff.  Anna points out that David is still in love with Dixie.  She noticed his passion and teases him about Dixie having him wrapped around her little finger.  He yells at her for daring to say condescending things about Dixie.  She is taken back by his fury.  She continues to question him; he knows it's the ex-spy in her being curious.  She wonders why he carries the medical bag with him everywhere.  She doesn't mind that he came to her door.  They kiss.  She plants a bug in his medical bag.  He wants more but she has to leave for an appointment.  He leaves her room.  Anna follows him with her computer spy equipment to see where he goes.  He wonders what she's up to, too.

Greenlee goes to the psychiatrist that Laura is supposed to see, pretending to be Laura.  She talks about, in her view, how Laura asks with her husband, and how she can never measure up to the other woman who is so much better than she is.  He knows she's not being honest so he calls her on it. She's surprised that he's so smart.  She lies that she's writing a book and the people she's been describing are characters, although they're based on real people.  She says she's written herself into a corner where Laura is concerned.  She asks him if he has a diagnosis.  He replies, "Laura is a narcissist. In certain situations, they seem to lose a sense of reality. They act out, they lie. They abuse others selfishly. Now, does any of this sound familiar to you, Laura?"  Greenlee doesn't take the hint that he's talking about her.  He says that she has no conscience.  She thanks him and leaves.  Outside, she runs into Jake, who wonders why she's there.  She says that she took his advice on getting some therapy.  Just then, Doctor MacMillan comes by and tells her good luck, calling her "Mrs. DuPres".  Jake can't believe she was impersonating Laura.  He is not angry, though, because he knows she's just being herself.  She says she has to figure out why Laura is acting weird.  He thanks her for helping him to be more like her because it helped him to get one up on David.  She is confused by his new attitude.  He takes her in his arms and kisses her.


Edmund and Brooke bicker about Laura.  She blames Laura's condition on Leo's leaving.  She tells him about the note and wedding ring that Leo left.  He can't believe that she read the note to Laura.  He tries to make her see that Leo might be justified in feeling a little smothered and that Laura is okay according to her doctors.  Edmund says that Leo is doing the best he can but Brooke still has her doubts.  She asks Edmund if he ever felt "trapped" and Edmund replies that he didn't with her.  They go out to the car to get a gift that she brought them from Switzerland.

Laura wakes up and wonders where the note went.  She spies it on a hospital gurney outside of her bedroom.  She pretends to be disoriented, so Leo fills her in on being in the hospital.  He tells her he's been thinking about their marriage, and he thinks they should have fun again and she should stop second-guessing him so much.  She sees someone take the note from the gurney as they clean up, so she yells "No!", confusing Leo.  She has to cover.  She asks him to get her some ice chips because she's thirsty.  Meanwhile, she goes to the trash and starts digging to look for the note.  Leo, Brooke, and Edmund catch her.  She lies that one of the orderlies through one of her magazines away.  They all go back to Laura's room.  Leo tells them that he and Laura have decided to give each other more space.  Laura has a bad thought of Greenlee and Leo telling her about the note and laughing at her while they kiss.  Brooke gives Laura the cuckoo clock.  She hopes it doesn't drive Laura crazy (uh-oh, too late!).

Brooke can tell that Laura didn't love her gift.  Edmund asks her what she learned in Switzerland from Interpol.  She says they have a profile on "Proteus".  He is making some drugs himself, so he has "clinical and scientific expertise, and he has a working knowledge of the law."  They figure he has some connections in Pine Valley so that's why he's there.  They may be looking for a doctor.  Edmund wonders what doctor they know that has "a lot of money and no scruples".  She doesn't think David Hayward is Proteus.  He doesn't think she can know that.  He thinks she shouldn't get any more involved because it's so dangerous.

Joe tells Laura she seems fine and can go.  They don't know what caused her setback.

Jake and Joe look at Laura's tests, trying to figure out what her problem is.  Joe tells Jake about Phoebe's endowment.  Jake is not surprised so Joe knows that he was responsible for it.  Joe thanks him.  Jake enjoyed putting David in his place.  Joe says he would quit if he thought he had endangered a patient and asks Jake if he would tell him if he thought he did.  Jake tells him not to worry and not doubt himself.  There's nothing wrong with him.

Leo runs into Greenlee as he and Laura are about to leave.  He accuses her of following him.  She says she had her own reason to be there.  Leo goes back into Laura's room.  Greenlee finds Laura searching through the trash again.  She makes obnoxious comments as usual.  Laura tells her to shut up and then grabs Greenlee by the throat and starts choking her.



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